Ree Drummond Divorce With Ladd Drummond Reddit Drama Scandal

Ree Drummond Divorce

Ree Drummond divorce rumors are spreading across the internet, grabbing headlines. It seems she is caught up in another scandal that revolves around her marriage.

Ann Marie “Ree” Drummond, born on January 6, 1969, is an American Blogger, author, and TV personality. She gained fame through her blog, The Pioneer Woman.

Ree shared her life in rural Oklahoma through her blogs. Thanks to the blog’s success, she has had her TV show, The Pioneer Woman, on the Food Network since 2011.

Moreover, Anne is not just into TV; she has authored cookbooks, a children’s book, and an autobiography.

In 2015, Marie launched a line of home products like cookware, cutlery, and clothing. She made her TV debut on Throwdown! with Bobby Flay in 2010.

The Food Network announced in April 2011 that Ree would host her daytime series. It was going to premiere on August 27, 2011.

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Ree Drummond Divorce

Ree Drummond divorce rumors appear to be just a mere scandal. The star and her husband, Ladd, are still happily married.

Ree Drummond Divorce
Ree Drummond has happily married her lover, Ladd, for several years. (Source: People Magazine)

Furthermore, the couple celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary in September 2022. The author was expecting their first child; now, she is preparing for a colonoscopy.

In an Episcopal church ceremony, the duo tied the knot on September 21, 1996. Ree wore a classic white dress, and Ladd traded his jeans for a black Tuxedo with cowboy boots.

The wedding was a memorable moment. The TV personality’s brother sang “Elvira” during the reception.

Another highlight was Ree’s husband Ladd’s excitement as Arizona State, his alma mater, defeated Nebraska in football, the two-time defending national champions.

Ladd and his college friends spent much of the reception in the men’s locker room watching the game. Their wedding was one for history.

Despite the unique wedding memories, no news or indication of any divorce between Ree and Ladd Drummond exists.

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Ree Drummond Kids

After Ree and Ladd exchanged wedding rings, they fled to Australia for their honeymoon. Following a laid-back approach to family planning.

Ree Drummond Divorce
Ree Drummond shares five children with her lover, Ladd. (Source: People Magazine)

The pair welcomed their first child, Alex, about nine and a half months after their wedding. Paige came next in 1999, followed by their first son, Bryce, in 2022.

The youngest, Todd, completed the family in 2004. The Drummond family has been filled with happiness and triumphs.

Thinking their family was complete, Ree and Ladd’s perspective changed when they met Jamar. While fostering was not initially on their radar, Jamar’s situation led him to their doorstep.

Over a year and a half later, Jamar became a cherished part of their lives. Now, the Drummond kids aged 18 to 25 are nearly grown up, making the various chapters of the family’s journey.

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Ree Drummond Reddit Drama Scandal

Some people said on a  Food Network Reddit page that they do not enjoy watching “The Pioneer Woman” show.

Even though the person and his wife often watch Ree’s Food Network, seeing her particular show makes them upset.

Moreover, they think that the host, Mrs. Ree Drummond, acts like a stereotypical 1950s homemaker on the show. They find her unnecessary and cringe-worthy.

The person believes that Ree, being successful in real life, should show more confidence on the show. She should send messages to viewers in similar confidence.

Additionally, the viewers expressed that they do not like how Ree portrays herself as less intelligent in the show despite her past success in writing.

Also, The person who thinks her shows gives the wrong impression of the writer’s husband, Ladd’s role. The comments on the Reddit page show different opinions.

It is common in television for people like Ree to gain diverse opinions. However, The Pioneer Woman host is confident and kind in her way.

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