Jelai Andres Before and After Plastic Surgery, Old Photos Age And Wikipedia

Jelai Andres Before

Jelai Andres before and after surgery photos are spreading like wildfire. Did the actress really have plastic surgery? 

Jelai Andres is a Filipino Actress and social media content creator known for her work in one of the Baes(2019), a television series.

She came into highlight because of her beautiful appearance and exceptional acting capabilities. She has also appeared in Dorie Quirino.

She is popular among her fans for her seductive looks and her eye-glazing beauty. Her pouty lips have become a sort of signature of hers.

She has also entered the YouTube world through her vlogging and videos related to lifestyle and beauty.

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Jelai Andres Before and After Plastic Surgery

The rumor about Jelai Andres’s surgery has been all over the internet. The actress had a significant glow-up compared to a few years ago.

She has been rumored to have done a nose job surgery to enhance her beauty. Although it is common in Asia to do plastic surgery to look a certain way, she did however get some backlash from her western fans.

Jelai Andres in Japan
Jelai Andres in Japan (Source: Instagram)

After the reports of her surgery, her fans started digging into her old photos to compare. She does look significantly more beautiful than how she was a few years ago but it can be a natural glow-up.

She has not configured or addressed any of these rumors and left her fans to speculate on the matter on their own. This might actually be the best way to approach the issue.

There is not enough evidence to prove that Jelai had a nose and it might be just wild speculation by her fans after observing her for so many years.

Jelai Andres Age

Jelai Andres was born on February 12, 1991, in the Philippines. She grew up in the Taguig region of the Philippines in the Global city of Bonifacio.

She was always a confident and outstanding young lady. She always aspired to be an actress. She is very close to Philippine culture

Jelai Andres Before
Jelai Andres rescuing dogs (Source: Instagram)

She has kept her personal life away from social media. She never really shares any information regarding her parent’s identity, job, or any mentionable characteristics.

However, judging from her personality and manners, we can say that she belongs to a respectable and established family.

Jelai Andres Wikipedia bio

Jelai Andres is a popular social media influencer with more than 5.9 million followers on Instagram. She is a social media influencer turned actress.

She has worked on several acting projects like Simplicity, Kuta, Owe my love, and most famously One of the Baes in 2019. she is a successful actress.

Jelai Andres before
Jelai Andres on a billboard (Source: Instagram)

It is estimated that she has a net worth of  2 Million USD. Her net worth justifies her passion for acting. She also makes a good living for herself through her social media influence.

However, these are just estimated numbers and might not be totally accurate as the net worth of famous celebrities is constantly changing because of their investment and unknown expense habits.

She gets significant earnings from her YouTube channel as she has more than 7.57 Million subscribers and more than 453,000,000 views. Around 300,000 USD is estimated to be her annual income from YouTube.

Jelai Andres husband
Jelai Andres with her ex-husband Jon Gutierrez (Source: Instagram)

Jelai was married to Jon Gutierrez in 2018. Jon Gutierrez is an actor and comedian known as King Badger. They were dating for many years. The couple looked very beautiful together but got divorced back in 2021.

The cause of separation was reported to be cheating on her spouse. The allegation triggered a chain of events that finally cause their marriage to end. Both of them are living separately and leading happy lives.

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