Nex Benedict Wikipedia: Who Was He?

Nex Benedict Wikipedia

After his passing on February 7th, 2024, people are searching for information, prompting a surge in searches for his Wikipedia page.

Nex Benedict was a non-binary student at Owasso High School in Oklahoma.

On February 7th, 2024, Nex was attacked by three older girls in the women’s restroom, reportedly due to previous bullying over Nex’s identity and clothing style.

After the attack, Nex was suspended, but the school did not call the police.

Nex went home with head injuries and died the next day, February 8th, while preparing to travel with Nex’s grandmother for an appointment.

Investigations are ongoing into the cause of death.

The death has sparked much discussion regarding LGBTQ issues and protections for LGBTQ youth.

Nex Benedict Wikipedia: Who Was He?

Nex Benedict was born in 2008 to a mother enrolled in the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

Nex was adopted in 2022 by their grandmother, Sue Benedict, who had raised them since Nex was two months old.

Nex identified as non-binary and used they/them pronouns.

Nex Benedict Wikipedia

Owasso Police speak to Nex Benedict and their mother at hospital. (source: abcnews)

On February 7th, 2024, Nex was involved in an altercation with three older girls who had allegedly bullied Nex over the past year for their identity and clothing style.

After Nex poured water on one girl, the three attacked Nex in the women’s restroom.

Nex sustained severe head injuries but walked under their power to the nurse’s office.

The school suspended Nex but did not contact the police.

Sue picked up Nex, noticing bruises and scratches, and took them to the hospital.

Nex was discharged and went to sleep with a sore head.

The next morning they collapsed and were declared dead at the hospital.

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Nex Benedict age: how old is he?

Nex Benedict was 16 years old at the time of death on February 8th, 2024.

Nex was reportedly bullied over the past year by three older girls at Owasso High School related to Nex’s identity and style of dress.

Nex Benedict Wikipedia
Nex was born in 2008 and would have been turning 17 later this year. (source: thecut)

On February 7th, when Nex was 16, the altercation occurred in the women’s restroom after the girls mocked Nex’s clothing.

Nex poured water on one girl and then was attacked, resulting in severe head injuries.

After being sent home and sleeping through the night, Nex collapsed and stopped breathing when preparing to travel the next morning on February 8th, 2024.

Nex was declared dead at the hospital at 16 years old, never reaching their 17th birthday.

Investigations remain ongoing into the exact cause of their sudden deaths.

Nex Benedict family details

Nex Benedict’s biological mother was enrolled in the Choctaw Nation tribe in Oklahoma.

Nex was primarily raised by their grandmother, Sue Benedict, from the time they were two months old until Sue officially adopted Nex in 2022.

Sue Benedict described the injuries she saw when she picked Nex up from school on February 7th, including scratches and bruising around the eyes.

Sue took Nex to the hospital, where an officer advised against filing an assault report.

After Nex’s death on February 8th, Sue disputed the initial autopsy, saying the death was unrelated to trauma.

She said there were other facts not available publicly, and the family is conducting a private investigation.

Chuck Hoskin Jr., Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, released a statement acknowledging the unclear details surrounding Nex’s life.

He emphasized that as more is learned about Nex, it becomes evident that this was a wonderful child whose experience and identity deserved celebration and a full life.

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