Johnny Joey Jones Children: Meet His Kids

Johnny Joey Jones Children

Johnny Joey Jones is a Marine Corps veteran who bravely served his country and now shares his wisdom on FOX News. But beyond the battlefield, he is a devoted dad to his three children.

Johnny Joey Jones is a military expert on FOX News, where he talks about important stuff like wars and what is happening in the world.

Moreover, Johnny fills in as a host on some of their popular show.

On top of that, he runs a show called FOX Nation Outdoors, where he talks about outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.

Joey is fearless because he was in the Marin Corps and reached the rank of staff sergeant.

But sadly, he got hurt badly in Afghanistan and lost both of his legs above the knees. 

Even though that was tough, Jones did not give up. Instead, he decided to help other veterans and their families.

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Johnny Joey Jones Children: Meet His Kids

Johnny Joey Jones’s children play a significant role in his life. The veteran has three wonderful children. 

Johnny Joey Jones Children
Johnny Joey Jones is a happily married man with kids. (Source: Instagram)

One is from his previous relationship, and he has two more with his wife, Meg. He loves them a lot and shows it in different ways. 

Being a dad is important to Jones. He holds his children close, hugs them tight, and ensures they feel safe and loved. 

Moreover, Joey enjoys spending time with them, especially during peaceful nights. He cherishes moments with his kids because they grow up so fast. 

Also, Johnny knows the importance of being there for them as they grow and learn. Even though life can be busy, he always makes time for his children.

The FOX News host shares pictures of them on social media, showing how much he adores his children.

Sometimes, he lets them wear funny things like a yellow jacket on their cheek, making memories they will cherish when they are older.

Johnny Joey Jones Wife

Meg Garrison is the wife of Joey Jones, a former Marine Corps.

She is a caring mother of four children, including two with her husband.

Johnny Joey Jones Children
Johnny Joey Jones’s wife and his daughter. (Source: Facebook)

Also, Mrs Garrison works as a Program Director for the Boot Campaign, a non-profit that helps military families. 

She is American, born and raised in Dalton, Georgia. Meg graduated from Dalton State College with a degree in early childhood education. 

Meg and Joey met in high school and reconnected after the news broadcaster’s injury in Afghanistan. They got married in a military wedding in 2012.

Mrs Meg stood by Jones’s side while recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

The duo works at the Boot Campaign, helping other veterans like themselves.

Johnny Joey Jones Married Life

Johnny Joey Jones and Meg’s married life is filled with love, support, and resilience. The two were high school friends who reunited in Afghanistan. 

Despite their challenges, the couple stood by each other’s side, growing stronger each year.

Their bond deepened when they became parents, cherishing every moment with their children. 

The pair shared the joys of parenthood and supported each other through the ups and downs of raising a family.

Through it all, Meg and Joey remained each other’s rock, providing unwavering support and care. 

Whether it was Joey’s recovery journey or Meg’s work as a Program Director, the two tackled life’s obstacles together, emerging more substantial as a couple.

Their marriage is evidence of love, resilience, and the power of standing by each other through thick and thin.

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