Is Ansel Elgort Trans? Sexuality Partner And Dating History

Ansel Elgort Trans

Is the thrilling rumor about Ansel Elgort trans accurate, or is it merely speculation? Find out more in this article. 

Ansel Elgort is a multi-talented American actor, singer, and DJ who has captivated audiences through his diverse roles and musical pursuits. 

Perhaps his most well-known roles are those he played in several critically praised movies.

More recently, Elgort portrayed American journalist Jake Adelstein in the crime thriller series Tokyo Vice.

Adelstein joined the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to investigate the city’s criminal underbelly.

Elgort’s portrayal has been commended for its authenticity, and the series has garnered accolades from critics for its grim realism.

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Is Ansel Elgort Trans?

Ansel Elgort, the gregarious 29-year-old actor most recognized for his part in Divergent, became the subject of rumors regarding his sexual preference.

He made it known in an open tweet that he liked girls, “Just in case it isn’t clear… I like girls,” in response to the circulating claims. A great deal.”

Ansel Elgort strongly affirmed his heterosexuality, stressing his commitment to openness and self-acceptance, irrespective of sexual orientation.

Ansel has proven his support for the LGBT community beyond his public statements.

Ansel Elgort Trans
Ansel Elgort with Violetta Komyshan (Image Source: pagesix)

Together with fellow actor Nat Wolff, he made a unique gesture by redesigning the movie poster for The Fault in Our Stars exclusively for their homosexual fan base.

Ansel is also scheduled to play homosexual pianist Van Cliburn in a forthcoming biopic, another project he has partnered on that promotes LGBTQ+ visibility in the entertainment business.

Ansel Elgort and high school sweetheart Violetta Komyshan parted ways due to the challenges of his burgeoning career and busy schedule.

Despite the breakup, Ansel’s openness about relationships suggests he’ll navigate the dating scene when the timing is right.

Ansel Elgort Partner

Acclaimed for his fascinating on-screen image, Ansel Elgort has kept his personal life—especially his sexual relationships—private, lending his public persona an aura of mystery.

The actor’s dating history piqued fans’ interest throughout his early 20s rise to prominence, sparking rumors and curiosity about the person who was the key to his heart.

Elgort’s romantic story revolved around his ten-year romance with dancer Violetta Komyshan.

The two met at the esteemed Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York City when they were teenagers, and their love story took off there.

It developed into a well-publicized romance that withstood the trials of celebrity and media scrutiny.

Ansel Elgort Trans
The couple reportedly parted ways due to the challenges of Ansel’s burgeoning career and demanding schedule. (Image Source: people)

Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan’s Hollywood power couple status faced speculation in 2022 when Elgort was seen with another woman in Italy.

Eventually, Komyshan acknowledged the split and declared her current status as single.

Elgort hasn’t said much about his love life after the split, preferring to keep any possible new partnerships under wraps.

Although there have been hints of his dating other women, there has been no formal declaration of a committed relationship.

Given his preference for secrecy, fans must wait patiently for any further pronouncements Elgort may make regarding his love pursuits.

In the interim, they may still enjoy his work and recognize his achievements in the entertainment business.

Ansel Elgort Dating Timeline

The extraordinary ten-year romance between Ansel Elgort and Violetta Komyshan started when they were students at New York City’s LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.

Their 2011 first meeting laid the groundwork for a romance that developed into a public journey marked by highs and lows.

After formally beginning their relationship in 2012, the pair used joint projects, social media posts, and red-carpet appearances to share their love story with the public.

Notable relationship milestones included their first red carpet in October 2012, Paris Fashion Week in June 2014, and a Valentine’s Day celebration in February 2015.

In several interviews, Elgort freely discussed his opinions on monogamy and his sincere bond with Komyshan.

From a kiss on the red carpet at the Allegiant premiere in March 2016 to Komyshan appearing in Elgort’s “Thief” music video in February 2017, their loving moments remained public.

As their relationship developed, the pair showed off their relationship by attending premieres, fashion shows, and award ceremonies together.

But in June 2020, Elgort was charged with sexual assault, raising doubts about whether or not the couple would end their union.

As Komyshan removed most of Elgort’s Instagram photographs, the suspicions picked up steam.

Despite these obstacles, they saw West Side Story together in November 2021.

The news of Komyshan and Elgort’s official split, which signaled the end of their lengthy and illustrious relationship, was confirmed in November 2022 during an interview with E! News.

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