Meet Omari Hardwick Twin Brother Jamil, Siblings And Parents

Omari Hardwick

Introducing Jamil Hardwick, who is falsely assumed as Omari Hardwick Twin brother, as the two brothers share a striking resemblance. In this article, get an inside look into details on his siblings and parents.

Omari Hardwick, an Actor, artist, poet, and activist who has won widespread acclaim for his skills, is a true renaissance man of our day.

He captivated audiences by portraying James ‘Ghost’ St Patrick on Starzs hit series ‘Power.’

However, this was not all he had up his sleeve – notably, he appeared in films such as ‘Miracle at St Anna ‘ ‘The A Team ‘Kick-Ass,’ and ‘For Colored Girls.’ Artistic expression runs deep within him; he shares it through painting, poetry, and acting.

Furthermore, Hardwick uses his platform to speak out on critical social issues like Police brutality and racial injustice.

Meet Omari Hardwick Twin Brother Jamil

After further clarification, it appears that Jamil Hardwick is not the twin brother of Omari Hardwick, despite an undeniably striking physical similarity between them!

Jamil has made headway within entertainment circles as an American TV and film producer with experience working alongside notable industry figures.

Omari Hardwick Twin Brother
Jamil Hardwick and Omari Hardwick are not twins, they are simply brothers. (source: Instagram)

He has established himself successfully as an entrepreneur who knows how to get things done.

While better known for his acting work, Omari’s sibling has significantly contributed to the Hardwick family name by excelling in their respective fields.

Although it may appear at first glance that they are twins, given their uncanny resemblance, Omari was born on January 9, 1974, while Jamil’s birth year remains undisclosed.

Unfortunately, it remains unclear whether they were born separately or if there was any age gap between them, as further information could not be found.

Nonetheless, Instagram recently revealed that Omari is indeed older than Jamil, with a post published by Jamil wishing his brother a happy birthday on January 9, 2022.

Even though they aren’t twins, both brothers have left an indelible mark within their chosen career paths while contributing significantly to the success of the Hardwick family.

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Omari Hardwick Siblings

Omari Hardwick, the accomplished Actor, has three siblings: a sister named Shani Hardwick and two brothers named Jamil and Malik Hardwick. Sadly, Malik and Shani have passed away, leaving Jamil as the surviving sibling.

Malik Hardwick passed away at 45, although the specific cause of his death has not been disclosed. Tragically, Omari’s sister, Shani Hardwick, lost her life at the age of 33 in a fatal shooting incident.

Like Omari, the renowned Actor known for roles on hit shows like Power, Jamil is also involved in entertainment production as a film and television talent manager and entrepreneur.

Between attending college on an athletic scholarship and joining forces with Bravelife Productions as co-CEO before going independent again as a producer in his own right.

The surviving brothers exhibit a remarkable likeness and appear to relish spending quality time in each other’s Company, frequently partaking in physical activities such as exercising at the gym.

They persevere in offering mutual support and uplifting one another despite the obstacles.

Omari Hardwick Parents

Coming from a family known for their legal expertise, Omari Hardwick can attribute this trait to his Father, who goes by Clifford Hardwick II.

His Father is an attorney by profession who has undoubtedly taken pride in ensuring justice for others throughout his career journey so far.

Omari Hardwick
Omari Hardwick with his parents. (source: vimbuzz)

Additional information regarding Omari’s mother’s occupation remains elusive at the present time, only adding more curiosity into admiring fans’ minds who seek out knowledge pertaining to their favorite celebrities’ backgrounds.

Yet despite being admired by many as an acclaimed Actor today, Hardwick chooses not to publicly share intricate details of his personal life, leaving fans guessing about the identity and profession of his parents.

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