Gonzalo Lira Arrested: Arrest Charges, Dead Or Alive

Gonzalo Lira Arrested

Is Gonzalo Lira arrested? Controversy arises as the circumstances surrounding the YouTuber contribute to his arrest charges. 

Gonzalo Lira is a YouTuber. Also, he was an online dating coach.

Lira gained notoriety for being a dating coach in the past. Likewise, the convicted man provided dating tips under Red Pill’s pseudonym.

Furthermore, Lira is found on YouTube and has shared many videos on his channel.

Besides his professional career, Gonzalo has been dragged into several controversies.

Likewise, he posted videos and commentary on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Telegram, and Twitter, trying to pin the blame on Ukraine.

Also, he posted numerous content for the strikes led by the Russian Federation. Hence, he was arrested. 

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Is Gonzalo Lira Arrested? Arrest Charges

YouTuber Gonzalo Lira has been arrested. Likewise, he was charged under article 436-2 of Ukraine’s Criminal Code, parts 2 and 3, relating to wartime propaganda. 

As suggested by the Daily Beast, Lira was arrested on May 1, 2023. Following Gonzalo’s detention, he was accused of sharing hate materials as he justified Putin’s armed aggression against Ukraine. 

Gonzalo Lira Arrested charges
Gonzalo Lira Arrested: The man is accused of creating and dispersing materials that justify Putin’s armed attack against Ukraine. (Source: Twitter)

Gonzalo was detained from his residence in Kharkiv. Moreover, Ukrainian authorities uncovered further evidence of his unlawful actions after searching Lira’s home.

Moreover, Gonzalo is accused of filming the Ukrainian military. Also, the YouTuber made a precise effort to capture and discredit their armed service.

After Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) members arrested him, an SBU spokesperson stated:

The blogger(mentioning to Gonzalo Lira) was one of the first to support the Russian invaders and glorify their war crimes.

In the YouTuber’s comments, he also talked about the details of Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities and mass murders of civilians.

Furthermore, American Journalist Sarah Ashton-Cirillo revealed she is slated to be one of the witnesses in the criminal case against Lira. 

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Is Gonzalo Lira Dead Or Alive?

YouTuber Gonzalo Lira was arrested, and he now serves time in jail. As the case progresses, his investigation is still underway. Gonzalo may face five to eight years of imprisonment.

Gonzalo was detained on charges of producing pro-Russian propaganda. The controversial personality is accused of dispersing contents that justify Putin’s armed attack against Ukraine.

One of the most controversial figures humiliated Volodymyr Zelensky as he illustrated Ukrainians as armed criminals in his videos. 

Also, Gonzalo disseminated several debunked conspiracy theories, such as allegations of discovering American bioweapons labs in Ukraine.

As mentioned earlier, Gonzalo has been swirled in several controversies. He is alive and is in jail.  

Who Is Gonzalo Lira? Wikipedia 

Gonzalo Lira holds dual citizenship in the United States and Chile. Recently, he resided in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv.

Before receiving attention for his views on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Gonzalo posted content under the alias Coach Red Pill.

Gonzalo Lira also worked as a controversial dating coach. Then, he became a political commentator with a sizable following on social media.

Lira’s online presence focused on offering dating advice several considered misogynistic.

After evolving to include political commentary, he began promoting conspiracy theories and supporting the Russian invasion in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

Gonzalo Lira Arrested wikipedia
Gonzalo Lira Arrested: The convicted man is a dual citizen of the US and Chile residing in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. (Source: The Daily Beast)

Gonzalo offered dating advice that people considered sexist and misogynistic.

A few of his infamous tips included never dating a woman in her 30s and the notion that women only want wealth.

Lira garnered a significant following on social media platforms, most notably YouTube.

The YouTuber’s content often featured discussions on masculinity, relationships, and gender dynamics, frequently criticized perspectives.

Lira’s YouTube channel boasts over 300 thousand subscribers. 

As the conflict unfolded, Gonzalo started expressing support for the Russian invasion and promoting conspiracy theories, further increasing his notoriety and drawing the attention of authorities.

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