Who Is Dee Forbes Husband Dennis Horgan? Kids And Family Details

Dee Forbes Husband

Deirdre Anne Forbes, an Irish-born former broadcasting executive, served as the Director General of RTÉ from April 2016 to June 2023.

She is a trailblazing force behind the screens, weaving a tapestry of innovation and leadership in the media world. 

Delve into the article to learn more about Dee Forbes husband, kids, and family details.

Dee Forbes’s appointment marked a historic milestone as the first woman to hold the prestigious position.

With a distinguished career, she previously held the President and Managing Director role at Discovery Networks Northern Europe.

Forbes’ tenure at RTÉ was marred by controversy over payments to broadcaster Ryan Tubridy, leading to her suspension and resignation in June 2023.

Despite the challenges, she left an indelible mark on Ireland’s media landscape, shaping the trajectory of public broadcasting during her tenure.

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Dee Forbes husband, Dennis Horgan

Dennis Horgan is an acclaimed aerial photographer based in West Cork, Ireland, who has built an impressive portfolio capturing captivating images from above.

His lifelong passion for aviation and innate talent for photography have seamlessly combined into a successful career.

Horgan has developed a love for aircraft ever since witnessing the opening of Cork Airport back in 1962.

This inspired him to become a skilled aviator, using helicopters and fixed-wing planes to pursue photographic projects across Ireland and beyond.

Over the decades, diverse clients have commissioned his expertise, from industries, architects, and hotels to tourism boards, sports facilities, and more.

The former broadcasting executive’s partner’s subject matter is equally broad, ranging from Cork cityscapes to the rural Irish countryside.

He always manages to showcase the best angles.

Dee Forbes Husband
A celebrated aerial photographer, Dennis Horgan is Dee Forbes’ significant other. (Source: X)

In 2023, Horgan embarked on an extensive aerial photography project spanning the entire county of Cork.

Using light aircraft, he captured beautiful low- and high-altitude images of landscapes, heritage sites, modern and historic buildings, and infrastructure.

He also captured images of wildlife, coastal scenery, and leisure activities.

The collection represents the photographer’s proud dedication to his craft and his adoption of innovative techniques.

As husband to RTÉ Director-General Forbes, she supports his quest to portray Cork and Ireland through a unique aerial lens.

Horgan’s lifelong specialty has effectively conveyed the richness of Irish spaces.

Dee Forbes Kids

Despite not having children together, RTÉ Director General Dee Forbes and her husband, Dennis Horgan, have created a life filled with passion and purpose.

While kids may be absent, their union thrives on shared interests and successful careers.

The former broadcasting executive is acclaimed for her groundbreaking leadership in the broadcasting world, a field she has helped transform.

Likewise, Horgan has made a name for himself through aerial photography projects capturing unique perspectives across Ireland and internationally.

Dee Forbes Husband
Dee Forbes held positions on the boards of Childline and Munster Rugby. (Source: Sky News)

His lifelong love of aviation found inspiration and support from Forbes.

Though their family may be small, the couple has an expansive scope of travel, photography, media, and innovation that keeps them fulfilled.

The pair’s dynamic careers and travels keep them constantly engaged in the world around them.

Dee Forbes Family Details

Dee Forbes hails from Drimoleague, County Cork, and is one of four siblings.

Her family, marked by a supportive and close-knit bond, played an integral role in shaping her journey.

The RTÉ Director General’s parents, Vincent and Mackie, ran a bar in the village, creating a foundation of familial warmth.

While Forbes and Horgan form the core of their family unit, other significant members include Dee’s mother, Mackie Forbes, her brother Eamonn, and his wife, Grainne.

Dee Forbes Husband
Forbes worked for Discovery in London, Helsinki, and Copenhagen. (Source: classichits)

Additionally, the former President and Managing Director of Discovery Networks Northern Europe’s sister, Aodhdin, and her husband, Liam, are integral to the family.

The extended family includes Eoghan, Ciara, Aisling, Lily Anne, Mavourneen Smith, Aoife and Pat Looney, Killian, and Ruth Forbes.

This cohesive family structure was evident during a momentous occasion in Dee Forbes’ life.

It was the conferring of the degree of Doctor of Literature, honoris causa, by University College Cork in November 2016.

Forbes’s family, a source of unwavering support, joined her during this prestigious event, reflecting the importance of familial ties in her life.

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