Marcel Marceau Wife – Is He Married? Kids And Relationship Timeline

Marcel Marceau

Marcel Marceau was a French Actor and mime artist, famous for his stage persona, “Bip the Clown”. People are anxious to know about Marcel Marceau wife along with his personal and professional life. Please read the article below to learn more about him.

Marcel Marceau is one of the most fabulous mimes in history and called mime the “art of silence.” He had been professionally performing his art worldwide for over 60 years. 

He had worked with the French Resistance, living and hiding during World War II. Marcel gave his first major performance to 3000 troops after the liberation of Paris in August. He survived the Nazi occupation during World War II and saved many children.

An interesting fact, he was born on March 22, 1923. If he were alive today, he would be celebrating his 1st century, i.e, 100th birthday, as of March 22, 2023.

Marcel Marceau Wife Is He Married

Marcel Marceau was married three times and had experienced several romantic relationships throughout his life. His first wife was Huguetter Mallet, with whom he had two sons, Michel and Baptiste. 

His second wife was Ella Jaroszewicz, but they had no children together. Marchel’s third wife was Anne Sicco, and they had two daughters named Camille and Aurelia.

The details of Marcel’s first wife, Huguetter Mallet and the relationship between them are not widely known, it is clear that they remained together through their children.

Similarly, his second wife, Ella Jaroszewicz, was a fellow artist and mime. They both shared a deep passion for their craft. However, the details of their relationship are not well publicized.

Lastly, his longest relationship was with his third wife, Anne Sicco, until Marcel’s death in 2007. 

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Marcel Marceau kids

Marcel Marceau had altogether of four children from his 3 marriages that he had. Two sons named Michel and Baptise from his first marriage to Huguetter Mallet and two daughters named Camille and Aurelia from his third marriage. However, he did not have any children with his second wife Ella Jaroszewicz

Marcel was a great father and was devoted to his children. He spent a significant amount of time with his children, despite being a demanded performer with limited time.

Marcel Marceau wife
Marcel Marceau in his mime look. (source: deutschlandfunkkultur)

According to some sources, Michel and Baptise followed their father’s footsteps and pursued their careers in the arts field. Micheal became a painter and a sculptor, while Baptiste became a great dancer and a choreographer.

Similarly, Camile and Aurelia are also involved in the arts, like their father. Camile became a singer and composer, while Aurelia chose and pursued her career as a photographer.

Marcel Marceau Relationship Timeline 

As mentioned earlier, Marcel Marceau has married three times his whole life. Marcel married Huguette Mallet in 1946, and they had two sons. However, they divorced in 1958.

According to biographers, Marcel’s busy schedule and artistic works often had a harmful impact on their marriage. Huguetter always felt neglected and frustrated by Marcel’s long absences, so they had to separate.

Likewise, he married his second wife, a fellow mime artist Ella Jaroszewicz in 1966. Their marriage was brief and childless, and they divorced in 1975. 

Marcel Marceau
Marcel Marceau posing with the world-famous entertainer Micheal Jackson. (source: theledger)

They performed together frequently, and Ella was a key figure in the growth of Marcel’s signature style of mime.

Marcel again married the third time with Anne Sicco, who served as his assistant and collaborator, in 1975. They had two daughters together.

Marcel and Anne were unmarried and were together with each other until Marcel died in 2007.

Together Marcel and Anne had traveled the world, performing for audiences in over 60 countries. Anne plays an important role in managing Marcel’s career, booking his performances, and serving as his spokesperson.

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