Serial Killer Rex Heuermann Hearing: Court Appearance Today And Bail

Rex Heuermann Hearing

Rex Heuermann Hearing: After 13 years without an arrest, the serial killer was charged as the alleged Long Island serial killer in June 2023.

Rex Heuermann is a 59-year-old married father of two who worked as an architect in Manhattan.

In June 2023, he was arrested and charged with the murders of three women whose bodies were found along Gilgo Beach in Long Island, New York.

Heuermann lived in the Long Island area and commuted to his architecture firm in New York City.

After 13 years with no arrests, police say they finally cracked the cold case of the Long Island serial killer by linking him to the murders through new evidence.

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Serial Killer Rex Heuermann Hearing

Heuermann was arrested after police say they finally cracked the 13-year-old cold case of the Long Island serial killer with new evidence.

This included a tip about the killer’s pickup truck, burner phones he allegedly used to contact victims, his wife’s hair found on victims’ bodies, and DNA from a pizza crust he threw out with matching DNA at a crime scene.

Suffolk County police allege he used burner phones to lure sex workers to meetings where he killed them, then dumped their bodies along Gilgo Beach.

Rex Heuermann Hearing
Gilgo Beach murders: Suspect Rex Heuermann in court as his adult children ‘cry themselves to sleep (Source: Sky News)

Disturbingly, he allegedly called one victim’s family, taunting them about her murder. Investigators say his wife was out of town when the killings happened, but her hair transferred from him to the victims.

At a hearing after the murderer’s arrest, prosecutors laid out the damning evidence that finally allowed police to close in on Heuermann as the suspected Long Island serial killer after 13 years without an arrest.

The dramatic break in the cold case came through leveraging new technology on old evidence.

Rex Heuermann Court Appearance Today

Rex appeared in Suffolk County Court after his arrest. Prosecutors argued he should be denied bail, laying out the evidence against him.

A judge ordered him to be held without bail, given the severity of the charges. He did not enter a plea and is due back in court soon.

Police believe he is responsible for more Gilgo Beach murders but have only charged him with three so far.

Prosecutors say he searched the internet for updates in the case and followed the new police task force hunting him, showing consciousness of guilt.

Rex Heuermann Hearing
Rex Heuermann pleaded not guilty at his first court appearance last month and was ordered to be detained without the possibility of bail. (Source: Sky News)

He allegedly searched for torture images and child porn on burner phones traced to him.

At his court appearance, prosecutors characterised Heuermann as a dangerous threat to society who targeted vulnerable women.

His obsession with the case and disturbing online activity worked against him being granted bail. For now,

The serial killer remains locked up without bond under suicide watch in jail as the legal proceedings continue.

Rex Heuermann Bail

The judge denied Heuermann bail pending trial given the brutal nature of the homicides, his apparent obsession with the case, his use of burner phones, and his potential to flee.

Prosecutors argued he was a dangerous threat to society who targeted vulnerable women.

Defence attorneys tried to argue for bail but were unsuccessful.

The killer remains locked up without bond and under suicide watch in jail as the case proceeds.

Rex Heuermann Hearing
Rex Heuermann is accused of murdering Megan Waterman, Amber Lynn Costello, Melissa Barthelemy, and Melissa Barthelemy. (Source: Sky News)

Despite his lawyers’ efforts, the judge ruled the evidence was too damning to release him back to the public at this time.

In summary, Rex is accused of being the Long Island serial killer after 13 years of no arrests.

Strong evidence led police to arrest the 59-year-old architect and father last month.

The murderer appeared in court for a hearing, where he was denied bail as the investigation and prosecution continue for the horrific murders along Gilgo Beach.

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