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Alec Baldwin

One of the most successful American actors, film producers, comics, and political activists, Alec Baldwin’s net worth is $65 million as of 2021.

Alec Baldwin is considered one of the most respectable and highly-regarded figures in the world of acting.

Alec Bladwin
Alec Baldwin (Source: myRepublica – Nagarik Network)

Winner of numerous awards, Baldwin has collected a spectacular range of credits from film productions and Television shows.

Having contributed to showbiz in significant ways, Baldwin has amassed a staggering fortune of $65 million during his career.

Early Life

Alec Baldwin, originally Alexander Rae Baldwin the third, was born on 3rd April 1958 in Massapequa, New York.

His father, Alexander Baldwin, was a public school teacher, and his mother, Carl M. Baldwin, a breast cancer survivor who devoted her life to finding a treatment for breast cancer.

Alec Baldwin has two sisters and four brothers who are also into show business. He is the eldest of all the Baldwin brothers.

They were all raised in a Roman Catholic family. It is said that Baldwin’s are one of the oldest European families in America who are direct descendants from Mayflower Passengers.

Alec and his siblings are of English, Irish, Scottish, French-Canadian, and German ancestry.

Alec Baldwin became and passionate about becoming a football player while he was in high school.

Before studying acting in Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, he attended George Washington University.

He studied acting together with other future acting legends at Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. In 1994 Alec earned his Bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

He was also accepted into a well-known organization for actors in the New York City Actors Studio.

Quick Facts

Born Name Alexander Rae Baldwin
Nickname Xandy
Date of Birth 3rd April 1958
Height 6 feet
Age 65 years old
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Massapequa, New York, United States
Brother Stephen Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin, William Baldwin
Profession Actor and Producer
Net Worth $65 Million
Social Media Instagram
Shoe Size 12 (US)
Weight 200 pounds
Hair color Blonde
Hair type Straight
Distinct feature Eye color (Blue)
Years Active 1980- Present
Last Update November, 2023

Alec Baldwin Net Worth and Income

Alec Baldwin has been blessed with numerous movies which have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars in the box office.

It’s not just luck, but years of hard work have really paid off by contributing to his net worth. Alec Baldwin is one of the most successful actors/producers in Hollywood.

Baldwin reportedly took home $3 00,000 per episode and was in all 138 episodes. He made a total of $41.4 million from the show alone.

The creator of Saturday Night Live has given an offer to Baldwin that he can host the show as many times as he likes or at least whenever his schedule permits.

Besides appearing in movies himself, Baldwin gives voice-over to the animated characters.

He has lent his voice in numerous successful animated movies as well as television shows.

The most successful animated movie that he lends his voice to is Boss Baby, which grossed over half-billion dollars at the box office.

Here are some of his notable earnings over the years:

Year Earning
1991 $1.5 Million
1992 $2,50,000
1996 $10.5 Million
2009 $8.5 Million
2010 $8.5 Million
2011 $32.9 Million
2012 $15 Million
2013 $8 Million
2015 $2.1 Million
2020 $5 Million

From the movie Ghost of Mississippi, he made $5.5Million. From his role in the movie Heaven’s Prisoners, he made $5 million, and he made $.15 Million from the movie Marrying Man.

Furthermore, Alec Baldwin has multiple income sources, including Film Producing, Writing, and Political Activism.

Alec Baldwin is credited with 22 movies and film series as a producer. He was both actor and producer in 30 Rock.

Over the years, the star has been seen on numerous TV commercials for well-known companies.

Big names come with big paychecks. Baldwin has made a hefty sum by appearing in TV commercials.

Alec Baldwin is a Democrat and a huge supporter of Joe Biden. But in Saturday Night live, he portrayed Donald Trump.

Every time he appeared as Donald Trump in SNL, he was paid $1,400. He is the only star who has hosted this show 17 times over the years.

Alec Baldwin SNL
Alec Baldwin SNL

He has won the Emmy award for his portrayal of Donald Trump.

Similarly, the actor has been able to make a huge profit from his real estate sales.

