Morgan Freeman Net Worth: Career & Charity

The American actor & director, narrator, screenwriter, and producer Morgan Freeman has an astounding net worth of $285 million.

He is widely renowned for his character as Ellis Boyd Redding, aka Red, in The Shawshank Redemption movie.

Morgan Freeman

Freeman is regarded as the best narrator of all time who has narrated hit series such as Through the Wormhole, Cosmic Voyage, and many more.

Moreover, Morgan has been in the Hollywood industry for over six decades, beginning his career in 1964.

Freeman has won three Academy Awards as best actor for his blockbuster movies including The Shawshank Redemption, Driving Miss Daisy, and Invictus.

In addition, Freeman earned a couple of Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor for the Street Smart and Million Dollar Baby.

Quick Facts

Born Name Morgan Freeman
Celebrated Name Morgan Freeman
Nickname Red
Date of Birth June 1, 1937
Age  86  Years Old
Country of Origin United States of America
Birth Place/City Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America
Religion Roman Catholic
Profession Actor, Narrator, Director, Executive Producer, Screenwriter, Philanthropist, and Businessman
Years Active 1964 to present
Net Worth $285 million
High School Broad Street High School
Gender Male
Height In feet: 6 feet 2 inch
In meters: 1.88 m
Weight In kilograms: 79 kg
In pounds: 174 lbs
Body Type/Build Slim
Military Allegiance United States of America
Service The United States Air Force
Years of Service From 1955 to 1959
Shoe Size 10 (US) or 7.5 (UK) or 42 (EU)
Distinctive Feature
White Hair & Beard
Favorite Movie
Rob RRiner’sThe Magic of Belle Isle
Hair Color White
Eye Color Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Race/Ethnicity African  American
Current Residence Clarksdale, Mississippi, United States
Father’s Name Morgan Porterfield Freeman
Mother’s Name Mayme Edna Revere
Siblings Three elder siblings
Marital Status Unmarried
Past Marriage
  • Jeanette Adair Bradshaw (m 1967 to 1979)
  • Myrna Colley Lee (m. 1984 to 2010)
  • One son (Alfonso Freeman)
  • Three daughters (Deena Freeman, Morgana Freeman, Saifoulaye Freeman )
Ex-Girlfriend Debbi Allen, Rita Moreno, Demaris Meyer, Loletha Adkins
Hobbies Watching movies, Reading Books, Watching sports, Playing Golf and Traveling
Awards and Achievements
  • 64 wins
  • 82 nominations
Most Notable Work The Shawshank Redemption, The Batman Trilogy, Through the Wormhole
Social Media InstagramTwitter, Facebook
Last Update April 2024

Morgan Freeman | Net Worth & Income

As of 2024, American actor, director & executive producer Morgan Freeman has an estimated net worth of $285 million.

Freeman earned this enormous fortune mostly from his career as an actor & director.

Morgan makes around over $10 million per film as of this writing.

With the fame, reputation, and most importantly for his outstanding performances, this figure of salary for movies seems quite low.

Additionally, The Shawshank Redemption grossed a box office of $58.3 million in 1994, for which Freeman received around $2 million.

Moreover, he has featured and produced numerous hit movies, including 5 Flights Up, Along with Came a Spider, Levity, and 10 Items or Less.

Not to mention, Morgan earned over $10 million for a role as actor and executive producer from 2009’s blockbuster drama movie Invictus.

The American actor Freeman received a handsome salary from the Hollywood sports drama movie Million Dollar Baby that grossed over $216 million.

Meanwhile, he has launched his own production company banner, Revelations Entertainment, and released numerous movies and television series.

Apart from his movie career, he has added up to his fortune as the narrator of Through The Wormhole, Stem Cell Universe with Stephen Hawking, and many more documentaries.

In addition, Freeman has estimated earning of $10 million from his slew of productive investments and endorsement deals with several brands and companies.

To sum up, Visa company pays him over $1 million each year for the endorsement deal.

Net Worth of Morgan Freeman in Different Currencies

Let’s check out the African American actor, narrator, producer, director Morgan Freeman’s net worth in several major currencies, including the cryptocurrency BitCoin. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 246,580,575
Pound Sterling £ 209,738,625
Australian Dollar A$ 391,040,235
Canadian Dollar C$ 358,589,850
Indian Rupee ₹ 21,371,437,500
BitCoin ฿ 5,281

Morgan Freeman | Lifestyle & Vacations


Morgan Freeman was born in a working-class family who lived in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America; he was born on June 1, 1937

He lost his father to cirrhosis while he was 21 years old.

