Paul Sapiera Wikipedia And Age: Wife And Net Worth

Paul Sapiera Wikipedia

The musician Paul Sapiera wikipedia: Paul is a prominent figure known as the vocalist of the 80s Filipino rock band RockStar.

“With Sapiera as the Main Vocals & lead Axe, the songs Mahal Pa Rin Kita and Parting Time became a roaring success, captivating audiences.

Their albums and songs were awarded platinum or triple platinum awards.

Paul was replaced as the lead vocalist later on, and the group then focused on becoming the independent rock band Arkasia.

Even though the band members now have separate careers, they still compose songs and perform in various music venues, showcasing that they are still intact as a unit.

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Paul Sapiera Wikipedia And Age

Paul Sapiera’s wikipedia page doesn’t exist at this moment. 

His present age is estimated to be in his mid-Brothers he cele, braces his birthday each year in November.

Despite the passing years, his passion for music remains undiminished.

Although Paul Sapiera’s wikipedia is missing, one can explore his background and achievements through trustworthy, verified sources and established news platforms.

Sapiera was a very ordinary boy with an extraordinary dream—an almost impossible dream for anyone to reach; however, he had proven himself to the World of Music through sheer determination and talent.

He was always drawn to music from a young age, and that fascination never waned.

He carried his acoustic guitar to school daily, a constant companion on his journey to musical greatness.

Always interested in music, he used to go to school with his acoustic guitar.

Paul Sapiera Wikipedia
Paul Sapiera was a vocalist of the Filipino rock band RockStar. (Image source: Facebook)

Paul’s passion for singing and playing guitar has always burned brightly, driving him toward his ambition of carving his path in the music industry.

His dedication to following his dream is a remarkable source of inspiration, motivating him to collaborate with like-minded friends immediately after graduating high school.

After that, they started a band to perform in his hometown.

The young Paul then began playing for small community events and singing with his band at neighborhood pubs, devoting his time to developing his vocal talent. 

Even now, some two decades later, his followers remain committed to following his musical career and adore and support him unconditionally.

Paul Sapiera Wife: Is He Married? 

Paul Sapiera is married, and his better half is Hazel Miller.

As of now, details about her professional life remain elusive. Nevertheless, according to reports, Hazel has maintained an active presence in the music industry.

Interestingly, the talented musician Paul is also recognized for being the father of the renowned rapper and singer Ezekiel Miller.

His musical prowess seems to have been passed down, as he is one of the reasons his son developed a deep interest in music.

Paul raised his children in an environment where they were exposed to rock music, fostering musical appreciation from a young age.

His son’s music has always been about hip-hop and R&B.

Likewise, Paul’s renowned son has recently joined Eminem and Dr. Dre’s record labels, which include Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, and Interscope Records.

Paul Sapiera Wikipedia
Paul Sapiera, wife Hazel and son Ezekiel Miller. (Image source: Facebook)

Mil has released a handful of songs since 2017 and three albums between 2020 and 2022.

Mil revealed his signing to Eminem and Dr. Dre’s record labels via Instagram, where he posted a photo of himself with both rappers.

Mil also received a Wish 107.5 Music Award in the category of the Wishclusive Hip-Hop  Performance of the Year in 2022.

Furthermore, Ez’s deep bond with his mom, Hazel, shines brightly through his frequent social media posts that showcase their close relationship.

He often shares heartwarming pictures of her, expressing his gratitude and appreciation for all she’s done for him.

Also, seeing how Ez remembers to wish his mom Hazel a happy and memorable Mother’s Day every year is heartwarming.

Paul Sapiera Net Worth

Over the years, Paul Sapiera has undoubtedly accumulated substantial wealth through his dedication to the music industry.

However, the exact figures regarding his net worth and earnings remain unclear.

Paul Sapiera Wikipedia
Paul Sapiera has earned a decent sum of money from his long career. (Image source: Facebook)

With a thriving musical profession spanning many years, Paul Sapiera has undoubtedly secured a comfortable financial position, enabling him to lead an ideal life.

Thanks to his profound experience in the music field, he has achieved more than just financial prosperity; he’s earned respect and fame that spans the entire world.

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