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Ralph Lauren

A well-renowned fashion designer and billionaire business tycoon Ralph Lauren has a ginormous net worth of $8.2 billion.

Ralph Lauren is known for a global multi-billion-dollar enterprise Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Lauren was born Ralph Lifshitz on 14th October 1939 in The Bronx, New York, United States.

His parents were Ashkenazi Jewish immigrants from Pinsk, Belarus. Ralph had to change his surname to Lauren because of unfortunate implications in the English language.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren (Source: WWD)

The man sits on #128 on Forbes 400 2021 list.

In September 2015, Ralph stepped down as CEO of the corporation but remains chief creative officer and executive chairman.

Similarly, he is also one of the several fashion designers raised in a Jewish household in the Bronx, alongside Robert Denning and Calvin Klein.

Ralph Lauren | Quick Facts

Full Name Ralph Lifshitz
Net Worth $8.2 billion
Birth Date 14 October 1939
Known as Ralph Lauren
Age 84 Years Old
Birth Place The Bronx, New York, United States
Religion Ashkenazi Jewish
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Manhattan Talmudical Academy before transferring to DeWitt Clinton High School, Baruch College at the City University of New York
Zodiac Sign Libra
Father’s Name Frank Lifshitz
Mother’s Name Frydl Lifshitz
Siblings Jerry Lauren, George Poitras Lauren, Lenny Lifshitz, Thelma Fried
Height 5 ft. 5 in or 1.68 m or 168 cm
Weight 67 kg (148 lbs.)
Interests & Hobbies Fashion, Car Collection, Art Collection
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Hazel
Profession Fashion Designer, Philanthropist, Businessman
Active Years 1967-Present
Marital Status Married
Spouse Ricky Anne Loew-Beer (m. 1964)
Children Dylan Lauren, Andrew Lauren, David Lauren
Favorite Singer Frank Sinatra
Social Media InstagramTwitterFacebook
Last Update June 2024

Ralph Lauren Net Worth and Income

An American fashion designer, businessman, and philanthropist Ralph Lauren has an astounding net worth of $8.2 billion as of June 2024.

He is the founder of the Ralph Lauren Corporation, which has a market cap of a whopping $9.54 billion.

In 1994, Goldman Sachs purchased 28% stock of Ralph Lauren, which was worth $138 million.

Similarly, in 2010 he sold his shares of the company for $919 million.

Likewise, he earned about $204 million in 2012.

Besides the main brand Ralph Lauren Corporation has several other businesses under its belt including restaurants, and paint lines, among others.

Let’s check out the fluctuation in Ralph Lauren’s net worth over the years:

Year Net Worth
2021 $ 8.2 billion
2020 $8.2 billion
2014 $7.3 billion
2012 $7.5 billion
2011 $4.6 billion
2009 $4.2 billion
1990 $600 million

Ralph Lauren’s Net Worth in Different Currencies

Here’s Ralph Lauren’s net worth in some of the major currencies:

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 7.11 billion
Pound Sterling £ 6.08 billion
Australian Dollar A$ 11.09 billion
Canadian Dollar C$ 10.22 billion
Indian Rupee ₹ 608,738,890,000
BitCoin ฿ 133,757.74

Ralph Lauren | Houses, Cars & Private Jets


Business tycoon Ralph Lauren owns numerous real estates across the world. Ralph purchased a ranch in Colorado back in 1982 for $27.5 million.

Along with the Colorado ranch, Ralph owns five mood-altering homes, each with a different purpose.

Ralph Lauren's Residence
Ralph Lauren’s Residence (Source: Architectural Digest)

He has two houses in the Posh Round Hill resort near Montego Bay in Jamaica.

Similarly, he has an apartment in Manhattan and two gorgeous houses not far from one another; an estate in Bedford, about an hour north of New York City, and a beach house in Montauk in Long Island.


This is the real deal. Ralph is an avid car collector, and his collection at times has been showcased in New York Fashion Week.

The collection was valued at $350 million as of 2017.

The fashion industry giant owns a priceless collection of cars which is perhaps one of the premium car collections in the whole world.

Moreover, he has over 80 odd cars in his collection, most of which are housed in 273 acres 48,000 square feet estate in Katonah, New York.

Ralph Lauren Cars
Ralph Lauren’s Multi-Million Dollars Cars (Source: www.binbays.com)

His collection includes Bugattis, Alfa Romeos, Porsches, Jags, and Ferraris.

Some of the most expensive cars in his collection include Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe. You can’t really put a price on this car, but back in 2010, one out of three models was auctioned for a whopping $40 million.

And interestingly, Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe is not even the most expensive car in his collection.

He also has a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO in his possession, and you don’t even know what this means. It means that he has $70 million laying in wheels in his garage.

One of these Ferrari 250 GTO models was sold for an eye-watering $70 million in a private auction.

Private Jets

Ralph Lauren owns not one but two private jets in his possession.

Ralph purchased his first private jet Hawker back in 1982. The price of the plane starts from $5 million and can go hundreds of millions of dollars.

Similarly, another jet he owns is Gulfstream G650 which cost Ralph a staggering $65 million.

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Ralph Lauren | Lifestyle and Vacations


Ralph Lauren married Ricky Ann Low-Beer on 20th December 1967 in New York City.

