Twitch: Sovietwomble Real Name Girlfriend And Age Revealed

Sovietwomble real name is still a topic to discuss on Twitch, as he has not yet revealed anything in regard to it. He has stated that he does not need to consider the trends of Twitch to show his face as he is also a YouTuber.

As for SovietWomble’s introduction, it was back in 2011 when he started and released a brief playtime of “Bad Company: 2.”

Up until 2013, when he posted a DayZ video and began his “Random Bulls**tery” video series, SovietWomble concentrated on playing “Battlefield 3” and paid little attention to any other video games. This marked the beginning of SovietWomble’s rapid ascent to prominence.

Moreover, Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is his favorite video game, and he’s also played Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Grand Theft Auto.

Not only that, SovietWomble was named one of the top UK gaming influencers by Invision Community.

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Twitch: What Is SovietWomble Real Name?

SovietWomble has not revealed his real name to his fans, followers, and media. Likewise, when asked what his username SovietWomble means, he explained that it doesn’t have a deep meaning and that it was just a throwaway account that he forgot to delete.

In addition, he believes it would distract from the topic of what his real identity is; SovietWomble rarely shows his face during his gameplays.

Sovietwomble Real Name
A YouTube video where SovietWomble and Cynide reveal their face. (Source: YouTube)

He also believes that hiding his face when streaming on Twitch separates his content from that of other Twitch users. He claims to be a YouTuber and not a streamer, so he does not feel the need to follow any streaming trends.

His fans have mostly viewed SovietWomble as a gaming channel, and he is well recognized for his dark humor and occasionally inappropriate comments. His humor frequently refers to delicate subjects and is deemed “not for everyone.”

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Does SovietWomble Have A Girlfriend? His Age Revealed

SovietWomble has not yet revealed anything regarding his girlfriend. It appears that he is single or is keeping his personal life away from the limelight. We shall learn more once he is willing to share the details of his private life.

In the same manner, there is also no information in regard to his parents. On the bright side, we do know that his brother’s name is Jack.

As for SovietWomble’s age, he is currently 36 years old. He was born on 6 July 1986. He was born and raised in Brighton, England.

Sovietwomble Real Name
SovietWomble’s fan meets and greets him and exclaims in Twitter about how SovietWomble was younger and orange than expected. (Source: Twitter)

On the other hand, SovietWomble disclosed on Reddit that he attended a public school and specialized in computing, which gave him the opportunity to work in a company’s software development division. 

He believes that the concept and his educational background and career/ work as “rubbish.” So, he does not talk much in regards to it.

Also, SovietWomble has a page on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), where he is identified as the creator, writer, and producer of the “Random Bulls**tery” video series. SovietWomble’s  streamers have found it amusing and unique, considering how the YouTubers are not often featured on the IMDB websites.

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