Ronald Llamas Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He? Wife

Ronald Llamas Wikipedia

Ronald Llamas wikipedia opens the door to explore the life of this mysterious political figure, a journey through his captivating story.

He is a political analyst known for criticizing Senator Bato Dela Rosa’s call to deport International Criminal Court (ICC) investigators.

Llamas points out the contradiction in urging the expulsion of international law enforcers while invoking international law.

Moreover, he strongly condemns the violation and emphasizes the inconsistency with the Supreme Court’s stance on ICC jurisdiction.

Llamas suggests considering the deportation of individuals facing charges in the United States. He is more into solving a problem with concrete solutions.

Ronald’s stance highlights his commitment to upholding international law and addressing contradictions in political discourse.

His criticism of the suggested deportation of ICC investigators reflects his advocacy for a consistent and lawful approach.

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Ronald Llamas Wikipedia

Ronald Llamas’s Wikipedia provides comprehensive information about his career.

He is a well-known Filipino activist who has played a significant role in the political landscape of the Philippines.

Ronald Llamas Wikipedia
Ronald Llamas is a famous political analyst and activist. (Source: Twitter)

Also, the activist was born and raised in Manila and has been a prominent figure in advocating for social justice and political reform.

Llamas served as the political advisor to the late President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino.

Moreover, he showed his influence and involvement at the highest levels of government.

His role as a political advisor involved providing counsel on political matters. Also, Ronald’s tenure coincided with the years 2011 to 2016.

During this period, the Philippines experienced various challenges. Llamas played a crucial role in shaping political strategies and policies.

Before his role in the Presidential advisory team, the advisor held the position of Cabinet Secretary. Also, he was the Presidential Adviser for Political affairs.

These roles highlighted his commitment to public service and governance.

Additionally, he served as a Board member for the Development Bank of the Philippines and the Philippine National Construction Company, showing his involvement in economic and infrastructure development.

Ronald Llamas Age: How Old Is He?

Ronald Llamas must be in his late 40s as of 2024. He has not revealed his age, maintaining a certain level of privacy.

Ronald Llamas Wikipedia
Ronald Llamas is an advocate and a politician. (Source:

Beyond governmental roles, Llamas is recognized for his dedication to activism and advocacy.

He was the founding President of the Akbayan Partylist from 1998 to 2010, a progressive political party focusing on social justice and democratic governance.

His involvement in various organizations, such as Hudyat and The Flame, during his time at the University of Santo Tomas indicates a long-standing commitment to journalism and the promotion of free speech.

As the chairman of Galahad Consulting Agency, the advocate continues contributing to the public and private sectors.

His extensive experience in politics and activism positions him as a valuable resource for strategic consulting.

Ronald Llamas Wife: Is He Married?

Ronald Llamas, a well-known political figure, has not publicly revealed his marital status, making information about his personal life, including his wife and children, not readily available.

Despite his age suggesting the likelihood of being a married man, it remains unclear whether he is currently married or perhaps a divorcee.

While there is a lack of information about the Filipino politician’s family life, there were past speculations about his relationship with Team PNoy senatorial candidate Risa Hontiveros.

However, Hontiveros firmly denied any romantic involvement with Llamas, asserting that they are colleagues from the political group Akbayan and not a couple.

Without concrete details about Mr. Llamas’s personal life, the public is left to speculate about his marital status and family background.

The emphasis remains on the fact that, as of available information, Ronald has chosen to keep his private life away from the public eye, leaving room for curiosity.

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