Bre Tiesi Nose Job And Botox: Did She Underwent Surgery?

Bre Tiesi

Bre Tiesi nose job has been trending on the Internet. Bre Tiesi, the reality TV star and real estate agent of ‘Selling Sunset’ fame, has recently opened up about the extent of her cosmetic work on social media. Here is what you need to know.

Bre Tiesi, whose full name is Breana Tiesi-Manziel, is an American model and social media personality who made a transition into real estate.

Tiesi gained prominence through her Instagram account, where she amassed a significant following. She started her modeling career as a teenager.

She gained some recognition through appearances on television shows such as WAGS and Cannon’s Wild n’ Out.

Recently, Bre joined the cast of Netflix’s Selling Sunset in its sixth season. Before joining the Oppenheim Group, she worked as a real estate agent at Keller Williams Beverly Hills.

Bre Tiesi Nose Job And Botox: Did She Underwent Surgery?

Bre Tiesi openly shared that she has undergone cosmetic procedures, including a nose job and regular botox treatments.

Bre stated that she receives Botox injections every six months to prevent wrinkles and maintain a youthful appearance.

Bre Tiesi Nose Job
Bre Tiesi has been open about her cosmetic procedures. (Source: Instagram)

In addition to her nose job, Bre Tiesi has openly shared that she underwent breast augmentation to enhance her appearance. She has also admitted to having filler injections to enhance certain features.

During an Instagram Q&A, she expressed her adventurous spirit and openness to trying various procedures, stating that she has explored a wide range of options.

She emphasized her self-assurance and indifference toward others’ opinions, stating that she is confident in who she is and does not concern herself with what anyone else thinks about her choices.

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Bre Tiesi before and after surgery

Bre Tiesi has openly acknowledged her choice to undergo cosmetic procedures and has been quite transparent about it.

However, the significant transformation she underwent through cosmetic surgery has left many people astonished when comparing her before and after-surgery photos.

Bre Tiesi
Bre Tiesi before and after surgery. (Source: Reality Blurb)

Bre has admitted to having a nose job, breast implants, filler, Botox, Kybella, Morpheus, and various lasers.

She even documented her second breast augmentation on YouTube, explaining that she wanted to balance out her body after gaining weight and becoming a mother.

Bre Tiesi has also faced comparisons to Megan Fox but has denied trying to look like the actress. She told E! News Daily Pop that she was “flattered” by the comments but added, “This is my face.”

Bre Tiesi is not shy about showing off her plastic surgery results on social media and on Selling Sunset. She has embraced her new look and seems confident in her own skin.

Whether you love or hate her, you must admit that she is a stunning addition to the show.

Bre Tiesi Health Update

Bre Tiesi is healthy and has not experienced any significant illnesses or accidents. She maintains a healthy and fit lifestyle, prioritizing her well-being.

Bre Tiesi, who initially pursued a career in modeling, has transitioned into becoming a real estate agent.

Bre Tiesi
Bre Tiesi with her son Legendary. (Source: Instagram)

She joined the Oppenheim Group, a renowned real estate brokerage, and became a part of the cast in season 6 of the popular Netflix series that showcases the group’s work.

She worked in the fashion industry and became the spokesperson for Rockstar Energy. She also appeared on TV shows like WAGS and Cannon’s Wild n’ Out.

Bre Tiesi switched her career from modeling to real estate after her divorce from former NFL star Johnny Manziel in 2021. She worked at Keller Williams Beverly Hills before joining the Oppenheim Group.

Bre Tiesi has a son named Legendary with Nick Cannon, who hosts Masked Singer. She has been in an on-again-off-again relationship with Nick for about a decade. They welcomed their child in June 2022.

Bre Tiesi Sister Alexis Tiesi And Brother – Siblings 

Bre Tiesi, a well-known model, and her sister Alexis Tiesi share an interesting relationship. Alexis is well-known in the dance and choreography worlds. According to the data, Tiesi doesn’t have a brother.

The mother of the siblings served as motivation for them to seek rewarding careers in their own disciplines.

She was a huge source of inspiration for them both. Alexis is presently stationed in Chicago and is actively seeking employment there.

Bre and Alexis attended the same high school as linebacker Clay Matthews for the Green Bay Packers.

Breana was fascinated by modeling after reading fashion magazines as a young girl.

She was only 13 years old when she began modeling. By the time she was in high school, she had already made countless appearances in advertising.

She worked as a representative for various renowned companies after beginning as a model.

Breana also made various TV commercials and shows, such as MTV’s Wild and Out. She started modeling young but stopped when she was 12 to concentrate on her studies.

After completing her education, she started back up her modeling business.

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