20 Richest Wrestlers in the World

Richest Wrestlers In The World

Richest Wrestlers in the World!!!

Are you more of a fan of wrestle mania?

Do you often love spending your free time watching wrestlings and enjoying the show?

Whose names pop into your head when you are asked about your favorite wrestlers?

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Well, several wrestling personalities have won people’s hearts worldwide and earned a splendid amount of luxury throughout their wrestling careers.

Some of your favorite fighters may also come into the list of the world’s all-time top 20 richest wrestlers.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the article and check them!

Quick Overview

Name of Richest Wrestlers  Net Worth 
Eric Bischoff   $125 million
Maryse Ouellet   $14 million
Edge   $14 million
Bill Goldberg  $14 million
Jeff Jarrett   $15 million
Dave Bautista  $16 million
Big Show  $16 million
The Undertaker   $17 million
Shawn Michaels  $17 million
Mick Foley   $18 million
Chris Jerico  $18 million
Stacy Keibler  $25 million
Kurt Angle  $25 million
Hulk Hogan   $25 million
Steve Austin  $30 million
John Cena  $60 million
Triple H  $150 million
Stephanie McMahon $150 million
Dwayne Johnson  $400 million
Vince McMahon  $2 billion

Richest Wrestlers in the World 

The presented information and figures are gathered from various sources on the web, such as celebritynetworth.

20. Eric Bischoff

Net Worth: $125 million

Eric Bischoff is a professional American wrestler and multi-talented star.

Moreover, he is the on-screen General Manager of WWE Raw.

Cute Eric Bischoff (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Besides, he is also a television producer, online host, and entrepreneur.

At first, he officially debuted as a wrestler on WWE on September 25, 2006.

The charismatic fighter also served as Executive Producer and Senior Vice President of World Championship Wrestling.

Interesting Facts: Eric has a brewing company in Cody, Wyoming. Likewise, he is a former WCW hardcore champion.

From all of his diverse career fields, Bischoff has amassed a net worth of $125 million, making him one of the world’s richest wrestlers of all time.

19. Maryse Ouellet

Net Worth: $14 million

Maryse Ouellet is a Canadian- American pro wrestler, wrestling manager, actress, and glamour model.

Currently, she is signed to WWE under the ring name Maryse.

On August 24, 2007, Ouellet was officially signed to the WWE.

Maryse Ouellet
Maryse Ouellet (Source: Power Sportz Magazine)

The alluring WWE Diva Champion also appeared in the reality show Total Diva. Apart from her modeling, acting, and wrestling career, she’s also a realtor in California.

Besides, the luxurious lady is an entrepreneur of the House of Maryse clothing and jewelry line.

Through her multi- professionalism, Maryse Ouellet has amassed a total asset of $14 million.

18. Edge

Net Worth: $14 million

Edge is a Candian professional wrestler, actor and is currently signed in WWE Smackdown.

At first, he officially debuted as a wrestler on WWE in 1996.

On January 31, 2010, Edge won the Royal Rumble match at its pay-per-view event.

Edge (Source: Famous People)

Besides, he is also known as the prince of Wrestlemania.

Likewise, he is popular as the company’s all-time prolific pay-per-view performer.

Moreover, he has also served in the fantasy film Highlander: Endgame and WWE Studios Bending the Rules.

Hence, from all of his epic hardships in his career, Edge has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

17. Bill Goldberg

Net Worth: $14 million

Bill Goldberg is an American professional wrestler, social media star, and former football player.

He is well-known for his spectacular performances in World Championship Wrestling.

Bill Goldberg (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Besides, Goldberg started his wrestling journey on March 31, 2003, in WWE.

Apart from his wrestling career, Goldberg has earned abundant notes from serials, endorsements and ads.

As of 2024, Bill Goldberg has an estimated net worth of $14 million.

16. Jeff Jarrett

Net Worth: $15 million

Jeff Jarrett is an American third-generation wrestler and the promoter of wrestlings.

He officially debuted in WWF on August 9, 1992.

Jeff Jarrett (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Throughout his wrestling career, Jeff reigned over 81 championships of his lifetime.

Along his journey in Wrestlemania, Jarrett was entitled World Heavyweight Champion four times and NWA World Heavyweight Champion six times.

Interesting Facts: Jeff Jarret is a podcast host and currently a backstage producer of the WWE.

Thus, with his multi- professionalism, Jeff Jarrett has amassed a total asset of $15 million.

15. Dave Bautista

Net Worth: $16 million

Dave Bautista is a retired professional wrestler and renowned actor from Washington D.C.

He first started his wrestling career in WWE in 2000.

Under the ring name Bautista, he has gained huge fame after winning WWE Championship twice.

Dave Bautista (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Besides, he is also a four-time Heavyweight Champion.

