Who Was Ishowspeed Trans Girlfriend? Dating Timeline And Sexuality

Ishowspeed Trans Girlfriend And Dating Timeline

Who Is Ishowspeed Dating? is an emerging question currently being raised online. His followers are eager to learn about Ishowspeed Trans Girlfriend. Let’s spill out if the rumors regarding the huge Ronaldo fan’s sexuality are true.

A lot of netizens were curious to learn about IshowSpeed sexuality as he openly joked about him being gay for his idol Ronaldo. The Siiuu lover reportedly was in an on-off relationship with Ermony Renee, alias Dream, and is definitely not gay.

Darren Watkins, aka IShowSpeed, became famous as a well-known YouTube personality. His love for Ronaldo quickly attracted young audiences as he posted quirky gaming and social media content.

As the young American social media personality started the controversy over his sexuality with some sloppy remarks on a live stream, people questioned his sexuality and persisted in doing so. His relationship and sexuality topic began in late 2021 and will likely continue in the coming days as well.

Let’s quickly review IShowSpeed’s life and the main source of the rumors regarding his girlfriend and sexuality.

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Learn About Ishowspeed Trans Girlfriend And Dating Timeline

The viral social media star’s current romantic partner is a mystery. However, he was in a romantic affair with Ermony Renee. It is difficult to assume whether he still sees his girlfriend, Ermony Renee, aka Dream, as their love life is so erratic.

In late 2021, IShowSpeed publicly let his fans know that he was no longer dating Dream. He announced that she had broken up with him.

Beyond his romantic angle with Dream, not much is revealed about Speed’s love life as he rarely mentions it openly but avoids the topic infrequently.

Ishowspeed Trans Girlfriend
Ishowspeed with Ermony Renee. (Source: Instagram)

His former girlfriend, Ermony, is from Cincinnati, Ohio. The Ohio native rarely reveals her private life on social media, and no other online outlets have mentioned the IShowSpeed woman and who they are presently dating.

Renee is known to keep her family history and practically everything else concerning her connection with Speed under wraps.

Reportedly, she attended Walnut Hills High School. As per the sources, Speed and Renee met at UDF and began dating.

YouTuber IShowSpeed and Ava are not presently seeing each other, unlike some sources claimed to be the two in an affair. They have never been in a relationship.

Speed and Ava are big on various social media platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ava frequently appears on Speed’s social media accounts, mainly his YouTube channel, which sparked gossip about their potential romantic connection.

Moreover, Speed has a daughter, as per a few sources, whom he once introduced to via a YouTube video. He masked her face to keep her identity concealed from the general audience.

Meanwhile, IShowSpeed has refrained from announcing much about his daughter, but once he hosted a YouTube session, and in the middle, a voice could be heard backstage saying, “Goodnight, papa.”

Moreover, Speed’s relationship has been an investigation subject as the general belief suggest that big personality on social media use these antics as publicity gimmicks to boost their subscribers and viewers.

Despite the suspected publicity stunt, it is believed that Dream and Speed are still dating but have kept their love life a secret.

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Ishowspeed Sexuality Explored

Speaking of Ishowspeed sexuality, evidently, the YouTuber is not gay. The fact was confirmed by the celebrity himself when the man later withdrew a public self-declaration that potentially identified him as gay.

Ishowspeed sexuality
Ishowspeed has joked about him being gay for Ronaldo. (Source: Instagram)

The viral social media star came out as gay in September 2021 while hosting a live-streamed session about romantic relationships with his friend Ava, a famous musician.

After a day, the YouTuber retracted his “coming out” declaration in a YouTube video.  Ishowspeed hinted that he was irritated when he announced the statement and didn’t ‘actually mean to say what he did‘ in the video.

The huge Ronaldo fan firmly claimed he was straight to dispel any confusion though he announced the “coming out” speech.

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