Was Cancer Slim Dusty Cause Of Death Obituary And Family

Slim Dusty Cause Of Death Obituary And Family

MBE Slim Dusty Cause Of Death is a trending topic online, as his fans have been interested in learning about the late musical artist’s health issues before his demise. Dusty was a known Australian singer-songwriter. Let’s find out his death cause. 

Late musical artist Slim Dusty, 76, was born on 13 June 1927 in Kempsey, Australia. He was an Australian country music singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer. The legendary music personality became famous as an Australian cultural icon.

Unfortunately, he passed away on 19 September 2003 in St Ives, Australia, but left a divine legacy behind.

Recently, he received the spotlight as his wife Joy McKean, the grand lady of Australian country music, died in May 2023. He tied the knot with his wife in 1951, until death parted them in 2003. 

Dusty was one of the country’s most awarded stars, with a career spanning over seven decades and producing numerous recordings. He has received several prestigious titles for his contributions to music, including the AO MBE title.

His contribution to the music industry is mesmerizing, as he was active in the industry from 1945 to 2003.

The late singer was recognized for his outstanding music and releases, including A Pub With No Bear, G’Day G’Day, Walk A Country Mile, Lights On the Hill, Duncan, When The Rain Tumbes, and Old Time Country Halls. 

Besides music, people knew Dusty for his generosity and noble causes.

Slim Dusty’s demise is something that the country music industry was not prepared for. His legacy and vacancy are still difficult to fulfill. 

The man was considered one of the best Australian cultural pioneers. People will always credit him for his contribution to popularizing Country music, locally and globally.

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Slim Dusty Cause Of Death Explored

Well-known Australian country music star Slim Dusty died at his residence, in St Ives, New South Wales, at 9.46 am (AEST), on 19 September 2003. 

Nearly 20 years after his death, his wife, Joy McKean, died on Friday, May 2023. Slim Dusty, 76, died of a protracted battle with lung and kidney Cancer, as mentioned by various trustee sources. 

EMI Recorded Music released a statement after his wife’s passing, reading, “McLean passed away peacefully last night in May 2023 with family by her side after a long battle with Cancer.

Slim Dusty death
Slim Dusty died at 76, battling with lung and kidney Cancer. (Source: NewsAU)

In a statement released by the records further added:

The lady will be remembered as a pioneer in Australian music. We will miss her dearly. #RIP #legend.”

The late woman’s friends and fans wrote Rest In Peace. Her family asked for privacy at this difficult time. In due course, a memorial service’s arrangements for her demise will be announced.

Slim Dusty was an active member of Australian music. According to various sources, including Sydney Morning Herald, Slim Dusty’s cause of death was lung and kidney Cancer.

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Slim Dusty Obituary And Family 

Legendary Country singer Slim Dusty was known for his closeness with his family. He was survived by his wife, Joy McKean (who recently died), and his two children, Anne Kirkpatrick and David Kirkpatrick.

Slim Dusty wife
Slim Dusty with his wife, Joy McKean. (Source: NewsAU)

The late singer-songwriter was recognized for his musical talent. His close ones tributed to his legacy by posting condolences on the Internet, which was uncommon in 2003. 

He tied the knot with his wife in 1951, until death parted them in 2003. The late musician’s family now added a member, Kate Kirkpatrick (his grandchild).

However, Slim Dusty’s family has maintained a distance from the media after his wife’s demise recently. The family seeks privacy at this difficult moment. Let’s all mourn the legendary Australian singer and his Grand Lady’s loss and stay that way.

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