Who Are Ian Malouf Family? Wife Children Parents And Ethnicity

Ian Malouf Family

The most well-known accomplishment of financial specialist Ian Malouf, who has spent 34 years working in the garbage and recycling sector, is founding and serving as managing director of Dial a Dump.

The businessman has also served since June 2015 as the Ahoy Club’s supervising overseer. Dial A Dump was established in Sidney, New South Wales, in 1984.

The business offers garbage management, waste transfer, and waste removal services. The official base of operations for Ahoy Club is London, United Kingdom. Sydney, Australia, is where the business also operates.

With over 3,000 vessels in its database, it is the top digital platform for yacht charters worldwide.

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Who Are Ian Malouf Family?

The businessman is secretive about his parents. He does have a wife and five children. His eldest daughter Ellie and his younger daughter Lara are also involved in his luxury yacht industry.

Ellie is the head charter of the company, and Lara is the part-time charter assistant. In one interview, Ellie stated that the family discusses their business at their dinner table.

According to one source, Ian had an adoptive son, his deceased sister’s son.

Ian Malouf Family
Ian Malouf with his wife and two daughters( Source: realestate)

In 1984, he started Dial-a-Dump with just a truck and a shovel. In 2021, he sold the company to Bingo Industries for $577 million in cash and stock.

He remains on the privatized Bingo board and still has waste property holdings in Sydney’s east.

He spends much of his time working for the superyacht charter company Ahoy Club, which leases out his fleet of vessels, including the 73-meter Coral Ocean that he purchased in 2019 for roughly US$50 million. He later spent another $50 million renovating.

Ian Malouf Wife And Children

Larissa Malouf is the wife of Ian Malouf. This lovely couple has been supporting one another for a time. Malouf and his wife Larissa, with whom he has five children.

They have three sons—Jack, Max, and Ed—and two daughters—Lara and Ellie. Larissa is the Head of the strategy of their yacht company.

Their most recent purchase, the $60 million, 72-meter superyacht Coral Ocean, which has a sunken pool on deck and a standalone gym and spa, is being renovated under Larissa’s supervision.

The businessman has three sons—Jack, Max, and Ed—and two daughters—Lara and Ellie. There is no information about his sons, but his two daughters, Ellie and Lara, are involved in his yacht business.

Elie is the head charter of the company, and his youngest daughter Lara is the part-time charter assistant of the company.

Ellie, the CEO of Charter, who oversees tech development, sales, and marketing, reflects on how a conversation at the dinner table led to the creation of what is today a successful company.

Ahoy Club is a unique online marketplace for wealthy people to buy and rent out luxury yachts. Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who spent a week in 2018 sailing around Capri on one of the company’s rented superyachts, Kismet, are among its past clients.

Ian Malouf Parents And Ethnicity

He was born in Australia and had Australian nationality. He is probably from a machinery background because he owns around 3000 engines in his home. There is no information about his parents.

We will be the first one to update you on his parents as soon as we get some information about them, so stay in touch.

Ian Malouf Family
Ian Malouf’s yacht ( Source: Vogue)

The businessman studied at St Joseph’s College between 1978 to 1983. The businessman is true to his work and has reached the yearly EOFY top 12 Sydney deals list.

The founder of Dial a dump was also one of the 148th wealthiest persons in the entire country of Australia.

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