Slimeball MK Arrested: Arrest Charges And Mugshot

Slimeball MK Arrested

Is Slimeball MK arrested? Controversy arises as the circumstances surrounding the influencer contribute to his arrest charges and mugshot news. 

Famous YouTuber Slimeball MK, officially named Marquel Holmes, gained notoriety for producing comedic skits on various video-sharing platforms.

Also, Slimeball MK creates TikTok videos of popular songs by artists, including Megan Thee Stallion.

Furthermore, Slimeball MK is found on various social media platforms, including Instagram and YouTube. Also, he has shared several videos on the platform.

MK has gained over 1.6 million followers on Instagram as of this writing.

Similarly, he is active on YouTube, trying to boost the subscribers on the platform organically. Also, his YouTube channel boasts over 292 million total views.

Besides his professional career, Slimeball has been dragged into several controversies recently.

Marquel Holmes was born on 24 September 2000. Likewise, the 23-year-old YouTuber makes situational comedy videos, which many like on Instagram. 

Moreover, Holmes first posted videos and commentary on social media platforms, mainly Instagram and YouTube, in 2018.

The famous influencer is based in Center Point, Alabama.

Also, Holmes posted much content, leading to controversies, particularly in some groups. Hence, he has been in the spotlight in recent times. 

The news gained momentum following the news of several platform users’ concern for their fellow content creators describing his alleged mugshot news.

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Is Slimeball MK Arrested?

As suggested by several media reports, social media influencer Slimeball MK, known initially as Marquel Holmes, was arrested.

Reportedly, the Leeds Police Department Operations Support Unit, the Irondale Police Department, and the Leeds Police Department SWAT Team conducted a cooperation for the influencer’s arrest.

Likewise, the concerned authorities issued a search warrant for a residence in the 2200 block of 5th Avenue South, Irondale, on 30 November 2023.

Slimeball MK Arrested charges
Slimeball MK Arrested: The YouTuber was detained for modifying weapons and packaging drugs. (Source: YouTube)

The search mission reportedly led to the discovery of various illicit items, including weapons, fentanyl, methamphetamines, stolen properties, and drug paraphernalia.

Shortly after the YouTuber’s arrest, Leed Police Chief Irwin, in a statement, revealed:

It is clear from the items recovered that these individuals were inside a residence which was covering narcotics for sale and modifying firearms to turn them fully automatic.

These illegal narcotics and firearms are destroying civilized society. We want to let know what a difference it makes when we remove these activities from our area.

Slimeball MK, real name Marquel Holmes, was taken into custody along with other individuals, including Markell Felder, Amber Rozel, Markerris Holmes, and Kiara Williams.

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Slimeball MK Arrest Charges And Mugshot

23-year-old influencer Slimeball MK, official name Marquel Holmes, was arrested and charged with two counts of unlawful paraphernalia possession and drug trafficking.

As per the media reports, the YouTuber is being held at the Jefferson County Jail. Reportedly, he is held on a $2 million bail.

Moreover, the other four suspects relating to the case were also arrested. Likewise, they were identified as 25-year-old Markell Felder, 23-year-old Amber Rozell, 29-year-old Kiara Williams, and 21-year-old Markerris Holmes.

Furthermore, all the suspects were slammed with several weapons modification and drug possession charges. Hence, they are in custody at the Jefferson County Jail.

Who Is Slimeball MK? Wikipedia

Slimeball MK is a famous situational comedy video creator on several social media platforms, mainly YouTube and Instagram.

The YouTuber recently gained attention after he was arrested alongside four suspects on 30 November 2023 as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation led by the concerned authorities.

Slimeball MK Arrested mugshot
Slimeball MK Arrested: The YouTuber’s mugshot news trends on social media. (Source: YouTube)

Marquel Holmes, aka Slimeball MK, began sharing situational comedy videos on YouTube and Instagram in 2018. Likewise, his funny content has amassed over 289 million views on YouTube.

Slimeball MK, an Alabama native, has attracted almost 2 million followers on his Instagram handle. Hence, he is regarded as a famous online comedian.

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