Phoenix List Age – How Old Is Peyton List Brother? Bio

Phoenix List Age

Phoenix List Age: How old is he?  He is widely recognized as a brother of an American actress Peyton List who is making waves in the entertainment industry with her remarkable performance.

Peyton Roi List is an established American actress. Her birthdate is April 6, 1998, and started her career as a child model for teen magazines and companies.

Peyton’s first film was 27 Dresses. She gained recognition for her role as Holly Hills in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series (2011-2012).

List became internationally known for her portrayal of Emma Ross in the Disney Channel series Jessie. It was released in 2011-2015.

Also, Peyton starred in YouTube Premium’s The Thinning films. She played the role of Olivia Richmond in Hulu’s Light as a Feather.

In addition to her TV work, List has appeared in various films. She has acted in movies such s Remember Me and The Outcasts.

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Phoenix List Age: How Old Is Peyton List Brother?

Phoenix list age is exactly 19 years old. He was born on September 18, 2004, in New York City and grew up with her sister Peyton.

Phoenix List Age
Despite Phoenix List Age, it is clear that he has been making a name for himself in the industry. (Source: Fan Casting)

Phoenix is an American actor. He is the younger sibling of the twins Peyton and Spencer List. He followed their footsteps into acting in film and television.

Moreover, before entering the entertainment industry, the star enjoyed playing basketball and basketball. It appeared as if he would become an athlete.

Nonetheless, in his acting career, List has been credited in TV shows like Vegas and American Viral. He appeared in movies like Rabbit Hole and Night Has Settled.

Furthermore, the actor shared the screen with his brother Spencer in the movie. The List brothers appeared in Night Has Settled.

Notably, Phoenix was part of the mini-series America Viral. He was cast alongside one of the great actors Michael Showalter.

Despite Phoenix List’s age, he has been consistently working hard to improve and excel in his acting abilities. He is a promising star with a bright future.

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Phoenix List Bio

Phoenix, a young actor was born into a family of actors. He embarked on his acting journey, likely inspired by his sibling’s success in the industry.

In 2009, Mr. List made his debut on the big screen. He starred in the short comedy “9 Easy Steps”, Later he played Jared’s son in the short drama “Curious Things.”

His talent extended to TV with his roles as Tim Ludlow in the first episode of the series “Vegas.” Also, He appeared in the TV series sharing the screen with Zandy Hartig.

One of the Young star’s notable experiences was working in the action thriller “Rabbit Hole. He had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned actors such as Nicole Kidman and Dianne Wiest.

Mr List is active on his social media account. He often posts pictures to share glimpses of his life and update his fans on new projects.

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Who Are The Parents Of Phoenix List?

Phoenix, a promising star is directly connected to the film industry. Having both parents who are directly involved in the industry was a great learning experience for him.

Phoenix List Age
Phoenix List is the youngest in the list family. (Source: Getty Images)

Living with his parents, John List and Suzanne List, who is also an actress, The Film star has gained popularity among teenagers.

His parents play a crucial role in his influence on social media right now. He has thousands of followers on his instagram account.

Additionally, Phoenix maintains an active presence on Twitter with 400 followers. He is a hardworking and dedicated actor.

With his focus on advancing his acting career, The Movie star continues to make a name for himself in the entertainment world.

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