Does Streamer Cdawgva Have A Baby? Wife Age And Real Name


The internet has been buzzing about Cdawgva Baby. As for him, he is a Welsh YouTuber, voice Actor, and podcaster located in Tokyo who goes by the online handle CDawgva.

He worked as a professional corporate narrator and commercial Actor while he was a resident of London.

As for Streamer Cdawgva’s bio, he began voice acting along with his YouTube career, primarily doing unpaid projects with a few paying ones.

Likewise, Cdawgva worked as a presenter at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards in 2020 and 2021. He participated in the Tournament Arc chess competition in August 2020, which organized for anime YouTubers.

Also, the streamer was defeated by fellow Trash Taste host Garnt Maneetapho in the finals. Colquhoun was fourth overall in the Tournament Arc 2 sequel championship in July 2021.

He is also a philanthropist, considering how he and Chris Broad cycled 750 km through Hokkaido on 29 August, 2022 to collect money for the Immune Deficiency Foundation. More than $310,000 had been raised.

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Does Streamer Cdawgva Have A Baby? Who Is Cdawgva Wife?

No accurate sources are confirming that Streamer Cdawgva is having a baby. He has not established the matter, so it is safe to say that Cdawgva does not have a baby.

It is, however, understandable how the rumors have been spreading, considering how much he posts snippets holding a baby or two.

Cdawgva Baby
Few of the pictures in collage of Cdawgva holding a baby which circulated the rumors in the first place. (Source: Reddit)

But looking through the comments and discussions on platforms like Reddit, Twitter, or Instagram, the baby might just be his nephew or cousin.

As for his wife, Cdawgva is unmarried and appears single. Due to his partner’s absence, internet users have started to make generalizations about his choices and identity.

In addition to his romantic relationship, he is a famous Youtuber and voice Actor from Japan who is best recognized for his work in the anime genre.

What Is Cdawgva Age And Real Name?

Cdawgva is 26 years old as he was born on 26 July 1996. His real name is Connor Marc Colquhoun, but he popularly goes by CDawgVA.

Colquhoun was born and raised in Denbigh, Denbighshire, Wales. He is best known as a Podcaster, a Twitch streamer, a Voice Actor, and a Youtuber.

Cdawgva Baby
Cdawgva sharing few pictures of how he spent over $1000 on the Jojo suits. (Source: Twitter)

He has been active on this platform since 2014 and is still present. So far, he has accumulated over 349 million views, showing his success through these platforms.

Moreover, Colquhoun appears in numerous videos cosplaying and portraying roles, including hosts, butlers, pole dancers, and visual musicians.

His favorite anime series is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and his YouTube channel has become well-known for its anime-related content.

Does Cdawgva Have An Instagram Account?

Cdawgva has an Instagram account. To further elaborate, his handle name is @cdawgva. He is a verified Instagram user and has accumulated over 377 thousand followers, along with 77 posts.

Likewise, he has shared his Youtube channel’s handle name on his Instagram bio. His YouTube handle name is @CDawgVa. So far, he has accumulated over 2.93 million subscribers.

Moreover, his Twitter account’s handle name is as same as the others, i.e., @CDawgVA, with over 855 thousand followers and 21.3 thousand tweets.

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