Hubbard Ohio: Who Is Billie Lynn Groff Husband Ed Groff? Case Details And Family

Billie Lynn Groff

During the summer of 1977, a young woman who was a housewife and mother from Ohio disappeared and never reappeared. Netizens want to know about Billie Lynn Groff husband.

In 1977, Billie Lynn, a dance teacher and mother of two children, went missing after a community event on July 4.

She was going through a divorce with her high school sweetheart, Ed. Despite the societal pressure surrounding divorce at the time, Lynn was optimistic about her future.

Police suspected that Ed may have buried her near his mother’s house but lacked the resources to search for her remains until recently.

The ‘Cold Justice team arrived and worked with local law enforcement to review the case. On the day of her disappearance, Billie went to a nearby church to practice piano while Ed and their children attended a community ox roast.

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Hubbard Ohio: Who Is Billie Lynn Groff Husband Ed Groff?

Everyone who knows the missing case of 1977 is wondering about Billie Lynn Groff’s husband and his further details.

Hubbard PD reported that Ed had a controlling and short-tempered personality. The team speculated whether Groff’s decision to file for divorce might have triggered a drastic reaction in him.

Another possibility was that Lynn ran away to escape her unhappy marriage, as her father had given her $1,000 shortly before her disappearance.

Billie Lynn Groff husband
Hubbard Detective Michael Banic addressed rumors on Saturday regarding a missing person’s cold case. (Source:

However, it was uncertain whether she would abandon her children. The investigators interviewed Billie’s children, Michelle Kowalczyk and Mark Cianciolo, who are struggling with the loss of their mother.

They disclosed that their father had instructed them not to talk about their mother and that he had violent outbursts.

The investigators arrived at the dig site but acknowledged that finding Lynn’s remains would be challenging due to the 45-year time-lapse and vast forested area.

Further details about Billie Lynn Groff husband, Ed, are not available as of today, but we will include other information in this article if there are any updates.

Billie Lynn Groff case details 

A high school friend of Billie and Ed recalled Ed’s controlling nature, stating that he once locked Billie in a locker.

Another friend reported that Lynn confided in her about Ed’s abusive behavior and even showed her pictures of a broken bathroom door that he had broken.

According to the friend, their relationship was unhealthy. Investigators also spoke with Ann Cliness, who was the last person to speak with Lynn.

Billie Lynn Groff
Kelly Siegler Speaks with Billie Lynn Groff’s Children (Source: Oxygen)

Rider inquired if Billie ever had a conflict with her about her husband’s mistreatment, to which Cliness alleged that Ed was abusive and that Lynn wanted to leave him for that reason.

Cliness emphasized that Lynn would not leave her children behind. Lynn had planned to secretly give money to Cliness on July 5th, indicating that she was saving money to leave with her kids.

According to the Cold Justice team, it seemed like Billie was gathering funds to escape with her children. The last statement Billie Lynn made to Cliness was, Here they come. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Billie Lynn Groff family

Janice Hutz, Ed’s sister, spoke with investigators and admitted that she has conflicting emotions about speaking with authorities but is becoming increasingly convinced that her brother was involved in Billie’s disappearance.

She also revealed that on the day of the town party, her mother expressed concern for Billie and claimed to have seen Ed coming out of the woods with a shovel.

Billie Lynn Groff
The Cold Justice Team Tackles Their “Coldest Case Ever” (Source: Yahoo News)

When asked if she thought Ed killed Billie, Janice’s friend replied in the affirmative. Ed had given the excuse that he went to the woods to get a plant for Billie, but Janice did not believe this because he had not dug anything up.

The investigation is going on as of now as well, and it is called one of the coldest cases because the authorities cannot find any clue.

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