Shireta Rogers Cause Of Death, How Did She Die? Family And Wiki

Shireta Rogers

People are searching for Shireta Rogers cause of death as she recently passed away. Continue reading the article to find more inforamtion.

Shireta Rogers, the beloved wife of renowned gospel singer and pastor Tim Rogers, sadly passed away at 46 on May 9, 2023.

This tragic event shocked many, occurring only six days after her husband’s band had requested prayers for her on May 3.

Shireta’s untimely death has left a void in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.

Pastor Tim Rogers is a well-known figure in the gospel music industry and has also served as the pastor for acclaimed gospel singer Le’Andria Johnson.

His music and pastorate have touched the lives of countless individuals, and the news of his wife’s passing has sparked an outpouring of support and condolences from fans, friends, and fellow musicians.

These prayers seek comfort, peace, solace, strength, and understanding from God as they bear this heartbreaking loss.

Shireta Rogers Cause Of Death, How Did She Die? 

Social media was recently abuzz with the announcement of the passing of First Lady Shireta, as shared by her close circle.

The heart-wrenching news came through a post by the renowned pastor’s band, Tim Rogers & The Fellas. They also provided details for those willing to offer financial support to the grieving family through CashApp.

To pay tribute to the beloved First Lady, a memorial service was held on May 20 at the Chickasaw Arena in Blytheville, Arkansas.

Shireta Rogers Cause Of Death
Shireta Rogers cause of death: She passed away on May 9. (Source: Facebook)

Before this grave event, a viewing of Rogers’ body was organized on May 19 at the Prince of Peace Church in Blytheville, offering friends, family, and well-wishers an opportunity to bid their final farewells.

While the exact circumstances surrounding her untimely passing remain undisclosed, the news of Shireta’s demise has deeply saddened countless individuals.

An outpouring of sympathies and heartfelt prayers has flooded social media platforms. In honor of her, many of her friends and family members have written touching notes and shared special memories.

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Shireta Rogers Family 

First Lady Shireta had happily married Pastor Tim Rogers for over 25 years. Their marriage was blessed with seven children, six girls and one boy, forming a loving and close-knit family.

The news of the First Lady’s passing deeply saddened the Antioch Full Gospel Baptist Church community. Bishop Kenneth Robinson, Sr., and the entire Antioch family expressed their condolences to Pastor Tim Rogers and his family.

Rogers family
Rogers family celebrating the life of Shireta (Source: Facebook)

In a statement on Facebook, they extended their prayers and support, asking God to grant them peace, comfort, strength, and understanding during this grief. The church assured the grieving family they would be there for them, offering their prayers and assistance.

Gloria Shields, Shireta’s sister-in-law, also conveyed her sympathy and shared her fond memories of the late First Lady. She described Shireta as a gentle and soft-spoken person, never showing anger.

Gloria believed she had now received her heavenly crown, as God surely had a new purpose for her beautiful soul.

Shireta Rogers Wiki

Shireta, the beloved wife of Tim Rogers, came into this world on November 9, 1976. Tragically, her life was ended at the age of 46. She was known for her remarkable qualities of sweetness and kindness, leaving a lasting impact on everyone she met.

Her radiant smile was a constant presence, brightening the lives of those around her.

Shireta and her husband, Pastor Tim Rogers
Shireta and her husband, Pastor Tim Rogers (Source: Christian Post)

In 2018, Shireta’s husband, Pastor Rogers, gained national attention when he delivered a thought-provoking statement during the funeral of a young man in Blytheville. He fearlessly declared that Hell is merely a “fairytale,” comparing it to the widely accepted notion of Santa Claus.

Pastor Rogers emphasized, “To believe in Hell means you have to believe in Santa Claus. I firmly believe that Hell is nothing more than an imaginary place. When faced with phenomena that lack logical explanations, our only recourse is to attribute them to the realm of imagination.”

Through his powerful words, Pastor Rogers sparked a deep reflection on the nature of belief and challenged conventional wisdom, leaving a lasting impression on those who heard his provocative message.

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