Rochester Hills MI: Ava Smith Obituary Death Cause And Family

Ava Smith Obituary

According to the Ava Smith obituary, she tragically passed away in July 2023 due to unknown reasons. Read the article to find out about the case details.

Ava Isabel Smith was a 16-year-old resident of Rochester Hills, Michigan who passed away recently leaving the community mourning her loss.

She was the beloved daughter of Irvin and Amy Smith and the dear sister of Griffin Smith.

During her memorial service, family and friends gathered at Potere-Modetz Funeral Home in Rochester to remember and celebrate the beautiful memories she left behind.

Ava’s passing left a profound void in the hearts of her loved ones, but they found comfort in the love she shared and the impact she had on their lives.

Let’s read and explore Ava Smith obituary, death cause, and her family.

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Rochester Hills MI: Ava Smith Obituary And Death Cause

The community of Rochester Hills, Michigan, was deeply saddened by the untimely passing of Ava Isabel Smith on July 13, 2023.

At just 16 years old, Ava’s tragic death left her family, friends, and the local community in shock and mourning.

The news of her passing spread quickly, and many shared their condolences and memories of Ava on social media and obituary websites.

Ava Smith obituary reflects a life filled with love, resilience, and an unwavering passion for the community.

As of now, the exact cause of Ava’s death has not been publicly disclosed, as her family has chosen to keep the details private.

This decision is understandable, as they navigate through the difficult process of grieving and honoring their beloved daughter’s memory.

Ava Smith Obituary
Remembering Ava Smith, a beloved resident of Rochester Hills (Source: iStock)

According to Ava Smith obituary the local funeral home, Potere-Modetz Funeral Home, played a significant role in helping the community say their final goodbyes to Ava.

They hosted a visitation and funeral service on July 18, 2023, where friends and family gathered to pay their respects and support Ava’s grieving loved ones.

Her passing serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones.

Ava Smith obituary shows the community of Rochester Hills will undoubtedly remember Ava as a bright and kind soul who left a lasting impact on those she touched.

Ava Smith Family

The Smith family is grieving the loss of their beloved daughter, Ava Isabel Smith, who passed away at such a young age.

Ava’s parents, Irvin and Amy Smith, along with her dear brother, Griffin Smith, are at the heart of this deeply saddened family.

Ava’s parents have been described as loving and caring individuals who were devoted to their daughter’s happiness and well-being.

The loss of a child is unimaginable, and they are undoubtedly leaning on each other and their support network to navigate this difficult time.

Griffin Smith, Ava’s brother, shared a close bond with his sister.

Siblings often have a unique connection, and Griffin will likely hold onto cherished memories of their time together.

The family’s loss has undoubtedly impacted him profoundly, and he will need the support and love of his family during this time of grief.

Ava was also a cherished granddaughter of Susan Johnson (Don Collom) and the late Steven Johnson.

Ava Smith Obituary
Ava Smith family is mourning the loss of a beloved member (Source: iStock)

The loss of their granddaughter has undoubtedly left a void in their hearts, and they, too, are mourning the passing of this young soul.

The entire extended family is coming together to remember Ava and support each other through this period of mourning.

As they navigate through the grief and heartache, the Smith family is finding strength in the love and support of their community.

The outpouring of condolences and fond memories from friends and acquaintances serves as a testament to the impact Ava had on the lives of those around her.

The Smith family will undoubtedly carry her memory in their hearts forever.

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