American Idol: Carina Deangelo Age Height Boyfriend And Instagram

Carina Deangelo

People’s curiosity about “Carina Deangelo Age” has been sparked by the fact that she has become a hot topic after appearing on American Idol as a contestant. She has a considerable amount of experience in the industry and has attained a fair amount of fame. Continue reading to learn more about her actual age.

American singer Carina DeAngelo, who is of Italian descent, became well-known after auditioning for American Idol season 21. She is an entrepreneur as well as a social media star.

The singer appeared in TLC’s “sMothered,” a reality series that featured some mother-daughter pairs who carried their connection to the extremes, two years before taking part in the ABC program.

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American Idol: Carina Deangelo Age And Height

The TV personality was born to Amy DeAngelo on May 27, 1999, in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. As of 2023, Carina Deangelo age is 24 years old. She stands at 5 feet 4 inches, or 162.56 cm.

Although the social media star’s mother is a television star like her daughter and is well known to the public, not many people are aware of her father. Her status on Facebook reads “single,” which makes it quite clear that she is not involved in a romantic relationship. Yet, according to some sources, her father passed away a few years ago, but the mother and daughter have not addressed the rumor.

Before settling in Kailua, Hawaii, Cary spent her childhood living all over the country, including in Los Angeles and Honolulu. When she was 3 years old, she told her mother that she hoped to fly one day. 16 years later, Cari fulfilled her ambition by enrolling in a bachelor’s program in aeronautics.

The native of Seattle also enjoys singing, which she developed a liking for when she was just five years old and picked up singing and a variety of instruments, including the ukulele.

The TV star has reportedly been working since she was a middle school student, according to sources. As they started sharing snippets of their interactions on Instagram in 2020, their special chemistry drew attention from the general public.

Carina with her mother
Carina DeAngelo and her mother are having a good time, as shown in the picture (Source: Instagram)
Following their appearance in “Mothered,” which aired on TLC, they went on to become television stars. During this program, viewers got to see the special bond that Amy and Cari shared.
In 2022, the entrepreneur began posting covers on YouTube. Also, she recorded her song, “Not Easy to Love,” which is accessible on all significant music-streaming services, including Spotify and YouTube Music.
As of 2023, DeAngelo is competing on American Idol 2023 as a contestant.

Carina Deangelo Boyfriend Revealed

Many people believe the restaurant owner is single, but there are rumors that she is secretly dating a man. According to rumors, the young singer’s reported lover recently enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

Carina DeAngelo
Carina DeAngelo with her music setup (“Source: CELEBSWEEK)

The speculations have yet to be addressed by Cary. Given the rumors, she might be in a secret relationship, or she may not want to disclose her partner. As the singer has yet to confirm the news, we should be patient and wait for her to announce the news of her dating life. And the media outlets and new portals should respect her decisions and refrain from spreading false information and rumors about her private life.

Carina Deangelo Instagram Explored

The singer is fairly active on Instagram and goes by the username Carina DeAngelo on the app. At the end of March 2023, she had 13K followers. As mentioned in her Instagram bio, she represents herself as a musician and is an American Idol Season 6 contestant.

DeAngelo, who is also the Vice President and Co-Founder of the My Balls restaurant, has linked her Spotify account and also mentioned her latest release, “Not Easy to Love.”

Carina Deangelo on the set of American Idol
Carina Deangelo on the set of American Idol (Source: Instagram)

In her most recent post, the Vice President of the restaurant shared a group photo, and in her caption, she thanked Whitney Uptown for throwing a party for the premiere of season 21 of American Idol. Overall, looking at her Instagram, she seems to love sharing pictures of her selfies and her singing shows.

The artist seems to be an outgoing person and has posted pictures of visiting new places on her vacations and having fun on beaches and in swimming pools.

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