Who Is Alecia Jennings, Jane Bunn Sister? Siblings And Age Gap

Jane Bunn Sister

Who is Jane Bunn sister? She has two siblings, Alecia Jennings and Amy Carr with whom she grew up in Beaumaris.

Jane Bunn, Australian meteorologist and weather presenter, is currently a meteorologist at 7 News Melbourne.

The outspoken journalist has worked as a weather forecaster in Sydney. Later she shifted to Canberra and finally to RAAF’s Williamtown base.

In 2008, Bunn transitioned to television. She took on the role of morning meteorologist at The Weather Channel.

Moreover, in 2009 Bunn was appointed as the weather presenter on WIN News Victoria. She gained a devoted following especially among farmers who relied on her forecast.

Jane Bunn joined the Seven News Melbourne Team replacing Jo Silvagni. Furthermore, Bunn has also contributed to weather reports on Today and 3AW.

Jaen Bunn covered significant weather events such as the Queensland floods and Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires.

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Who Is Jane Bunn Sister?

Jane Bunn’s two sisters, Alecia Jennings and Amy Carr are older than her. Jane Bunn sister Alecia Jenning who is 38 years old holds the position of a lawyer and general manager.

Furthermore, Jane Bunn’s sister, Alecia is involved in health travel and lifestyle. She has a pet named Lulu and treats her like her own child.

Jane and Alecia often spend time together. Their pictures posted on Jane’s Instagram suggest that they are always in contact with each other.

Jane Bunn Sister
Jane Bunn has a sister named Alecia Jennings. (Source: Instagram)

The sister bond is commendable. They often attend various events together like the racing events in Melbourne with special guest Lewis Hamilton.

Their parents separated when Jane’s sister Alecia was just six weeks old. As a result, they were raised by their single mother, Bev Jennings.

Jane and her sisters grew up without their father. They must have had tough and challenging times growing up.

The reporter does not talk much about her father. After her father left, it seems they have not kept in touch with each other.

Despite their tough times, Jane and her sister Alecia’s bond became stronger than ever. They support and care for each other.

Their love and affection for each other can be seen through the pictures on their social media.

However, Alecia Jennings is quite a private person. She has kept her Instagram on a private account.

There could have been more details on Alecia Jennings’s life. But Alecia has kept most of the aspects of her life hidden from the public.

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Jane Bunn Siblings And Age Gap

Jane Bunn’s siblings are Alecia Jennings and Amy Carr. Jane Bunn is the eldest of three sisters. Jane Bunn is at the age of 44.

Alecia Jennings the youngest out of the three is 38 years old. Amy Carr is the middle child who is 40 years old.

From their age, Jane and Alecia clearly have a six-year age gap. Similarly, Jane and Amy have a four-year age gap.

Jane Bunn Sister
Jane Bunn is 44 years old and the family’s eldest sister. (Source: Instagram)

 Jane is close to his younger sister Alecia Jennings. They usually spend time together based on the Instagram posts of Jane Bunn.

However, little is known about Jane’s sister, Amy Carr. Amy Carr has participated in the Carmen’s Women’s Run.

Jane has not revealed much about her sister Amy. Their sibling bond must be close. Amy Carr, Jane Bunn’s Sister seems like a private person.

These siblings grew up without their father. They lived with their mother in Beaumaris. Jane attended Monash University and completed her Bachelor of Science.

Later, she pursued a Graduate Diploma in Weather Forecasting from the Bureau Of Meteorology in 2006.

Additionally, Jane Bunn is the founder of Jane’s Weather according to her bio on Instagram. She has over 50 thousand followers.

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