Sam Colton Missing – What Happened To Him? Wikipedia Bio And Age

Sam Colton

The news of Sam Colton missing has been circulating the internet lately, and this topic has been creating headlines in several online portals as he created Amanda the Adventurer.

Sam Colton, the television producer who created the popular public-access children’s educational program called Amanda the Adventurer, has been reported missing.

The authorities have not been able to find any leads. Colton’s show was a big hit among children in the area.

On April 25, 2023, an indie horror game called Amanda the Adventurer was released, set on a TV and in an attic. It was created for DreadXP’s Found Footage Jam, which was hosted on

According to the sources, Colton, the creator of Amanda the Adventurer, went missing for almost three weeks.

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Sam Colton Missing – What Happened To Him?

Many people, including fans and online users, are eager to know about Sam Colton missing details and updates.

The authorities are working to determine the whereabouts of Sam, who has been missing for at least 3 weeks now.

The police department has not found any leads about Sam Colton’s missing case and is still working to find him as soon as possible.

Sam Colton missing
Sam has been missing for 3 weeks (Source: TikTok)

There are no possible reasons for Sam’s disappearance, and as a result, the police department is facing challenges in finding Colton.

The fans of Amanda the Adventurer are confused by the sudden disappearance of Sam Colton, the creator of the show.

Further details about Sam Colton missing case and updates are not available at the time of writing this article.

Sam Colton wikipedia bio 

There is little information about the missing Colton, as he has not shared his personal information on any sites.

The educational background and information about Sam’s parents are also not available at the moment.

Sam Colton
Amanda is misunderstood (Source: TikTok)

But as soon as there are any updates regarding this case, we will be the initial informants. So look out!

Amanda the Adventurer is liked and played by many people, including YouTubers and content creators.

The details about Sam’s siblings and their respective professions also remain a mystery, as he was not active on any social media sites.

Sam Colton age 

As we have talked about, Sam is a very private person; he has not revealed his age, but some online users speculate he might be in his late forties.

His fans are praying for his safety and good health. In most of the missing cases, the victims are found dead, so the authorities are working hard to find Sam soon.

Colton gained notoriety for his awesome show, Amanda the Adventurer, which was released in 2022 and loved by tonnes of people around the globe.

Sam Colton
Sam Colton missing creator of Amanda (Source TikTok)

In 2022, jpgamedesign created a horror game called Amanda the Adventurer for the ‘Found Footage’ Game Jam.

The game, later known as the Pilot Episode, consists of the player watching VHS tapes of an old cartoon called Amanda the Adventurer.

As the tape progresses, it becomes evident that the show is more than just a children’s program.

After the fourth update, jpgamedesign announced a collaboration with DreadXP to release a full version of the game in 2023.

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