Richard Rankin Girlfriend: Meet Cara Theobald Married Life And Age Gap

Richard Rankin

The mystery surrounding Richard Rankin’s love life has left fans speculating about the identity of his girlfriend. Who is the lucky lady that has captured his heart? Here is what you need to know about Richard Rankin Girlfriend.

Richard Rankin is a Scottish actor best known for his role as Roger MacKenzie in the TV series “Outlander”. Rankin joined the cast of “Outlander” in the second season and has been a recurring character since then.

Prior to his role in “Outlander,” Rankin appeared in various TV shows and films. Some of his notable credits include “Burnistoun,” “Silent Witness,” “The Crimson Field,” “From Darkness,” and “Thirteen.”

Rankin has also worked in theater, performing in productions such as “Black Watch” and “War Horse.” Rankin has gained more recognition and praise for his portrayal of Roger Wakefield in “Outlander.” 

Richard Rankin Girlfriend: Meet Cara Theobald

Rankin has been very private about his personal life and has not confirmed any romantic relationships publicly. However, there have been some rumors linking him to his co-stars in the past. 

Richard Rankin Girlfriend
Richard Rankin as Roger MacKenzie. (Source: Elle)

In 2015, he appeared in the BBC One drama The Syndicate, where he met actress Cara Theobold. The two were seen together at some events but never addressed their relationship status.

Another co-star who has been speculated to be Rankin’s girlfriend is Sophie Skelton, who plays his on-screen wife in Outlander.

The two have great chemistry on the show, but they seem to be just friends in real life. They often promote the show together and share playful banter on social media, but nothing more.

Rankin’s Instagram account does not reveal much about his dating life either. So, it seems that Rankin is either single or very good at keeping his love life under wraps. 

Maybe he will surprise his fans one day with a special announcement, or maybe he will continue to focus on his career and hobbies. Either way, he has a loyal fan base who supports him and loves him as Roger MacKenzie.

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Richard Rankin Married Life revealed

Richard Rankin has been very private about his romantic relationships and has not confirmed or denied any rumors about his romantic relationships.

He was once rumored to be dating his co-star Cara Theobold from the BBC series The Syndicate, but neither of them addressed the speculation. 

Richard Rankin
Richard Rankin at the premiere of Outlander with his cast members. (Source: Alamy)

Rankin seems to be very private about his personal life and does not share much on social media. He prefers to focus on his acting career and his hobbies, such as photography, singing, and playing guitar.

Rankin has even hosted an exhibition of his photos in New York in 2019. Rankin is a talented and versatile actor who has a lot of fans around the world, but he is not ready to reveal his romantic partner yet.

Richard Rankin Age Gap revealed

Richard Rankin has chosen to keep his romantic relationship status undisclosed, and he has neither confirmed nor denied any dating rumors or speculations. He values his privacy and has not shared much information regarding his past or current love interests.

Richard Rankin Girlfriend
Richard Rankin and Morven Christie at the BAFTA Awards. (Source: Outlander-online)

Rankin was born Richard Harris on 4 January 1983 in Glasgow, Scotland. He changed his name to Rankin, his mother’s maiden name, to avoid confusion with the famous Irish actor Richard Harris.

He initially studied computer science at Glasgow Caledonian University but switched to acting after a chance encounter with a film producer in Los Angeles.

Rankin started his professional career in 2006 by starring in VideoGaiden, a Scottish video game show on BBC Two Scotland. He has also appeared in other TV shows such as The Crimson Field, Silent Witness, The Syndicate, The Replacement, and Thirteen.

He has done some theater and film work as well, such as Burnt, The Wyrd, and Black Watch.

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