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Alec Baldwin House, Cars & Yacht & watches


Upper West-side El Dorado Apartment, New York (Annex Apartment)

Alec repurchased this one-bedroom apartment in 1991. Emery-Roth designed the building where this apartment resides. Before Alec bought this apartment, some of the most renowned Hollywood celebs and singers have called it home, such as Bruce wills, Bono. This one-bedroom apartment has a large living space, eat-in kitchen, and hardwood floors.

Alec sold this apartment in May 2017 for $1.25 Million.

Devonshire, New York Penthouse (Current Market Value $11.7 Million)

This one-of-a-kind duplex penthouse boasts 4,137 square feet of living space with a spacious dining room, two master bedroom suites, and a fireplace. Baldwin purchased this apartment for $1.3 million. He owns two apartments in the same building. 

East Hampton Farmhouse (Current Residence)

Lately, Baldwin wants to spend his time with his wife Hilaria Baldwin and his children in East Hamptons Farmhouse.

This house had been home for the actor from 1982. He used to rent the place but later in 1995, and he bought it for an undisclosed amount.

After the power couple bought the place, they renovated it to give it a more modern family touch.

Alec Baldwin East Hampton House
Alec Baldwin East Hampton House

This house was originally built in 1753, but in 1913 architect Joseph Greenleaf Thorp remodeled it.

The beachfront property has a gorgeous walkway around the house, a large swimming pool in the back, a wooden floor kitchen, and huge master bedroom for the couple, a backyard with a hammock for lazy and boring days, and a master bathroom.

These are, of course, the most basic features of the property. There are lots of luxurious amenities in the house.


Classic BMW

This is one of the many cars of Baldwin. It’s a collector car that costs tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s a four-door vehicle equipped with luxurious features.

Alec Baldwin in his classis BMW
Alec Baldwin in his classic BMW

Range Rover Sport

A luxury SUV and a symbol of success. This SUV costs ranges from $69,000 to $1, 20,000.

Other cars in his garage include Cadillac Escalade, which costs around $1 00,000, Mercedes Benz E Class which costs around $70,000.

Likewise, the star has been in multiple other vehicles like Honda and other luxuries SUV.


Besides spending his millions of dollars in luxury cars and lavish houses, Baldwin has a timepiece collection that reveals that he is indeed a man of taste and versatility.

When it comes to watches, the man does not compromise and has an impressive collection of different brands.

The first watch in the collection is an octagonal-shaped Bulgari Octo with a black dial and leather strap. The price of this elegant timepiece ranges from $5,000 to $1 77,000.

Next in the collection is Breitling. Baldwin owns 42mmSuperocean Heritage dive with a mesh bracelet. This watch costs $4,750.

Similarly, he owns Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Galapagos Islands with a 45mm stainless case with a rubber coating and rubber strap. This watch comes with a sticker price of $10,600.

Likewise, Baldwin also owns a limited edition JLC Master Memovox Boutique Edition. Only 500 of these have been made, and our star owns one.

This limited-edition timepiece comes with a worldwide sticker price of $11,700.

The list goes on and on. One of the other watches he owns is Bermont Chronograph which costs $4,399. No watch collection is ever complete if you don’t throw a couple of Rolexes in them.

Alec Baldwin Gold Rolex
Alec Baldwin Gold Rolex

Lastly, he has been spotted with Gold Rolex Day-Date, which costs a whopping $1 10,000, making it the most expensive watch in his collection.

Alec Baldwin Lifestyle and Vacations

Alec Baldwin loves to take a break from his busy life and enjoy the time off with his wife and children in some of the best holiday spots. The family has been spotted in places like Disney Land.

The power couple Alec and Hilaria also went on a vacation to Italy. Alec experiencing Italian culture while on a break from shooting Mission Impossible -5 with Tom Cruise.

Three of the Baldwin Alec, Hilaria, and little girl Carmen in the eternal city doing all the touristy things the Spanish step, Piazza del Popolo.

