Prof JJ Tabane Wife Nonhlanhla Tabane, Children Age And Net Worth

JJ Tabane

JJ Tabane, also known as Onkoposte JJ Tabane, is a prominent figure in South Africa’s media landscape. To learn about JJ Tabane wife read the article below. 

Currently residing in South Africa, a well-known media personality, is actively involved in multiple endeavors. 

He holds the position of editor at Leadership Magazine and serves as a trustee for the Love Life Trust. 

The journalist works as an adjunct professor at UNISA and holds the CEO role at Sgwili Media Group. 

Despite his prominence as the CEO of Sgwili Media Group, JJ Tabane has not been featured on a Wikipedia page. 

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JJ Tabane Wife Nonhlanhla Tabane

JJ Tabane wife is Nonhlanhla Tabane. They are a happily married couple, and their relationship has been marked by stability and a lack of typical relationship conflicts.

Nonhlanhla, though relatively private and reserved, seems to maintain a low online presence, as there is limited information available about her.

Nonhlanhla’s personality stands in clear contrast to that of her husband. While she tends to be more reserved, JJ Tabane is unafraid to express his opinions, even if they may stir controversy, as demonstrated in a recent incident involving former minister Trevor Manuel.

JJ Tabane wife
Outgoing UCT VC Mamokgethi Phakeng Impresses Mzansi by Pushing Back at JJ Tabane During Live TV Interview (Source: Briefly News)

Tabane has amassed considerable experience and achievements within the business realm, occupying various positions throughout his career.

His professional journey indicates a tendency to seek new challenges, as he seldom remains with a single company for an extended period.

Typically, he spends approximately one year in a particular organization before embarking on new ventures.

Professor JJ is involved as a director and shareholder in Pholosang, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm.

JJ Tabane children and age 

The well-known media personality was born in 1964, as of 2024, 60 years old.

JJ and Nonhlanhla have been blessed with two children: their son Resego and their daughter Obreabetse.

Interestingly, the couple has combined their children’s names to create a renowned company.

From an early age, JJ Tabane demonstrated a profound passion for education, which he nurtured by pursuing a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s degree, and ultimately achieving a Ph.D.

JJ Tabane
JJ Tabane joins eNCA with a new talk show, Truth to Power (Source: The Media Online)

His doctoral studies were concentrated in the field of media studies. A remarkable moment occurred during the conferral of his doctorate when a video capturing the occasion went viral, captivating the attention of the Rainbow Nation.

Throughout his career, JJ has occupied several notable positions, predominantly within the media industry, captivating his audience with his extensive knowledge and expertise.

However, he faced a significant controversy when he was suspended from his role on Power Perspective at POWER 98.7 FM.

JJ Tabane net worth

Despite being a renowned and sometimes controversial media personality, JJ Tabane tends to avoid discussing his net worth openly.

However, his fans and industry observers have taken it upon themselves to estimate his financial standing.

While there isn’t an exact figure available, conservative estimates suggest that his net worth falls within the range of approximately $1 million to $2 million.

In addition to his media engagements, Tabane is also recognized as the author of the book “Let’s Talk Frankly,” published in 2015.

JJ Tabane
ONKGOPOTSE JJ TABANE: Ronnie Mamoepa a humble emissary with insight and integrity (Source: BusinessLIVE)

He has had various experiences working in different media organizations and currently hosts the show “Power to Truth” on eNCA.

In the past, Tabane held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Graphicor and Simeka TWS, both companies involved in graphic design and communications. Additionally, he served as the head of corporate affairs at Altron.

Tabane is widely recognized in South Africa for his exceptional skills and expertise in the field of communication and media.

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