Not to mention the veteran actor Morgan Freeman grew up alongside his three siblings.

In addition, Morgan got his high school degree from Broad Street High School in 1955.

Even though he had a chance to go to college at Jackson State University, he opted to join US Air Force following his high school graduation.

Morgan Freeman’s Picture During US Air Force

As a result, Morgan got selected in US Air Force as Automatic Tracking Radar Repairman, and after a few years of service, he was promoted to Airman First Class.

After five years in service of the United States Air Force, Morgan Freeman joined Pasadena Playhouse residing in Los Angeles, California.

Nevertheless, he quickly got into the system and started performing in plays as well as began a dance career as well.

Fitness Routines

Furthermore, the veteran actor Freeman follows a strenuous daily routine diet as well as exercises.

Morgan begins his day early by waking up at six in the morning.

Soon after he wakes up, he sits for meditation and light exercises to kickstart his day.

Freeman’s daily fitness plans these days are mostly morning walk in the neighborhood.

Besides, Freeman also does yoga every day, and these light exercises and yoga have kept Morgan Freeman healthy and energetic.

Aside from exercises, the veteran actor Freeman has a stringent diet that contains green vegetables, including his favorite broccoli and spinach.

However, Freeman has totally cut off devouring heavy and unhealthy foods such as cheeseburgers, smoked ribs, and steaks.

No wonder the old man looks fit as a fiddle even at the age of years old.


The American actor, narrator, director Morgan Freeman is a fun-loving person who enjoys outings with colleagues.

Further, Morgan often spends time with his family.

Unfortunately, the growing age has held him back from traveling long distances; however, during his peak days, he used to travel a lot.

As a matter of fact, he visited a number of countries during the shooting of his show called The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.

Moreover, the veteran actor Freeman has stated his trip to developing Asian country Nepal was the most memorable in his lifetime.

Morgan Freeman | Houses, Cars & Private Jet

House in Clarksdale, Mississippi

Freeman purchased a stunning mansion in Clarksdale, Mississippi, which is also his current abode.

The property spans over 12 acres of land.

Not to mention, Freeman’s mansion has a large front yard with the lake surrounding the property.

Aerial View of Morgan Freeman’s mansion

Moreover, this house has more than ten bedrooms and nine baths with several powder rooms.

In fact, the additional features of this house include a couple of indoor pools, a spacious home theater, a fitness room, and a jacuzzi.

In addition, it has majestic rooms fully equipped with luxurious amenities for guests and visitors.


First and foremost, Freeman owns a stunning vintage car.

It is one of the best classic cars of all time, and it is non-other than the 1966 Ford Mustang GT 350

The starting market price of this fascinating vintage vehicle is $140,000, which can rise up to $170,000.

In addition to his, Mustang Freeman owns an amazing sports car, 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Indiana Polos.

Furthermore, Morgan Freeman bought this majestic car for the price of $20,000.

Morgan Freeman Net Worth
Morgan Freeman Pictured in his Car

Last but not least, Freeman owns an environment-friendly automobile, Tesla Model X.

The starting market price of this fascinating Tesla model X vehicle is $89,990.

As a matter of fact, Morgan Freeman is a good friend to the CEO of this Tesla company, Elon Musk.

In addition to electric and sports cars, the American actor has one of the best SUV car collections as well.

Private Jet

Freeman uses his N30 GZ private Jet to travel from place to place.

He bought this jet for the sumptuous price of $7 million.

Morgan Freeman’s Private Jet

Considering the amenities and specifications of the jet, the $7 million price tag for this jet is quite reasonable.

Morgan Freeman | Movies, Investment, & Endorsement


The famous actor & director Morgan Freeman has acted, narrated, produced, and directed numerous blockbusters, Hollywood movies, and TV series.

He is recognized as a multi-talented person and is also regarded as the best narrator of all time.

According to IMDB, Freeman has over 150 credits in total, including 139 credits as an actor and two credits as a director.

To sum up, Freeman is currently working on a number of films, including the Muti in which we will see him as in the character of Professor Mackles.


