Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter Explained And Case Update

Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter Explained and case update

The subject of Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter began trending online after surprising disclosures on her shooting and death case. What happened to the young girl? Here’s what we know about Kuaron Harvey’s live death case. 

Recently, Kuaron Harvey’s Death and Obituary news sparked Netizens online. The teen girls shooting case caused fear in everyday citizens. The topic engages users online as they want to know facts regarding the live shooting case. 

Kuaron Harvey was one of the victims shot at Cupples Station Loft Apartments. Reportedly, Paris Harvey, 12, accidentally shot and killed her cousin Kuaron Harvey, 14, and later shot herself on social media Live.

As mentioned in a public briefing by security officials, it was revealed that the shooter, identified as Paris Harvey from Missouri, was responsible for the incident. They were both students. 

The investigating reports stated the motive behind the shooting was not personal but accidental. The victims were playing with a lethal weapon in their residence, as mentioned by the Authorities.

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Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter Explained: Case Update

Kuaron Harvey was among the two victims of the accidental apartment shooting. Harvey, a 14-year-old girl, was known for their open and spontaneous nature on social media.

Two young teens, who were reportedly cousins, were playing with a gun when one shot her cousin accidentally and then shot herself in regret, as reported by the sources. 

The case sounds like a typical Hollywood film story, but the case happened in real life as the two cousins filmed all this online while they were live on social media.

Kuaron Harvey Video Twitter Explained
Kuaron Harvey and her cousin Paris Harvey playing with gun video on Twitter explained. (Source: New York Post)

As reported by N.B.C. News, two cousins, Paris Harvey, 12, accidentally shot and killed Kuaron Harvey, 14. The case was all live streaming when one fatally shot the other before killing herself.

Sadly, Paris also killed herself in regret after the tragic incident. The fact added yet another grief layer to the loss experienced in this devastating event. 

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Kuaron Harvey Family Update

14-year-old Kuaron Harvey’s cousin Paris Harvey, 12, shot her while they were playing with a real gun and filming live on social media. After the tragedy, Paris shot herself.

Her close one experienced shock and expressed grief over their untimely loss, emphasizing that while they don’t harbor hatred towards the shooter, the act was too devastating and unfair.

Authorities said, “The victim and the suspect were located inside a residence suffering from puncture wounds, and both were dead at the scene.”

Paris Harvey’s mother, Shinise Harvey, told the media associates regarding the incident that she let her daughter visit Kuaron’s apartment for a family Party. 

Kuaron Harvey family
Kuaron Harvey’s family is in shock after her untimely demise. (Source: Yahoo News)

The late teens’ valuable lives were taken away young, leaving behind a grieving family and a community that cherished them.

Their family is still in disbelief at how their young kids got hold of the gun. 

The deceased teen’s mother said, “We now have to look out for each other. We are a family, and they were young.” 

As mentioned by her close ones, the girls had a remarkable talent for seeing the qualities in people and approached life with a constructive eye. Sadly, they both lost their lives in a tragic ending. 

Other information related to the family is not known yet, we will be the first one to update you on the topic as soon as we get information from relevant source.

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