Olaf Scholz Eye Patch After Eye Injury: Accident And Nose Scar

Olaf Scholz Eye Patch

Olaf Scholz Eye Patch is making headlines that concern his supporters about his eye injury. Let’s look at the German chancellor’s accident news and nose scar.

Olaf Scholz is a famous chancellor from Germany. Likewise, he presumed the office in December 2021.

The German politician is a member of the social democratic party (SPD). Similarly, he has been a party member for a long time.

Scholz joined SPD’s youth branch when he was 17 years old. Similarly, he worked as a lawyer before he entered politics.

Scholz specializes in employment tax. Moreover, he led the SPD to victory in the 2011 Hamburg state election.

2015, Scholz formed a coalition with the Green Party to stay in the mayor’s power. Besides, SPD members chose him as a candidate for chancellor in 2021.

Moreover, Scholz has served in several government positions for decades. Hence, he has greatly benefited from his experience in various placements.

In addition, Scholz’s party won the majority seats in the Bundestag. So, he served as a chancellor, replacing Angela Merket.

Recently, Scholz had a minor accident while jogging. The accident caused some bruises on his face, including an eye patch look.

Scholz also had to cancel some appointments momentarily. Fortunately, the incident didn’t affect his schedule in the long run.

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Olaf Scholz Eye Patch After Eye Injury: Accident And Nose Scar

On Monday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tweeted a black eye patch picture of it in a pirate-style look. He also had dark-red bruises on the right side of his face. 

Reportedly, the chancellor had a jogging accident on the weekend. Scholz tweeted writing: 

I am excited to see the memes. Thanks for the well wishes. It looks worse than it is!

Scholz said it was a minor accident to deflect his followers from any possible worries regarding his health. It also appears to have been taken at the chancellery.

As per the sources, Scholz fell while jogging and sustained bruises to his face. Likewise, the incident prompted him to cancel some appointments.

Olaf Scholz Eye Patch
Olaf Scholz Eye Patch: The German chancellor dons an eye patch after a jogging accident. (Source: USA Today)

Scholz’s spokesperson, Steffen Hebestreit, told Berlin reporters he was doing well considering the circumstances. The report suggests: 

He was in quite a good mood that morning but still looked a bit battered. The photo was uploaded so that all can get used to how he will look in the next week or two.

Due to his injury, the German chancellor canceled appointments in the central Hesse region.

Similarly, Scholz fell in his hometown of Potsdam, 28 kilometers (17 miles) southwest of the German capital. Similarly, Olaf Scholz’s Eye Patch has become a fashion for his supporters. 

According to the politician, he tries to find time for jogging, rowing, and walking twice or thrice a week. Also, Scholz enjoys cycling.

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Meet Olaf Scholz Wife: Married Life

German politician Olaf Scholz is happily married to Britta Ernst. Reportedly, the married pair has no kids as of this writing.

The SPD chancellor tied the knot with Ernst several years ago. Scholz’s wife, Britta Erns, is also a politician and represents the SPD.

Olaf Scholz wife
Olaf Scholz Eye Patch: The German chancellor’s wife stepped down as Brandenburg’s education minister. (Source: Fox News)

Olaf and Britta are both actively involved in politics. They reside in Potsdam, near Berlin, where the pair are stationed.

Britta has focused on younger generation issues since 2017. Likewise, she has mainly focused on education and youth affairs.

Moreover, Ernst became the state minister for education, youth, and sports. She also served as the state minister since 2017.

In an interview, Scholz expressed his love for Britta Ernst. The German chancellor affectionately mentioned his wife as the only love of his life.

Additionally, Olaf emphasized his love remaining the same despite their challenging political roles.

Olaf and Britta have their roots in Hamburg. The married pair grew up in the region and began their political careers.

While Scholz pursued a career in national politics, his wife continued in local and regional politics. The two have a long-standing marriage and are still counting.

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