Morgan Freeman is quite an astute guy who has worked for over six decades in the show business.

Freeman has invested his money to establish his own production company to enhance his fortune further.

Moreover, the veteran actor has named the company Revelations Entertainment.

Morgan Freeman Net Worth
Revelations Entertainment

Revelation Entertainment production company has been operating well since its establishment in 1996.

Not to add that, he commenced this production firm with his friend Lori McCreary.

As a matter of fact, the duo started this company with the purpose of revealing the truth about nature with exquisite art and integrity.

Nevertheless, this production company has released numerous hit documentaries and shows, including Through the Wormhole and The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.

Other than that, the veteran actor Morgan Freeman is co-owner of several companies, including Ground Zero Blues Club.

Endorsement Deals

The American actor Morgan Freeman hardly needs any endorsement deals from other companies since he has a net worth of $285 million.

However, he has signed an endorsement deal with a few companies and firms.

He endorsed a financial services company, VISA.

As a matter of fact, the veteran actor earned around $1 to $2 million from his VISA endorsement.

Other than that, he has endorsed the media service and production company Netflix.

Besides, he has most recently appeared in the promo video for Dave Chappelle’s upcoming Netflix original show called Dave Chappelle: The Closer.

To sum up, the actor & director Morgan Freeman has estimated earnings of around $4 million from his lucrative endorsement deal.

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Morgan Freeman | Career

Early Career

Morgan Freeman began his career as an actor in the drama movie The Pawnbroker in 1965

Later in the following year, he appeared in the Off-Broadway alongside Viveca Lindfors in the show called The Nigger Lovers.

Further, in 1968 Freeman acted in numerous theater plays relating to the American Civil Rights Movement.

Morgan Freeman Net Worth
Morgan Freeman in the Electric Company show

He gained a little fame from an American drama film entitled The Street Smart, released in 1987.

Morgan Freeman earned his first-ever Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor from 1989’s movie entitled Driving Miss Daisy.

His career’s major breakthrough came in 1994 as the character of Red in one of the greatest movies of all time, entitled The Shawshank Redemption.

He even garnered the Academy Award as the Best Actor for the movie, Shawshank Redemption

Morgan Freeman Net Worth
Freeman as Ellis Boyd Redding in the Shawshank Redemption

Following a series of successful movies, he appeared in yet another blockbuster movie, Seven, in 1995.

To sum it up, the veteran actor Morgan Freeman has acted in numerous other movies, including Oblivion (2013), Lucy (2014), Momentum (2015), Princess of the Row (2019), Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (2021)

Morgan Freeman | Charity

Freeman has participated in a number of charitable organizations in order to uplift the living of people.

He is involved in the 21st Century Leader.

Not to mention, it is one of the charity organizations established with the goal of natural environment conservation and sustainable development.

In addition, the foundation also organizes different awareness programs and clean-up programs.

Evidently, the veteran actor Freeman has been an active member of a non-profit organization called 46664.

It is a foundation established by a group of musicians from all over the world in honor of South African hero Nelson Mandela.

Morgan is also a member of a non-profit organization called the American Red Cross that responds to any unprecedented incident such as flood and pandemics.

Besides, he has also supported the Artists for a New South Africa.

Nevertheless, the five-time Grammy winner Morgan made an undisclosed donation to the victim of Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

In addition, he contributed the donation through Grenada Relief Fund.

Likewise, Morgan Freeman has donated to several other non-profit organizations, for instance, Mississippi Horse Park.

Last but not least, American actor and director Morgan Freeman narrated an awareness video during the United Nations climate summit.

Some Interesting Facts About Morgan Freeman

  • The American actor, narrator, director Morgan Freeman held the Academy Awards record as the first African American ever to win Academy Award.
  • Besides acting, Freeman is also a talented golf player. In fact, he is the first American person to hit a stroke and score in the Extreme 19th event at the Legend Golf & Safari Resort in South Africa.


Is Morgan Freeman married?

Sadly the American actor Morgan Freeman is living a single life as an elderly; however, he was married twice; firstly, he was married to Jeanette Adair Bradshaw from 1967 to 1979 and then with Myrna Colley Lee from 1984 to 2010.

How many Academy Awards has Morgan Freeman won?

The veteran actor Morgan Freeman has won the Academy Award five times; out of five, he won 3 as Bes actor wheres two as Best Supporting actor.

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