After 19 years of his long journey, Bautista took a break from wrestling.

Moreover, Bautista is one of the highest-paid wrestlers of all time in WWE.

Apart from that, the rest of his income comes from his hit Marvel Studio movies Guardians of Galaxy and Avengers.

Throughout his career, Dave Bautista has amassed a net worth of $16 million.

14. Big Show

Net Worth: $16 million

Coming in the 14th rank of the world’s richest wrestler is none other than The Giant.

Big Show, renowned by his ring name, The Giant, is an American professional wrestler and actor.

He first started his wrestling career in WWE in 1999.

Big Show (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

During his journey in WWE, he won several gigantic titles such as the 12th Grand Slam, 24th Triple Crown, and the WWE Championship on a Survivor Series.

Interesting Facts: Apart from his wrestling career, The Giant earned big fortunes as an actor and a show host.

As of 2024, Big Show has an estimated net worth of $16 million.

13. The Undertaker

Net Worth: $17 million

Mark William Calaway, popular as The Undertaker, is a celebrated American pro wrestler.

He is the world’s most legendary wrestler with an estimated net worth of $17 million.

At first, he started his wrestling career in 1990 in World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

The Legendary Undertaker With His Killer Looks (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Moreover, his journey in WWF led him to become the most prominent star of the Attitude Era.

During his career, Undertaker also won seven world championships.

Interesting Facts: The most beloved move of The Undertaker is Streak, a 21 straight victories at WWE’s flagship annual event Wrestlemania.

All of his earnings come from his career as an astounding pro wrestler.

12. Shawn Michaels

Net Worth: $17 million

On the rank of 12 is a well-known face, Shawn Michaels, a retired pro wrestler from the USA.

Firstly, Michaels started his wrestling career in WWF in 1984. There, he gained popularity with his ring name Mr. Wrestlemania.

Shawn-Michaels-Godfather- Of-Wrestlemania
Shawn Michaels (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Besides, he was the winner of two-time WWE Hall of Fame, four-time World Champion, and a two-time Royal Rumble winner.

Interesting Facts: Beyond being a wrestler, Shawn is also an actor and a TV presenter. He hosts a podcast on The Steve Austin Show and Bubba the Love Sponge.

After four years of his journey as a wrestler, Michael took a break due to a back injury.

As the current ambassador of WWE, Shawn Michaels has amassed a total asset of $17 million.

11.  Mick Foley

Net Worth: $18 million

Mick Foley is a retired pro wrestler and a color commentator from New York.

He first started his wrestling career in WWE in 1983.

Moreover, Foley’s deranged mask-wearing psychopath persona intrigues all of his fans worldwide.

Similarly, he has won three WWF championships and TNA World Heavyweight Championships on his wrestling journey.

Mick Foley
Mick Foley (Source: WWE)

Besides, he also played for various wrestling associations such as WWE, UWF, CWA in his lifetime.

Intersting Facts: Apart from wrestling, he is also New York’s best-selling author of all time.Also, he has debuted in several TV and radio shows which include Deadbeats and Robot Wars.

With all these careers, Mick Foley has amassed a total asset of $18 million.

10. Chris Jericho

Net Worth: $18 million

On the tenth rank of the richest wrestler globally comes Chris Jericho.

Chris Jerico is a professional wrestler from Canada.

Chris Jericho (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Moreover, Chris first started his wrestling career on August 9, 1999, in WWE.

During his wrestling career, Chris won a six-time World Champion and WWE InternContinental Championship nine times.

Interesting Facts: Beyond a wrestler, Jericho is the lead singer of the heavy metal band Fozzy. Similarly, he also debuted on a Sci-Fi movie Android Apocalypse.

Throughout his career, Chris Jerico has amassed a total asset of $18 million.

9. Stacy Keibler

Net Worth: $25 million

Stacy Keibler is a retired professional wrestler, dancer, model, and former American cheerleader.

In 1998, Stacy started her first wrestling career in World Championship Wrestling as a part of the Nitro Girls.

Stacy Keibler (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

She rose to fame when she performed on World Championship Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Interesting Facts: Beyond wrestling career, Stacy has also debuted as a guest role in renowned shows such as How I Met Your Mother, Psych, and Chuck.

Besides, she is also a host for an online video gaming show, the Call of Duty ELITE.

Apart from that, Stacy is married to a multi-millionaire internet technology entrepreneur Jared Pobre.

Hence, with all these facts, Stacy Keibler has an estimated net worth of $25 million as of 2024.

8. Kurt Angle

Net Worth: $25 million

Kurt Angle is a retired American professional wrestler currently signed as a backstage producer of WWE.

Richest Wrestlers in the World- Kurt-Angle-Effectue-Un-Ankle-Lock
Kurt Angle (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

He first signed with the World Wrestling Federation(WWE) in 1998. Apart from that, Kurt is a versatile actor and Olympic gold medalist.

