Rory Cochrane Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Tracy Cochrane? Age Family And Ethnicity

Rory cochrane wife

IS Tracy Cochrane, Rory Cochrane Wife? People are talking about the pair on socials and other platforms about their relationship status.

Rory Cochrane is a well-known American actor. He began his film career in 1991, after graduating from ‘New York University,’ with a brief 15-second cameo. However, Rory’s breakthrough performance came early in his career, and he has never looked back since. Rory is known to have worked across multiple genres.

Interestingly, many of his major performances have been praised by critics despite the fact that the films have been critically panned. The actor has a few TV roles under his belt, the most notable of which was for ‘CSI.’ Rory has been linked to several of his co-stars in the past.

He is well known for being in Dazed and Confused as Ron Slater, in Empire records as Lucas, in Argo as Lee Schatz, in A scanner darkly as Freak, and in CSI: Miami as Tim Speedle.

Cochrane’s first television appearances included a role in a drug-related docudrama on Saturday Night Live with Connie Chung (1989) and an appearance in an episode of H.E.L.P. (1990). He then made his film debut in A Kiss Before Dying (with about fifteen seconds of screen time), followed by his first significant role as Jeff Goldblum’s son in Fathers & Sons.

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Rory Cochrane Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Tracy Cochrane?

Currently, he is in a relationship with his girlfriend Tracy Zahoryin, who is a former model. The couple, who has been together since 2013 is not married and is yet to take her as his wife, although they do live together.

Rory Cochrane was in a romantic relationship with Reene Zwellger. The pair dated for years before breaking up.

Rory Cochrane Wife
Rory with his girlfriend Tracy. (Source: WDW)

Cochrane does not have any children but is a godfather to Sebastian, who he often features on his social media page. 

Back in 1988, rumors claimed that Rory was married to a girl named Rebecca Columbus. The actor had never even heard of her or known about her, and the rumor turned out to be false. Rory has briefly dated his ‘Dazed and Confused’ co-star Joey Lauren Adams, too.
In April 2019, a hoax regarding Rory’s death surfaced. The rumor was later said to be just another addition to the latest trend of fake celebrity death reports.
Rory Cochrane Age 

Rory Cochrane (born February 28, 1972) is an American actor whose age as of now is 51 years.

Cory during his scene in CSI: MIAMI.(Source: IMDb)
Rory is an avid traveler and a good chess player. He owns a ‘Ducati’ bike and loves partying and clubbing. One of his ‘Dazed and Confused’ co-stars once referred to him as a “loud, bawling Irish drinker.” Rory is known for improvising dialogues for his roles. He did that quite often for ‘Dazed and Confused.’ He prefers rehearsing his role with friends.

Rory Cochrane Family and Ethnicity 

Rory Cochrane was born on February 28, 1972, in New York, to Indian actor Nicki Cochrane. His father is of Irish ethnicity. Rory was just a few months old when his family moved from Syracuse, New York, to Cambridge in England. He lived there till he turned 8.
Rory grew up with his older brother, Brendan, and sister, Siobhan. After returning to the US, Rory pursued his higher studies in dramatics at the ‘LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts’ of ‘New York University.’ 

Rory Cochrane’s ethnicity includes Irish and Indian.

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