Randall Emmett Pedophile Accusations – True Or False? Cheating Scandal

Randall Emmett Pedophile Accusations

Randall Emmett pedophile accusations have been coming into the news as people are curiously searching for the information to be either true or false. 

Randall Emmett is an American television personality and film producer. Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films, the production business he chairs, was also founded with him.

The movies 2 Guns, Silence, Lone Survivor, and The Irishman were all produced by Emmett, who is best known for that role. He appeared in Vanderpump Rules’ eighth and ninth seasons on Bravo.

In 1995, Emmett began his career in Hollywood as Mark Wahlberg’s assistant. The two of them co-founded Emmett/Furla Films in 1998 after he later met George Furla.

E. M. Furla Oasis Ventures Entertainment, based in Dubai, joined the company in 2013, leading to the formation of Oasis Films (EFO).

The L.A. Times published a report on June 29, 2022, accusing Emmett of giving women movie roles in exchange for sex. 

The report also alleged that Emmett had slammed his ex-fiance to the ground after she tried to take his phone and had given a lady a settlement of $200,000 for inappropriate contact.

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Randall Emmett Pedophile Accusations – True Or False?

In a court document, Ambyr Childers asserted that the FBI is looking into Randall Emmett, her ex-husband, for “suspected child abuse and pedophilia.”

The startling claim was made by Childers, who has two small children with Emmett, in a signed declaration she included with a request for a domestic violence restraining order submitted to the Los Angeles Superior Court in late December.

The actress, 34, claimed in court documents acquired by Page Six that the film producer, 51, was “under FBI investigation for potential child abuse and pedophilia.”

Randall Emmett
Lala Kent Randall Emmett And Ambyr Childers Respectively (Source: People)

Emmett refuted the claim, telling Page Six, “the idea that I am is simply preposterous.” Neither the FBI nor anyone else is looking into me.

According to an article published by the Los Angeles Times, the FBI allegedly contacted three additional people regarding Emmett’s activities.

According to the L.A. Times, on December 22, a judge issued the actress a temporary restraining order requiring Emmett to keep 100 yards away from her. Aside from a “short and pleasant” talk concerning their girls, he is also not allowed to speak to her.

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Randall Emmett Cheating Scandal Details 

There are various rumors about Randall Emmett cheating scandals, as different women who used to work for him have come up about him abusing them in the workplace. 

The Times reports that multiple women have accused Emmett of inappropriate conduct in person or online. One aspiring actress claimed he told her to work as an actor with him, and she would “have to do sexual favors.” 

The producer allegedly had oral sex with her, massaged her, digitally penetrated her, and masturbated on her while she was nude in his office over three years. 

Emmett eventually agreed to pay her around $200,000 in a settlement deal (though he has denied doing so).

The Times also spoke with eleven of his former subordinates who claim he asked them to transport drugs, give cash to women, and charge thousands of dollars to their credit cards, among other things. Martin G’Blae, a former assistant, claimed that Randall “was different from being merely a harsh employer.”

Randall Emmett Children

In March 2021, the director had a daughter Ocean Kent Emmett with his ex-fiancée Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules.

London, Rylee, and Ocean Kent are the three children of Randall Emmett.

Randall Emmett
Randall Emmett Wit His Children (Source: Instagram)

His ex-wife, the actress Ambyr Childers, is the mother of Rylee and London, who was born to Emmett.

2009 saw Childers and Emmett’s wedding. The couple sought a divorce in April 2015, six years later, but the case was eventually dismissed.

According to TMZ, Childers filed for divorce after, and it was finally finalized in 2017.

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