Sarunas Jackson Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Dominique Perry?

Sarunas Jackson wife

The topic “Sarunas Jackson Wife” has been trending on the internet along with the question “Is He Married To Girlfriend Dominique Perry?”

Sarunas J. Jackson rose to prominence as Alejandro “Dro” Pena in HBO’s Insecure, earning critical acclaim for his portrayal of Issa Rae’s character’s longtime boyfriend.

However, his talents extend beyond acting. An accomplished writer, the actor has contributed to the series Vital Signs.

Standing at an impressive six feet eight inches, he also has a background in college basketball and international competition.

Despite his athletic success, Jackson chose to pursue acting, appearing in films like B-Roll, and Dutch Hollow, as well as television shows such as Games People Play, and Good Trouble.

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Sarunas Jackson Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Dominique Perry?

Sarunas, best known for his role in Insecure, had a long-term relationship with fellow actress Dominique Perry, who also starred in the series.

However, the couple never officially married.

They were blessed with a baby girl named Zen in 2018, which was revealed through an Instagram post by the actor that was initially deleted.

Later, Perry’s Instagram post introduced their daughter, Zen, to the world, expressing gratitude for being her mother.

After the actress’s post, the athlete-turned-actor also shared a black-and-white photo of the newborn on social media, hinting at his role as the father.

Sarunas Jackson Wife
The term “Sarunas Jackson Wife” is now being searched on the internet. (Source: Vanity)

Representatives for Perry and Jackson have not provided any official statements regarding their relationship or parenthood.

The actress had previously announced her pregnancy on Instagram, initially stating that it would be “just the 2 of us.” However, the caption has since been edited.

While the current relationship status between the former couple remains uncertain, their shared journey into parenthood has become a topic of interest among fans.

Sarunas Jackson Relationship Timeline

Before his relationship with Perry, Jackson was rumored to have dated actress Amber Stevens West in 2017.

They worked together in a movie called Unleashed, and people thought they might be more than just co-stars.

However, it was with Dominique that the actor had a significant relationship.

At first, they kept their romance private, but in 2018, they started being a bit more public about it.

This change happened when the actress joined the popular TV show Insecure. They continued to date secretly for three more years.

Sarunas Jackson Wife
Sarunas Jackson has a daughter named Zen that he adores. (Source: Instagram)

Although the Insecure actor dated his co-star, he prefers not to talk much about his past relationships.

He values his privacy and doesn’t share many details about his personal life or love life.

Overall, the former athlete prefers to keep his dating life private and focus on his career.

He wants to maintain a sense of privacy when it comes to his personal affairs and doesn’t share intimate details about his romantic experiences.

Sarunas Jackson Family

The television actor was born in Philadelphia on March 12, 1990, and comes from a tight-knit family.

Romel Jackson and Yhinyer T. Hubbard, his parents, have played significant roles in his life.

His father has been instrumental in raising the actor with Yhinyer.

The identity of the actor’s biological father remains undisclosed.

Sarunas Jackson Wife
Sarunas Jackson is a devoted father to his daughter, Zen. (Source: Instagram)

As a tribute to his stepfather, the actor’s surname was changed to Jackson.

The former athlete also has a stepbrother named Marcus.

Growing up together in California, the three brothers have formed a close bond as a family unit.

Yhinyer, of Panamanian descent, and Romel, who is African-American, have provided strong support in raising Sarunas and his younger brothers, Darius and Marcus.

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