Peter Frampton Son Julian Frampton Age And Wikipedia: How Old Is He?

Julian Frampton Age

Julian Frampton, a rising musician, establishes his identity apart from his iconic father, Peter Frampton. Explore Julian Frampton age and Wikipedia in this article.

Julian Frampton is a talented musician who has been steadily building up his reputation and fanbase, separate from his famous father, legendary rockstar Peter Frampton.

His live shows highlight his confident stage presence and smooth vocals. Fans have come to appreciate Julian for his down-to-earth attitude and earnest songwriting.

Though his famous last name has garnered some initial interest, Julian has proven he has the talent and work ethic to back it up.

He acknowledges his father’s influence but does not rely on it, making his name known.

Julian continues to tour and release new music, showing off his guitar skills and expanding his catalog.

Julian Frampton Age And Wikipedia

Julian Frampton, the rhythm guitarist and singer, was born on January 28, 1991.

He is 33 years old as of 2024.

Julian Frampton Age
Julian Frampton is on a tour. (Source: Toronto Star)

As the son of the iconic Peter Frampton, Julian grew up immersed in music but originally dreamed of being a tennis player.

At just 8 years old, though, he became drawn to the drums after getting his first kit.

Julian’s parents divorced when he was young, and he split his childhood between Florida and New York.

Once he entered his late teens, Julian focused on mastering the guitar.

Drawing inspiration from guitar idols like Prince, David Bowie, and Mick Ronson, he tirelessly practiced his skills.

Julian also discovered a passion for songwriting and began composing his original music.

He spent years working on his craft and getting performance experience by playing shows with smaller bands.

Now, at 33, Julian Frampton has come into his own as a musician.

He has toured the world as part of his self-titled band and built a catalog of catchy rock songs.

Julian has gained the respect of critics and earned famous fans like Dave Grohl.

His father’s legacy still leads to comparisons, but Julian has developed his signature sound and style.

His soulful voice and skilled guitar playing continue to entertain crowds across generations.

Fans can expect great things from Julian as he enters his 30s and continues nurturing his promising musical career.

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Julian Frampton parents 

Julian Frampton was born into rock and roll royalty thanks to his father, legendary guitarist Peter Frampton.

Peter succeeded enormously with his band Humble Pie and his solo career, becoming known for smash hits like “Show Me the Way.”

Julian Frampton Age
Julian Frampton with his parents and sister. (source: Instagram)

Early on, he exposed Julian to the world of music by bringing him on tour and letting him see behind the scenes.

Julian’s mother is Peter’s ex-wife, Barbara Gold, whom he married from 1983 to 1993.

Though his parents split when Julian was young, they maintained a civil relationship and continued encouraging his interests.

Julian grew up in Florida with his mother and in New York with his father, getting a taste of different cities and cultures.

Even after his parents’ divorce, their musical passions greatly influenced Julian.

He appreciated his father’s guidance but also forged his path.

Julian credits his mom and dad for nurturing his creativity and work ethic.

Their lasting support empowered him to build his music career.

Julian Frampton’s family details 

Julian Frampton recently entered an exciting new phase of life with the birth of his baby daughter.

He and his wife Annie welcomed their first child together, a girl named Rain Love Frampton, on December 12, 2023.

Julian raved over his newborn, posting a heartwarming photo on Instagram and calling her arrival “the best day of my life.”

Julian Frampton Age
Julian Frampton’s wife, Annie Frampton, is also a musician. (source: Facebook)

The musician is overjoyed to start a family of his own. After several years together, Julian and Annie married in 2018, cementing their love and partnership.

As the child of rock icon Peter Frampton, Julian grew up immersed in music.

Now, as a father, he’ll surely pass on his artistic passions and talents to little Rain as she grows.

Playing guitar together, attending shows, and listening to records may become their treasured bonding rituals.

While Julian remains dedicated to his blossoming career, he’s also deeply devoted to his wife, Annie, and new daughter.

The Framptons seem thrilled to begin this new chapter surrounded by creativity and, most importantly, love.

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