Park Dae Sung Ring Girl Name, Sexual Assault Accusation Video Gone Viral

Park Dae Sung Ring Girl Name

Park Dae Sung Ring Girl Name began trending in the news after surprising disclosures of her case. Let’s find out if the sexual assault accusations regarding MMA fighter is true. 

Park Dae Sung, a.k.a ‘Crazy Dog,’ is one of South Korea’s most famous MMA fighters. However, the welterweight fighter was embroiled in controversy back in 2016.

Crazy Dog defeated Kyung Pyo Kim at ‘Road FC Young Guns 31,’ and in a heating moment, he celebrated his victory by hugging the ring girl from sideways. 

Sung currently trains out of the MOB Training Center. Likewise, the fighter has found himself in a rough patch recently.

Also, he has been unable to bring any victories to his team since 2020. Sung is currently on the wrong end of a two-fight losing streak,

The 30-year-old fighter holds an impressive 11-4 (1) record, but he has plenty of room for improvement.

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Park Dae Sung Ring Girl Name

After posing for mandatory media pictures in the cage, Park Dae Sung made the regrettable behavior of wrapping his arms around one of the ring girls.

Likewise, he pulled her closer and embraced her for the photo-op.

For this decision, the ring girl appeared to be flustered and uncomfortable with the physical contact.

Hence, the video led to the South Korean MMA standout being accused of sexual harassment in digital spaces.

Park Dae Sung Ring Girl name and accusations
Park Dae Sung Ring Girl name: The MMA fighter faced heavy backlash after the incident with a ring girl. (Source: NextShark)

Following heavy backlash, Park Dae Sung refused to be in close proximity to any ring girls. Also, he was seen fleeing from one after a split-decision win at Road FC 36.

Park Dae Sung’s final bout under the Road FC banner came at Road FC 40 just some months later. Also, it ended in a first-round submission loss.

Afterwards, the South Korean fighter signed with ONE Championship and secured a five-fight win streak in the Singaporean promotion.

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Park Dae Sung Ring Girl Sexual Assault Accusation Video Gone Viral

After being unjustly accused of sexual harassment, South Korean MMA fighter Park Dae Sung has mostly stayed away from ring girls.

Road FC 036 $1M Tournament winner Park in Jangchung Gymnasium can be seen running away from a ring girl.

The fighter, at one point, even said, “Don’t come!” at her during the casual snap-taking ritual held after a match.

Park’s seemingly unusual reaction stems from a sexual harassment accusation he got after allegedly grabbing and touching a ring girl by force at ‘Road FC Young Guns 31’ back in December.
The South Korean MMA star’s controversial actions that led to the sexual harassment claim can be seen in the video. 
Park Dae Sung Ring Girl Name and video
Park Dae Sung Ring Girl Name: The MMA fighter stays away from ring girls after the incident. (Source: YouTube)
According to AllKPop, most people sided with the fighter, commenting on the unfairness of the other ring girl’s allegation. A social media commenter wrote:
When he gets afraid of women because of this. I feel bad.
Many sides with Park for being unjustly accused of sexual harassment and find it disturbing how wrong people can misjudge someone. 

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