Is Dave Marrs Bald – Does He Wear A Wig? Wikipedia Bio Age, Height

Dave Marrs Bald

All-round handyman Dave Mars is a home renovator by profession. However, his fellow followers have floated questions asking if Dave Marrs bald.

Dave Marrs works professionally, to restore timeworn homes into contemporary living spaces.

The craftsman streams his works on his HGTV series “Fixer to Fabulous”.

Dave works with his wife Jenny Marrs professionally in different places in the US.

The TV duo recently collaborated with Ben and Erin Napier and they will compete against each other to renovate the whole town of Morgan, Colorado as part of Home Town Takeover.

Their work will be documented in Season 2, coming to HGTV in 2023.

Is Dave Marrs Bald – Why Does He Wear A Cap?

Dave wears a baseball cap almost every time. This has raised a question among his new fans regarding is Dave Marrs bald.

The designer is seen without a cap only on a few special occasions including his wedding.

Dave and Jenny were college friends before getting married.(Source: HGTV)

Although Dave has not addressed his baldness anywhere on the internet or the media, his early photos make the distinctive fact that he is bald to some extent.

The HGTV star is in his early forties and has already become a victim of alopecia.

According to various doctors on the internet, he is suffering from Telogen alopecia. 

This doesn’t make the victim become completely hairless.

However, the hair at the top falls off and doesn’t grow and leaving the patient with a big forehead.

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Dave Marrs Wikipedia bio

Dave was born in Arkansas and was into carpeting since his childhood.

However, the expert didn’t think of working as an actor in his early days. The duo was renovating houses for money till 2016.

However, there life turned around in 2016 when HGTV producers began searching for the stars of their next hit show in Arkansas.

The producers found the Marrs’s story very appealing and decided to start a show named “Fixer to Fabulous”.

The couple has already restored more than 300 houses and doesn’t seem to stop any time soon.

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Is Dave Marrs Bald
Dave along with his family enjoys spending time together. (Source: GrandSavingBank)

The power duo is proud parents to five children namely Nathan, Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte, and Luke. 

Twins Nathan and Ben were born prematurely and were gifts for the couple as they were not able to become parents despite many attempts.

They adopted their eldest daughter, Sylvie, from the Democratic Republic of Congo in August 2013.

Sylvie has a deep love for cooking and baking. She is seen frequently in her parents’ tv show in the kitchen working as a little chef

Similarly, Masterchef’s little sister Charlotte is also a food enthusiast and the two sisters work together.

The youngest member of the Marrs family is Luke who is well-adored by every other member.

Luke is also the reason for the constant smile on their face. He loves running outdoors and hanging out with his older siblings.

During an episode in their show, the Marrs family realized that a home that was to be demolished was the perfect place to stay permanently.

Thus the family decided to rebuild the house and make it their own.

dave Marrs age and height revealed

Dave was born on February 26, 1980, and is currently 43 years old.

Whereas, his wife, Jenny is currently 44 years of age. She was born on January 24, 1979, in the same city her husband was born, Arkansas.

The couple tied the knot in the year 2002.

As per various sources, Dave is 6 feet tall.

Similarly, the twins are 11 years old now and are healthy. Whereas much later adopted Sylvie is 10 years old.

The little chef, Charlotte is 7 whereas the funky character of their house, Luke is 2 years old. 

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