Who Is Sarah Hewson Husband Sam Hewson? Wikipedia And Age

Sarah Hewson Husband

Sam Hewson emerges as a respected professional in the finance industry, complementing his wife Sarah Hewson’s successful career in journalism. 

Sam Hewson is a distinguished figure in the financial sector, known for his expertise and leadership in FX sales.

With a career spanning over two decades, he has made significant contributions to the industry, particularly during his tenure at Citi.

As the Head of FX Sales, he has demonstrated a profound understanding of market dynamics and a commitment to delivering value to clients.

Hewson’s journey is marked by successive roles of increasing responsibility, reflecting his dedication to excellence and innovation in banking.

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Sarah Hewson husband: Sam Hewson

Sam Hewson is the husband of Sarah Hewson, a prominent figure in broadcast journalism.

They tied the knot in June 2011 in a vibrant wedding ceremony, celebrating their union with joy.

The couple resides in England, where they have built a life together with their three children—two sons and a daughter.

Sarah’s parents hold the head of FX Sales in high regard, describing him as young, handsome, and driven.

Their marriage is characterized by mutual happiness and a commitment to family values.

Sarah Hewson husband
Sarah and Sam Hewson attended the Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle. (Source: Instagram)

The journalist is known for her dedication as a mother, instilling strong religious foundations and virtues in her children.

Despite her openness about their family life on social media, he maintains a more private presence, preferring to stay away from online platforms.

However, glimpses of their life together reveal a close-knit family that enjoys engaging in outdoor activities and attending events together.

Sam Hewson Wikipedia

While information about Sam Hewson may not be readily available on platforms like Wikipedia, his professional achievements are noteworthy.

His career spans over two decades, primarily in the financial sector. He currently holds the position of Head of FX Sales at Citi, a leading global bank.

The businessman’s tenure at Citi showcases a remarkable trajectory, highlighted by his promotion to Managing Director.

In August 2023, he assumed the role of Global Head of FX Sales, a newly created position that underscores his expertise and leadership within the organization.

Sarah Hewson Husband
Pictured: Sam Hewson and Sarah Hewson at their wedding. (Source: Instagram)

Throughout his career, Hewson has demonstrated a deep understanding of FX markets, leveraging his skills to drive sales and deliver value to clients.

His journey at Citi is marked by successive roles of increasing responsibility, including Global Head of Digital FX Solutions and EMEA Head of Corporate Sales and Solutions (CSS).

His leadership in these roles has been instrumental in shaping the bank’s FX business, fostering innovation, and enhancing client relationships.

Sam Hewson Age

While Sam Hewson’s exact age remains undisclosed, it is speculated that he is in his late 40s based on available information.

His professional life at Citi is characterized by dedication, expertise, and a commitment to excellence.

With over 20 years of experience in FX sales, he has established himself as a seasoned professional in the banking and capital markets domains.

Hewson’s LinkedIn profile highlights a diverse skill set, including proficiency in areas such as banking, capital markets, emerging markets, FX trading, and investment banking.

Sarah Hewson Husband
Sarah Hewson was photographed alongside her spouse, Sam, and their three children. (Source: Instagram)

His contributions to Citi have been recognized through various internal appointments and promotions, culminating in his current role as Head of FX Sales.

Despite his demanding career, the businessman prioritizes his family life, sharing a fulfilling relationship with his wife Sarah and their children.

While Sarah’s public persona offers glimpses into their family dynamics, Sam’s preference for privacy underscores his focus on maintaining a balanced personal and professional life.

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