As of 2024, Kurt Angle has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

7. Hulk Hogan

Net Worth: $25 million

Hulk Hogan is a retired professional wrestler and a TV star.

At first, Hogan began his career as a professional wrestler in 1977.

Richest Wrestlers in the World- Stylish-Hulk-Hogan-With-His-Black-Sunglasses
Stylish Hulk Hogan (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In 1983, Hulk rose to fame when he debuted for World Wrestling Federation.

The retiring wrestler had a luxurious lifestyle. But in 2011, Hogan was almost bankrupt with his divorce from his ex-wife.

To earn a favorable income, Hogan began his career as a voice actor, a host of reality show contests, and also appeared as a cameo character on television.

Hogan has amassed a total asset of $25 million throughout his lifetime, getting a triumph over all these hardships.

6. Steve Austin

Net Worth: $30 million

Steve Austin, popularly known as Stone Cold, is a retired professional wrestler.

He first started his wrestling journey in WWF in 1995.

Richest Wrestlers in the World- Steve Austin
Steve Austin (Source: WWE)

After retiring in 2003, Austin began his acting and hosting career.

The dynamic persona has amassed a total asset of $30 million through his diverse professionalism.

5. John Cena

Net Worth: $60 million

John Cena is one of the iconic professional wrestlers from the US.

Firstly, he signed as a professional wrestler in WWE in 2001.

Richest Wrestlers in the World- John-Cena-At-A-WWE-House-Show
John Cena (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Later, he won the WWE Championship thirteen times.

Besides, Cena rose to fame from his phenomenal performance in movies such as Trainwreck, Ferdinand, and Bumblebee.

Likewise, he was awarded platinum for his debut rap album. You Can’t See Me.

The fifth richest wrestler of all time, John Cena has amassed a net worth of $60 million through his successful career.

4. Triple H

Net Worth: $150 million

Triple H is an American professional wrestler and WWE’s current Chief Operating Officer.

Richest Wrestlers in the World- Triple-H-WWE-Champion-2008
Triple H WWE (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Firstly, he signed to WWE in 1996. There, he got his stage name, Hunter Hearst Hemsley.

Moreover, Triple H also won noteworthy titles such as Second Grand Slam Champion and WWE’s seventh Triple Crown Champion.

Also, as Executive Vice- President of Talent and Live Events, Triple H has accumulated total assets of $150 million.

3. Stephanie McMahon

Net Worth: $150 million

Richest Wrestlers in the World- Stephanie-Mcmahon-At-The-Sports-Auditorium-Awards
Stephanie Mcmahon (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

With total assets of $150 million, Stephanie McMahon comes into the third position as the richest wrestler internationally.

Similarly, Stephanie is a retired professional wrestler from the USA.

Moreover, she is the heir of the CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon.

Besides, Stephanie is also serving as the Chief Brand Officer of WWE, where she is paid at least $2.2 million.

Interesting Facts: Stephaine McMahon is enjoying her lavishing lifestyle in a $40 million 10-acre property Conyers Farm with her husband, Triple H.

2. Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”

Net Worth: $400 million

With total assets of $400 million, Dwyane Johnson comes as the second richest wrestler of all time.

Dwayne Johson, officially known as The Rock, is one of the greatest former professional wrestlers in WWE. Besides, Dwayne is the most renowned actor internationally.

Richest Wrestlers in the World- Dwayne-Johnson's-Shiny-Smile
Dwayne Johnson’s Shiny Smile (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

He first started his wrestling journey from 1994 to 2004 in WWF.

During his wrestling career, he was a ten-time World Champion and WWE’s Sixth Triple Crown Champion.

Later, Dwayne debuted in several Hollywood movies.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, The Mummy Returns, Fast, and Furious are some of his beloved movies of all time.

Interesting Facts: The Rock earned 15% of his riches from his acting career.

Apart from acting, Johnson earns around Seven Figures royalties from his clothing and shoe merchandise.

1. Vince McMahon

Net Worth: $2 Billion

At the top-notch comes a billionaire, the godly CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon.

Besides, Vince was a former professional wrestler.

Later, he started his career as the executive of the WWE and American Football League. From which, he was able to amass a total asset of $2 billion.

Richest Wrestlers in the World- Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon (Source: FirstSportz)

The bountiful executive of WWE rides a $200 million Bentley Continental 2000 Model.

Interesting Facts: Vince has an annual revenue of  $3.9 million from the WWE.  Besides, he has a luxurious 10-acre Greenwich, Connecticut mansion worth $4o million dollars.

With his bright business and investment tactics, Vince was the successor to take WWF, co-founded by his father to the level of WWE universally at such astonishing sky-limit zenith.

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