Meet Noel Biderman Wife Amanda Biderman: Married Life And Children

Noel Biderman Wife

The Hulu docuseries ‘Ashely Madison Affiar’ has made people curious about Noel and his family. Who is Noel Biderman wife?

Noel Biderman is a Canadian entrepreneur who is best known as the former CEO and founder of Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison was a controversial online dating service that caters to individuals seeking extramarital affairs.

Initially, the website was released in 2001 positioning it as a platform for married individuals looking for discreet relationships.

The website gained significant attention and notoriety due to its controversial nature.

Moreover, Biderman became a prominent figure in discussions surrounding infidelity and the ethics of his business.

However, in 2015,  the website suffered a huge data breach, exposing millions of user’s personal information and causing public backlash and legal issues.

The incident had a significant impact on the Canadian entrepreneur and the company, ultimately resulting in his resignation as CEO in August 2015.

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Meet Noel Biderman Wife – Amanda Biderman

Noel Biderman wife has been the support and the pillar the Canadian businessman needed.

While the Canadian entrepreneur made headlines for his role in the infamous website, Noel Biderman wife Amanda Biderman stood by his side through it all.

Noel Biderman Wife
Noel Biderman wife Amanda has supported and stood firmly by his side. (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

Amanda, originally from South Africa, met Noel in Canada during the late 1990s when he worked as a sports and real estate attorney. 

Throughout Biderman’s time at Ashley Madison, Noel Biderman wife remained supportive of her husband and his business.

Despite the challenges and scrutiny that came with being married to the man behind a dating website for cheaters, she stood by her husband’s side.

Furthermore, in interviews, Amanda defended the website stating that it provided a platform for exploring desires and that infidelity has always existed.

Noel Biderman Married Life 

Although there is not much information about the couple’s married life, they tied the knot in 2003.

Amanda has expressed her unwavering support and trust in her husband.

Furthermore, she has confidently stated that she does not worry about him being unfaithful because he is a devoted father and husband.

Noel Biderman Wife
Noel and Amanda are still together and going strong. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

But, in 2015, Noel and Amanda’s marriage hit a rough patch when hackers leaked the personal information of Ashley Madison users, including Noel’s email and credit card information.

The hackers further alleged that Noel had engaged in extramarital relationships with several women.

But, Biderman vehemently denied these allegations, maintaining his innocence and emphasizing his fidelity to his wife.

Consequently, he chose to resign as CEO of Ashley Madison, prioritizing his family’s well-being.

Despite the scandal, the couple chose to stay together and have tried to keep a low profile ever since.

Noel Biderman Children – who are they?

The Canadian entrepreneur is the father of two children. However, there is not much public information available about their children.

It is understandable that the couple would want to protect their children’s privacy, especially the controversy surrounding Ashley Madison.

While there is not much information available about Biderman’s children, it is clear that family is important to him.

  Moving forward in his career, the Canadian businessman has ventured into the cryptocurrency industry and currently holds the position of CEO at Avenue Insights.

Biderman is stratgic adivsor for Wonferfi. In addition, he also serves as a lecturer as

Furthermore, Noel is an accomplished author, having published a book titled “Cheaters Prosper” in 2011.

Despite once being surrounded by controversy, Noel seems to be doing well in his career.

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