Olivia Utley Husband Mike Dunnet Stone, Married Life And Kids

Olivia Utley Husband

Who Is Olivia Utley Husband? The journalist is happily married to her husband, Mike Dunnet Stone. Each year, their love and respect for each other has increased.

Olivia Utley is a journalist who knows her way around politics. She used to be the news editor at a place called Reaction.

Olivia has worked in prominent newspapers like The Times, The Telegraph, and City AM. Additionally, she worked for CapX, Reaction, the Sun, and Standpoint.

Utley is not just a writer, though she appears on the BBC and Sky News. She gives her thoughts on what is in the papers.

Before her gig at the Telegraph, Olivia was the deputy editor at The Article. She is currently a political correspondent at GBC News.

Also, She is an Assistant Comment Editor at The Telegraph. She is in charge of picking out stories for Boisdale Life magazine.

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Meet Olivia Utley Husband

Olivia Utley Husband is Mr. Mike Dunnett Stone. She married her long-term boyfriend on October 16, 2021.

Olivia Utley Husband
Olivia Utley is happily married to Matt Dunnett Stone. (Source: Twitter)

The newscaster shared her special moment with her family, friends, and well-wishers on Twitter. The couple’s wedding reinspires everyone to believe in love.

The pair’s wedding venue was at the Church. Olivia looked stunning in her low V-neck wedding gown, and her partner, Mike, looked dapper in the black suit.

Olivia Utley Husband, Mike, is an entrepreneur. He has been involved in social enterprises and marketing companies.

Moreover, The news reporter’s lover worked as a consultant before. He worked for the Javelin Group for about five years.

Then, in mid-2019, Mr. Dunnett started craftr.co.uk, a platform for craft spirits. He worked with over fifteen artisan distilleries across the UK.

In February 2021, Olivia’s husband created a ” Feasty ” social platform for the cooking, food, and eating community.

Feasty is a mobile app similar to TikTok. However, the app focused on cooking-related videos. Mike has been working on this project for more than two years.

Furthermore, Olivia and Mike met at the University of York during their higher education. Their college romance eventually led to their wonderful wedding day.

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Olivia Utley Married Life

Olivia, the former Telegraph reporter, has just been married. Her marriage life is filled with laughter and great moments.

Olivia Utley Husband appears to be a great, responsible man. He plays a crucial role in her life, supporting her throughout her career.

The broadcaster must be a compassionate and generous wife to her partner. She is always caring and encouraging her lover to give his best.

In married life, people share their homes and responsibilities. It is a unique and loving partnership where the two support each other through life’s ups and downs.

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Does Olivia Utley Have Kids?

Olivia Utley’s married life is filled with love and joy. The lovebirds have been together and married for around two years.

Olivia Utley Husband
Olivia Utley is blessing her Twitter feed with her Cat. (Source: Twitter)

The GBC News correspondent and her husband do not have any kids. However, they have many beloved cats in their home.

Mrs. Olivia never forgets to show her love to her cast through Twitter. She appears to spend time with her cats and lovely partner during her holidays.

Olivia is a big fan of cats, and these furry companions bring happiness to her life. One of their cats is a real character; it spends the whole day chasing a small beam of sunlight in their garden.

Their cats provide them with plenty of laughter and warmth. They appreciate the simple, beautiful moments that their pets bring to their home.

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