Who Is Pastor Jack Hibbs Wife Lisa? Wikipedia And Age

Jack Hibbs Wife

Meet Lisa, the partner of Pastor Jack Hibbs, who has played a pivotal role in shaping their ministry and personal endeavors through unwavering commitment and a shared journey.

Jack Hibbs is a prominent figure in the realm of Christian ministry, recognized for his dynamic leadership, passionate teaching, and extensive outreach efforts.

He has dedicated his life to spreading the message of Christianity both locally and globally.

As the senior and founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, the pastor has played a pivotal role in nurturing a thriving community of believers.

Moreover, he is the founder and president of Real Life Ministries, through which he extends his influence beyond the confines of his church.

Additionally, as a nationally syndicated TV and radio host, Hibbs reaches millions with his messages of faith and hope.

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Pastor Jack Hibbs wife Lisa 

Lisa, Pastor Jack Hibbs’ wife, plays a pivotal role in his ministry and personal life.

Their journey together began four decades ago when they established a small home fellowship with just six members.

Throughout the years, their partnership has thrived, significantly contributing to the growth and impact of their ministry.

Jack Hibbs Wife
Jack Hibbs and his wife initiated a home fellowship with six committed individuals. (Source: YouTube)

Beyond her role as a pastor’s wife, she is also a co-author with Jack, sharing their insights in their book, “Turn Around at Home: Giving a Stronger Spiritual Legacy Than You Received.”

Their enduring marriage is a testament to the strength of love, faith, and commitment, guiding them through life’s challenges and enabling them to spread God’s message of redemption.

Through their shared experiences and unwavering dedication, they inspire others to embrace faith and build enduring legacies of spiritual growth and discipleship.

Jack Hibbs Wikipedia

Jack Hibbs’ illustrious career spans various dimensions of Christian ministry, earning him recognition and admiration within the religious community and beyond.

His commitment to teaching the Bible verse-by-verse has garnered him a reputation for insightful and impactful preaching.

As a frequent conference speaker, the pastor imparts wisdom and inspiration to audiences across different platforms.

Moreover, his role as a nationally syndicated TV and radio host allows him to reach millions of listeners and viewers worldwide, amplifying the reach of his message.

One of the hallmarks of Hibbs’ ministry is its extensive media outreach programs, encompassing television broadcasts, podcasts, and radio shows.

Jack Hibbs Wife
Jack Hibbs is a renowned speaker and nationally syndicated radio and TV program host. (Source: Georgia Voice)

This multifaceted approach ensures that his teachings resonate with diverse audiences, spanning continents from West Africa to the South Pacific.

Furthermore, his founding of Real Life Ministries underscores his commitment to holistic ministry, addressing spiritual, emotional, and practical needs within communities.

In the digital age, the pastor remains actively engaged on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Truth Social.

Hibbs’ presence on these platforms enables him to connect with a broad spectrum of individuals, sharing insights, inspiration, and resources to enrich their spiritual journey.

With a substantial following across these platforms, he continues to leverage technology to advance his ministry and spread Christian values.

Jack Hibbs Age: How old is he?

Jack Hibbs was born on January 15, 1958, in Chino Hills, California, and as of 2024, he is 66 years old.

Despite the pastor’s age, he maintains a vibrant and energetic presence in his ministry, demonstrating a sincere dedication to serving God and impacting lives.

Jack Hibbs Wife
Jack Hibbs is renowned for his passionate, verse-by-verse expositional Bible teaching. (Source: Christian Post)

His longevity in ministry speaks to his enduring passion and commitment to fulfilling his calling and inspiring others to pursue spiritual growth and transformation.

As Hibbs navigates the challenges and opportunities of each season of life, he remains steadfast in his mission to proclaim the gospel and build God’s kingdom.

He is committed to leaving a lasting legacy of faith and discipleship for generations.

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