Is Stuart Varney Ill? What Happened To Stuart Varney On Fox News

Is Stuart Varney ill

Stuart A. Varney is an accomplished British-American talk show presenter and conservative political commentator. The famous host now takes over the critical market-open coverage with Varney & Co.

Varney presents news and breaks down the latest financial news and political headlines. Likewise, he works for Fox News and the Fox Business Network. 

Stuart served as a journalist before joining Fox News in January 2004. He served as a business contributor for the network.

The famous presenter was born on July 7, 1948. He hails from Derby, United Kingdom. 

He tied the knot with Deborah Varney in 1993. Regarding his children, he is the father of Jill Varney Meyer.

Additionally, Varney worked for a year in Nairobi, Kenya, before graduating. Likewise, he graduated from the London School of Economics.

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Is Stuart Varney Ill?

Contrary to a hoax circulating online, no evidence suggests that Stuart Varney is ill or reports declining health.

The talented host gained attention as a conservative political commentator working for the Fox Business Network.

However, Varney was highlighted as he spoke on Biden’s COVID diagnosis, saying, “We are successfully living with the virus” regarding the ongoing global pandemic.

Moreover, the British-American talk show host suggested in 2019 that former President Donald Trump had never lied to the American public in an interview on Varney & Co.

The claim has been “misconstrued” following at least 8 thousand falsehoods attributed to the former president in the first two years of his presidency.

Is Stuart Varney Ill
The political commentator appears to be in good health. (Source: The US Sun)

Now, speculation has arisen from a previous incident regarding Stuart Varney. 

However, the host appears healthy, actively participating in several projects and maintaining a visible presence.

Notably, Varney has been active in several political commentaries. 

The political commentator has also been observed on numerous television talk shows, reflecting a vibrant approach to the ongoing policy-making situation.

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What Happened To Stuart Varney On Fox News?

Distinguished for his blunt analysis and distinctive British tone, Stuart Varney recently switched to Fox Business Network, moderating the GOP primary discussion.

Likewise, Varney’s latest action-acclaimed transition from a CNN business anchor to a famous host on Fox News signaled a departure from earlier moderators.

The celebrated Fox News contributor recently grabbed attention for joining Dana Perino and Ilia Calderón as moderators.

Is Stuart Varney ill
The accomplished Fox News talk show host says, “It’s a bad time to be woke.” (Source: YouTube

Today, Stuart, the host known for his scathing remarks and distinctive British accent, continues to contribute to Fox Business Network.

As expected, Varney and Perino, being a dynamic combo, are expected to moderate the debate for Fox Business instead of Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo.

However, the network has not provided a clear explanation for the move. Varney’s track record as a conservative pundit implies a heated and straightforward discussion.

Unabashedly British-American host Stuart Varney expects to stir things up in the upcoming GOP primary discussion.

Reportedly, he started his journalism career with CNN in 1980, cementing his status as a promising young TV journalist.

Hence, his rise from CNN’s early move to becoming an emerging political commentator on Fox News is evidence of his flexibility and tenacity.

Stuart never hesitates to take guests on, as observed by his criticism of Lara Trump’s evaluation of Donald Trump’s campaign in 2024.

Currently, Varney expressed his opinions about the impending debate to shift the focus on the contenders’ personalities, accomplishments, and policies outside Trump.

As an accomplished television talk show host, Varney has landed numerous positions and is constantly improving himself. We wish the political commentator more success in the coming days.

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