Alec Baldwin with wife and daughter in Italy
Alec Baldwin with wife and daughter in Italy

Just as lavish and his vacations are, Baldwin is picky in the clothes and accessories he wears.

From Armani to Cerruti and Cerruti to Zenga, he has a great taste in clothes and fashion. These days he prefers Zenga tux for occasions. Zenga suit costs $22,000-$28,000.

What good are you if you wear a $28,000 Zenga tux and not smell nice? The star has got great taste in cologne as well.  In terms of Cologne, he picks Annick Goutal Perfume, Bvlgari Eau Perfume, and Guerlain Habit Rouge.


Baldwin has been seen in different charity events and causes. He has been a part of 29 charity works and supports 25 causes.

Cancer Research Institute.

Carol M. Baldwin Cancer Research Fund

Mercy for Animals

Make it Right

Besides all that, Baldwin has been seen in several commercials for Capital One.

The proceeds from the promotion go straight to the Arts organization. $14 million has been donated to his charity foundation as written in contract while acting as a speaker for Capital One.

Baldwin has also made a huge donation of $1 Million to the New York Philharmonic. Likewise, he donated $5 00,000 to Roundabout Theater Company. He has performed in this theater for few times.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements & Book Publications

Academy award-nominated actor Alec Baldwin has been a part of Hollywood for a very long time and is still keeping up.

He has been nominated for awards 110 times, and 46 times he has been lucky to win one.

His most famous and high grossing movie includes The Departed, It’s Complicated, The cooler, and Glengarry Glen Ross.

He has also been a part of billion dollars franchises such as Mission Impossible and Boss baby.

Alec Baldwin did his biggest role in the 2001 movie Pearl Harbor which grossed $450 million at the box office.

Baldwin in Movie Peral Harbor
Baldwin in Movie Peral Harbor

His role in the the2004 movie directed by Martin Scorsese the Aviator has been well acknowledged. He is not famous for his acting but also voice-over.

The most applauded voice-over done by the star includes Spongebob Squarepants movie,  Madagascar: Escape to Africa, and Boss baby.

2006 hit the departed, directed by Martin Scorsese, and co-starring actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholas, and Mark Walberg also did well in the box office.

Moreover, Alec Baldwin won two Emmys from the television series 30 Rock. He has lent his voice to numerous documentaries and Video games. All of these works of the star have contributed to his net worth.

Baldwin has invested in multiple real estate over the years, which would make him a hefty profit in the future.

Baldwin has also been into frequent controversy. One of the controversies even made him drop an endorsement deal.


Alec Baldwin has authored multiple bestsellers during his career. Here are some of the books written by the star.

A promise to ourselves, you cannot spell America without me, nevertheless: A memoir, Guide Hall For all, For the Love of Classical Music.

His memoir nevertheless made it to New York bestseller.


Emmy winner actor Alec Baldwin began his acting career with the soap opera The Doctors.

He also appeared in two episodes of 90s hit sitcom Friends. He starred in the mini-series Dress Gray.

Early Career of the star
Early Career of the star

From Saturday Night live hosting to co-starring with finest actors like Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, and from television shows to working with one of the best directors in the history of Hollywood, Martin Scorsese, Mr. Baldwin has done it all.

The career of the actor really took off when he was signed to the Television series 30 Rock.

In 1993 Baldwin married Kim Basinger, an actress, but in 2002 they got divorced. In 2012 Baldwin married Yoga Instructor Hilaria Thomas.

Three Facts about Alec Baldwin

  • Alec Baldwin had been listed among “100 Sexiest Stars.”
  • Baldwin has a total of six kids.
  • Alec Baldwin learned to control a submarine while planning his part in the film “The Hunt for Red October.”


Which was the first hit movie of Alec Baldwin as per the box office collection?

His horror-comedy film Beetlejuice proved to be his first hit as per the box office collection.

Who is Alec Baldwin’s first wife?

Alec Baldwin’s first wife is Actress Kim Basinger. They got divorced in 2002.

What jobs did Alec Baldwin do before acting?

Baldwin once worked as a busboy.

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