What Happened To Amy Allan On Dead Files, Did She Left?

What Happened To Amy Allan On Dead Files

What Happened To Amy Allan On Dead Files? This question has left many fans eagerly anticipating answers.

The psychic medium Amy Allan is most well-known for her work on the supernatural television program Dead Files.

She has been a part of the program since its start in 2011, and paranormal enthusiasts have grown to appreciate her.

Some individuals doubt Allan’s work, while many complimented her for her compassion and integrity.

She is an enthusiastic medium committed to assisting individuals in comprehending and coping with paranormal activity.

Allan has authored many books about her experiences as a medium in addition to her work on Dead Files. She is also well known for her paranormal lectures and classes.

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What Happened To Amy Allan On Dead Files

After over a decade on “Dead Files,” Amy Allan left after the 14th season, with her farewell episode airing on June 29, 2023.

Amy has played a vital role since the start of the paranormal investigative series in 2011. She had won the hearts of many viewers thanks to her unyielding honesty and genuine affinity for the ghostly world.

She never held back from revealing her life-changing spiritual encounters throughout her time on the program. Amy’s exit from “Dead Files” was undoubtedly a melancholy event.

She recognized the hardship of parting with her longtime companion and friend, Steve DiSchiavi, even as she expressed her sincere gratitude for the chance to participate in the show.

What Happened To Amy Allan On Dead Files
Amy Allan left the show in June (Image Source: Instagram)

Amy, however, highlighted that she is eager to take on the new experiences and challenges ahead of her beyond the world of paranormal research.

In an interview with Deadline, Amy Allan discussed the reasons behind her departure from “Dead Files.”

She cited the feeling that it was time to move on to the next phase of her life as the reason for her departure.

Amy acknowledged her prolonged 14-year commitment to the program and expressed her thanks for the chance to share her experiences with a large audience throughout the world.

She also exuded enthusiasm for the uncharted possibilities that lie ahead. Amy had a great desire to continue her work in the paranormal sector.

She indicated the idea of writing another book to chronicle her continued travels in the spirit realm, even if she wouldn’t reveal any particular future intentions.

Fans should take comfort in knowing that, although leaving “Dead Files,” she plans to continue fighting for individuals who have had paranormal experiences and maintaining her powerful presence in the paranormal world.

Did Amy Allan Leave The Dead Files? 

After finishing the 14th season in June 2023, Amy Allan retired from the well-known paranormal sleuthing program “Dead Files.”

Her exit reasons were kept a secret, which left supporters wondering about her choice.

She departed after 14 years of dedication, thankful for her time, and eager for new challenges.

Cindy Kaza, an experienced medium, has taken Amy Allan’s place on “Dead Files” for the 15th season.

Kaza contributes her unique skills to the series and has over twenty years of expertise in paranormal communication.

Kaza is renowned for her compassion and sensitivity in supporting people’s search for peace and closure.

She is renowned for her exceptional ability to create relationships with spirits and provide insights into the past, present, and future.

Fans are thrilled that Cindy Kaza has joined the “Dead Files” crew. Her abilities and commitment to assisting others in the program have been well-received.

While it’s too soon to draw comparisons to Amy Allan, Kaza is praised for her accuracy and compassion in spirit connection.

Her arrival is anticipated to provide the program with a new viewpoint, keeping it lively and exciting for its devoted fans.

Where is Amy Allan Now?

At the moment, Amy Allan resides in Los Angeles, California, where she is starting the next phase of her career.

She continues to be fully committed to the paranormal community and is actively involved in several projects.

She is tirelessly working on her third book, hoping to provide more details on her fascinating adventures in the ghostly realm.

Although Amy hasn’t formally revealed what she will be working on next, she has shown a strong interest in creating her supernatural television program.

To reach a wider audience, she is also thinking about starting a podcast or writing a column for a publication.

Amy Allan Father
Amy Allan Father Vietnam Vet (Image Source: Instagram)

This shows her dedication to sharing her expertise and experiences. Amy Allan’s dedication to assisting others comes through her engagement with philanthropic groups outside of her work in the paranormal field.

She represents the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as a spokeswoman and contributes significantly to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Amy is an inspiring role model, positively impacting the world through her unwavering dedication.

Fans and admirers alike can’t wait to see what her next formal endeavor will be like because of her creative energy and limitless inventiveness.

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