Jyoti Amge Death News Real Or Hoax? Age And Condition Explained

Jyoti Amge

Jyoti Amge Death news has been circulation over the internet. However, the news is all false, and Jyoti is still alive and healthy. 

Jyoti Amge is an Indian Actress and television personality. She gained worldwide fame for being recognized as the world’s smallest living woman by Guinness World Records in 2011. 

Amge is just 2 feet 0.6 inches (63 cm) tall, making her shorter than the previous record holder, American Actress Bridgette Jordan, who is 2 feet 3 inches (69 cm) tall. 

She debuted as an Actor in the famous American TV show, “American Horror Story.”

Amge was also featured in the 2009 Body Shock: Two Foot Tall Teen documentary.

Jyoti Amge Death News Real Or Hoax?

Rumors have been spreading across the internet about the passing of Amge.

But it’s important to know that the rumors aren’t true and that Jyoti Amge is still alive and kicking.

Sadly, Amge has been affected by fake news, which has led her fans and friends to share old photos and videos to show their sadness.

Jyoti Amge Death
Jyoti Amge Death: Jyoti is still alive and well (Source: Getty Images)

Even though social media can be a great way to spread information quickly, it’s essential to make sure that any news you share is genuine before you do so. Otherwise, you could cause extra stress and worry.

Despite the rumors, Jyoti is an active social media user. Her latest posts on Instagram were shared just eight hours ago as of writing this article. This shows that she is alive and thriving.

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Jyoti Amge Age

Jyoti was born on December 16, 1993, in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. She holds a Guinness world record. She is now 30 years old and continues to inspire people worldwide.

Amge comes from a loving family with her parents, Kishanji Amge and Ranjana Amge. Her elder brother is Satish Amge, and her three elder sisters are Vaishali Amge, Rupali Amge, and Archana Amge.

Her family has been an incredible source of support and encouragement for Jyoti throughout her life.

On her 18th birthday in 2011, Jyoti was officially declared the world’s shortest woman by Guinness World Records. She stands at a height of only 62.8 centimeters (2 ft 0.72 in).

Jyoti Amge
World’s shortest woman Jyoti Amge mets World’s shortest man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi (Source: Getty Images)

This achievement brought her international recognition and opened doors for her to share her inspiring story.

In 2012, Jyoti had the opportunity to meet the world’s shortest man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Nepal. The two incredible individuals posed together for the 57th edition of the Guinness World Records.

Jyoti’s size has given her many problems, but she has never let it define or stop her from reaching her goals.

She inspires people globally by proving that we can achieve great things with effort and perseverance.

Jyoti Amge Condition Explained

Jyoti, a young Indian girl, has achieved global fame as the smallest woman in the world. Her restricted height is attributed to a genetic disorder known as primordial dwarfism, a rare condition that affects growth and development.

Specifically, she has achondroplasia, a type of primordial dwarfism that inhibits hormone production, causing her height and weight to remain constant throughout her life.

Jyoti’s journey to global recognition began in 2009 when she appeared on a popular television show called “Bikkuri Chojin 100 Special No.2,” where doctors measured her and officially declared her the shortest living teenager (female) at just 61.95 cm (2 ft) tall.

Jyoti Amge
On December 16, 2011, in Nagpur, Jyoti Amge posed with an award from Guinness World Records (Source: Getty Images)

Even more remarkable was her weight of only 5.4 kg (12 lb), just 4 kg (9 lb) more than her birth weight.

Despite her unique physical condition, Jyoti has always been determined to lead an everyday life. When she was four, she went to school with regular-sized children, but her desk and chair were made to fit her smaller size.

Her story has inspired people worldwide, demonstrating that differences in physical appearance need not limit one’s ability to live a fulfilling life.

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