Philip Chism Parents: Stacy Tremayne Chism, Diana Amanda Chism

Philip Chism Parents

Philip Chism Parents are Stacy Tremayne Chism and Diana Amanda Chism. His parent’s marriage was complex and fluctuating, significantly influencing the upbringing of their son.

Philip Chism was a ninth-grader at Danvers High School in Massachusetts. He was 14 years old when he did something terrible in October 2013.

Philip was born in Clarksville, Tennessee, U.S., on January 21, 1999. His early life was challenging because of his parent’s frequent arguments and separation, with his father often absent.

When the boy turned fourteen, his family relocated from Florida back to Tenessee. Then, he enrolled at Denver High School.

Initially, Philip adapted well to the new school, making friends. He even joined the school’s soccer team.

According to his friends, Philip was sociable. However, as time passed, he became more withdrawn, and he stopped celebrating even small victories during soccer practice.

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Philip Chism Parents: Stacy Tremayne And Diana Amanda Chism

Philip Chism’s parents were Stacy Tremayne Chism and Diana Amanda Chism. His parents entered into marriage in September 1988.

Philip Chism Parents
Philip Chism’s Parents: his mother, Diana, revealed that he was capable of killing someone. (Source: Salem News)

However, Philip Chism’s parents union was marred by persistent strife. In March, Philip’s mother initiated divorce proceedings.

Nevertheless, Mr. and Mrs. Chism’s marriage did not come to an end at that time. They reconciled in June 2001.

Despite the young Boy’s parents’ reconciliation, their relationship continued to experience significant strains. It led to two additional petitions for legal separation in 2011 and 2013.

Ultimately, In 2014, as reported by WCVB Boston, the couple officially divorced. Following their separation, Diana sought refuge either with her parents or friends.

Chism’s mother, Diana Amanda Chism’s birthdate is December 25, 1978. She grew up in Brazil with her family.

Her life had its own share of challenges. Diana’s mother struggled with nervous breakdowns, leading to frequent hospitalizations.

Ms. Diana was unable to provide the care needed for her three children. The details regarding Philip’s parents are not revealed.

Nonetheless, this glimpse into Diana’s family background adds a layer of complexity to the environment surrounding Philip Chism’s upbringing and family dynamics.

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Is Philip Chism In Jail?

Philip Chism was sentenced to life imprisonment. The fourteen-year-old boy brutally attacked his 24-year-old math teacher, Colleen Ritzer.

Philip Chism parents
Denver High School’s Student, Philip Chism murdered and raped his math teacher. (Source: Daily Mail)

Colleen Ritzer was a kind teacher who always tried to help her students with math. She asked Philip to stay after school one day, not knowing the terrible plan he had in mind.

After school that day in October 2013, Chism followed his teacher, Ritzer, into a school bathroom. He had a box cutter with him.

Mr. Chism robbed, raped and killed his teacher. Then he hid her body in a trash can and left it in the woods behind the school.

Moreover, the High School student used Ritzer’s credit card to buy a movie ticket. The Police arrested him the following day.

Shockingly, The Tenessee boy had not cleaned his hands, and they still had Ritzer’s blood on them. It acted as evidence that Philip killed his teacher. 

Chism was not well-known at the school except as a good soccer player. Some reports described him as “antisocial” and mentioned that he seemed very tired and troubled.

During that time, his mother was going through a difficult divorce. Collene Ritzer, on the other hand, was a beloved teacher who cared deeply about her students.

Colleen was always cheerful and made her students look forward to math class. Even Chism received compliments from her.

Ritzer praised Philip’s drawing skills and offered to help him prepare for a test. However, something changed between the teacher and the student.

Furthermore, Chism became visibly upset when Ritzer mentioned his move from Tenessee. A student even noticed him talking to himself.

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