The couple has been married with two sons and a daughter named David Lauren, Dylan Lauren, and Andrew Lauren.

David is an executive at the Ralph Lauren Corporation, while Andrew is a film producer and an actor.

Similarly, Ralph’s daughter is the owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar.

David married the granddaughter of former President of United States George W Bush.

Ralph stepped down as the CEO of Ralph Lauren Corporation in September of 2015, and Stefan Larsson took over the position.

 50th Anniversary of Establishment
Ralph Lauren’s 50th Anniversary of Establishment (Source: The New York Times)

Moreover, Ralph Lauren celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018 with an exceptional fashion show in New York City. Among the attendees were movie star Robert DeNiro, Hillary Clinton, Kanye West, and Opera Winfrey, among others.

Furthermore, Ralph Lauren likes jetting to exotic holiday destinations whenever he has time.

Whenever he feels like or is in a mood for a holiday, he does not have to look further than his own Colorado ranch.

Ralph Lauren | Charity

Fashion designer and businessman Ralph Lauren is pretty charitable and does not shy away from giving back.

Given the fact that how busy these people can get, it’s astonishing that he frequently takes his time off to help others in need.

Ralph does not like to be called a philanthropist because he does not like to show off his good deeds.

He co-founded Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research in memory of the late Post fashion correspondent in 1989 in Georgetown University Hospital, Washington D.C, United States.

Similarly, Ralph Lauren Corporation announced a $10 million commitment to support COVID-19 relief in 2020.

A total of $10 million was split among four non-profit organizations; Emergency Assistance Foundation, World health Organization COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, Pink Pony Fund, and CFDA’s A Common Thread initiative.

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Ralph Lauren | Businesses and Books


Ralph has been involved in countless businesses inside and outside of fashion.

He launched his first full menswear line in 1968 named ‘Polo.’

Eventually, after some time and pulling some strings, the department store Bloomingdale’s exclusively sold his line.

It was around 1969, and he continued expanding his offerings. He also launched a line of shirts for women with Polo player emblem in 1971.

He opened his first store in 1971 in Beverly Hills, California. His signature cotton mesh Polo shirt was launched in 1972 in more than 17 varieties of colors.

Apart from the line of apparel, Ralph branched out into the realm of fragrances in 1978. He launched his first Ralph Lauren fragrances at Bloomingdales the same year.

At this point, he was unstoppable and went international. He opened his first international store in the West End of London, England.

 His Early Business Days
Ralph Lauren in His Early Business Days (Source: Famous People)

The company continued to grow with more than ten lines and acquired brands including Lauren Ralph Lauren, Purple Label, and a paint line.

Apart from the flagship brand bearing his name, the company also has numerous mid-range lines, including American Living and Chaps, among others.

In addition to clothes and home goods, the company has been involved in several other sectors, including restaurants and bars.

RL Restaurant Chicago, the company’s first restaurant, was opened in 1999.

Some other restaurants under Ralph Lauren include Ralph’s Coffee opened in 2014 in New York City. Similarly, the Polo Bar opened in New York City in 2015, and Ralph’s opened in Paris in 2010

Moreover, the globally iconic luxury brand currently has over 150 stores across the globe and employee 18,250 individuals.

It has a yearly revenue of $6.182 billion with an average stock price of $127.54.


Ralph has co-authored a couple of books over the course of his career.

He launched his first book entitled Ralph Lauren, in which he candidly speaks about his art and himself. It also describes his Never-before-seen family and private life.

Ralph Lauren Book
Ralph Lauren (Source: Amazon)

Similarly, he released another book in 2019 entitled Untitled Autobiography.

The memoir shares the inside story of how he became the CEO of the globally recognized brand from a salesman.

Ralph Lauren | Career

Ralph Lauren went to Manhattan Talmudical Academy before transferring to DeWitt Clinton High School. He graduated high in 1957 and enrolled at Baruch College at the City University of New York.

However, he dropped out of college only after two years of studies.

After dropping out, he served in the United States Army from 1962 to 1965.

Polo Ralph Lauren
Polo Ralph Lauren (Source: LogoMyWay)

After the army, Ralph worked at Brooks Brothers as a sales assistant and a tile salesman.

Nonetheless, while working as a sales assistant for manufacturer Beau Brummell, Ralph convinced the company’s president to let him start his line of ties.

As of June 2024, Ralph Lauren’s net worth is $8.2 billion.

 Unknown Facts About Ralph Lauren

  • Interestingly, one of Bloomingdale’s buyers once asked Ralph Lauren to take his name off his ties and put Sutton East, their private label instead.
  • Ralph sold his line of ties to small shops in New York City. However, the major turning point occurred when he was approached by Neiman Marcus, who purchased 1,200 of them.
  • He has stated that Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy, and Cary Grant are his major influences.


Is Ralph Lauren a luxury brand?

Ralph Lauren used to be known as a luxury brand before it introduced different sub-labels, which diluted the brands’ prestige.

Does Nestle own Ralph Lauren?

Nestle owns Ralph Lauren along with several other luxury brands.

Is Ralph Lauren made in China?

Yes, some of Ralph Lauren’s offerings are produced in China. Reportedly, 50% of the company’s shirts are made in China, with others being manufactured in countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Sir Lanka, and Pakistan.

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