Pablo Escobar Mugshot: Drug Lord Arrested And Charged

Pablo Escobar Mugshot

Pablo Escobar Mugshot began trending into the news after surprising disclosures of his case. Let’s find out how one of history’s most famous drug lords was arrested. 

Speaking of Pablo Escobar, the feared man had all the money, drugs, and power to his name.

However, he passed away due to unfortunate circumstances on 2 December 1993.

Apart from Colombian people, many don’t view Escobar and his family positively. At the same time, Escobar is still seen as a folk hero in the country.

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Pablo Escobar Mugshot

Colombian authorities, including military forces, stormed the rooftop where Pablo Escobar was shot dead during a series of exchanged gunfire.

Likewise, security forces and Escobar’s bodyguards clashed in violent shootings on 2 December 1993.

At the time, Escobar’s family unsuccessfully sought asylum in Germany. Finally, they found refuge in a Bogotá hotel.

However, Colombian officers finally caught up to Escobar, who was a fugitive at the time in a middle-class neighbourhood in Medellín.

Pablo Escobar Mugshot and arrest
Pablo Escobar Mugshot: The infamous drug lord spent time in a luxurious prison. (Source: CNN)

A violent firefight ensued as the drug lord tried to escape across a series of rooftops. In the clash, Escobar and his bodyguard were killed. Likewise, the drug lord had just turned 44 the previous day.

Escobar’s brutal killing accelerated the demise of the Medellín cartel and Colombia’s chief role in the cocaine trade.

Moreover, the nation’s government and some parts of the world celebrated Escobar’s end. Similarly, his family was placed under police protection.

However, many Colombians mourned Escobar’s killing. At least 25 thousand people attended Escobar’s burial.

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Drug Lord Pablo Escobar’s Arrest And Charges

In the 1990s, Pablo Escobar faced increasing pressure from President César Gaviria’s administration.

Likewise, the tension grew after Escobar’s alleged assassination in 1989 of presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán.

In June 1991, the feared criminal negotiated a surrender to Gaviria’s administration, demanding an exchange for a reduced sentence. Also, he exchanged preferential treatment during his captivity.

Moreover, Escobar built a luxury prison named La Catedral. Reportedly, his prison was guarded by men he handpicked from among his employees.

Often referred to as “Hotel Escobar,” Escobar’s prison included a casino, spa, football field, night club, waterfall, and jacuzzi, not less than a luxurious hotel.

Despite the luxurious prison, Escobar escaped when authorities attempted to move him in June 1992 to a standard holding facility.

After his escape, authorities launched a manhuntsearche drug lord with assistance from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

During the time frame of 16 months, the Medellín cartel’s monopoly had begun to crumble and deteriorated rapidly.

Pablo Escobar Family Tree And Kids

Many show interest in knowing Pablo Escobar’s family tree and kids. What happened to his two kids after his killing and tumultuous life? 

Reportedly, infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar had two children with his wife, Maria Victoria Henao. Likewise, the name of his two kids is Sebastian Escobar (aka Juan Pablo) and Manuela Escobar.

Pablo Escobar mugshot and family
Pablo Escobar mugshot: The infamous drug lord with his family. (Source: All That’s Interesting)

Despite being the heirs of one of the most feared individuals, Manuela and Sebastian were kept out of the reach and limelight. Hence, his kids’ early life details are scarce.

Perhaps Escobar’s children might have lived and migrated to one of their father’s several estates in the U.S. and Colombia.

However, many can’t deny that Pablo may have had other kids. Likewise, the drug mafia had several relationships with other women besides Maria.

Yes, controversy arose years after Escobar’s sudden death as two women stepped forward claiming to be Escobar’s heirs.

One of the women was a reporter named Virginia Vallejo. Allegedly, she claimed her legitimacy in 2007. Similarly, the other one was Griselda Blanco, who claimed her legitimacy in 2013.

Furthermore, no reliable sources can say what exactly Escobar’s kids are doing now. In many ways, Escobar’s family lives away from the public eye.

As to what’s next for Escobar’s family, it is still unsure. It is not like the Escobar family had tried making up for his actions, but the sore could run too deep for those victimized by Escobar’s crimes.

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