Steven Bartlett Siblings: Brother, Sister And Family

Steven Bartlett Siblings

Who are Steven Bartlett Siblings? He is a famous entrepreneur and podcaster who has significantly contributed to the business world and the online community by sharing his insights and experiences from his life.

Steven Cliff Bartlett is a British-Nigerian entrepreneur and podcaster who has done many incredible things.

Steven started companies like Thirdweb, Flight Story, and Flight Story Fund. He was also a big part of the Social chain and helped it grow as co-founder and co-CEO until 2020.

After that, Cliff started investing in a TV show called Dragon’s Den, where people pitch their ideas to get money.

Stevens is also into podcasting and has his show called The Diary of a CEO, which became famous and made it to the top 10 podcasts worldwide in 2023.

Bartlett is a pretty awesome guy who has done a lot in business, TV, and charities like Homewards. He is someone who is not afraid to try new things and make a difference in the world.

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Steven Bartlett Siblings: Does He have a brother or sister?

Steven Bartlett siblings are his two older brothers and a sister. He appears to be in a good relationship with his siblings.

Steven Bartlett Siblings
Steven Bartlett’s siblings are the essential people in his life. (Source: Twitter)

Steven has not revealed much about his brothers and sisters to the public. He prefers to keep them out of the public attention.

There is also a possibility that Steven Bartlett’s siblings requested privacy as their brother is a massive deal in the business world.

Nevertheless. Bartlett shared a sweet family photo from when he was a baby in Botswana, Africa, in 1992. He is the youngest in the family, with his older brothers, sisters, mom, and dad.

The entrepreneur mentioned that his mom is the hardest-working person he has ever met, which is quite a big compliment. Also, he thinks his dad is the most loving and caring person he has ever known.

Steven Bartlett Family

Steven Bartlett grew up in Botswana. He has an English dad who worked as a structural engineer and a Nigerian mom who had challenges with reading and writing as she left school at seven.

When Bartlett was two, his family moved to Plymouth, England, where he grew up. He attended Plymstock School and altered a sixth form.

Despite starting studies at Manchester Metropolitan University, Steven decided to drop out after just one lecture.

His business journey began in 2013 when he founded Wallpark, an online messaging board. A year later, he co-founded Social Chain, a company focusing on social media marketing, along with Dominic McGregor.

The CEO’s upbringing and background with a mom who faced challenges in education and a dad working as an engineer shaped his path to becoming an influential figure in the business.

Steven Bartlett Wife: Is He Married?

Steven Bartlett, known for his business acumen and appearance on Dragonb’s Den, has a significant relationship with Melanie Vaz Lopez. 

Steven Bartlett Siblings
Steven Bartlett is dating his ex-girlfriend, Melanie Lopez. (Source: The Sun)

The two have been in a serious relationship since rekindling their love story after the podcaster made a heartfelt effort to win her back.

Melanie is an influencer from Bordeaux, France, and Steven first connected through Instagram in 2016. However, due to his demanding work commitments, the couple faced challenges and eventually parted ways in 2017.

Determined to reignite their romance, Mr Bartlett embarked on a grand gesture. He traveled to Bali in 2022, where Melanie was won over during their four days together on the tropical island.

Furthermore, The Star’s public affection for Melanie happened during his live show for The Diary of a CEO. He openly expressed his love for her, followed by a heartwarming musical performance.

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